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Did I stuck my finger into my cervix? Is that even possible?

Hello, I'm sorry if this is too much info but I'm worried over my body, I don't know what to do

A few days ago one night, I realized something felt very off in my vagina. It was fine a few minutes before, but then it suddenly felt like something was dropped inside it. After some contemplating, I took a mirror to my bathroom and decided to check myself. I noticed that I couldn't necessarily "see the hole". Even if I did spread my legs apart, it wouldn't open nor reveal itself. After some tries I did open it, It looked like it was blocked by this thing that had a slit in the middle. I tried poking at it and I noticed I couldn't really fit my finger inside my vagina, only about one knuckle can go in.

I started researching to what this could possibly be, I came to the conclusion it could be uterine prolapse.. I thought that my cervix has dropped down to my entrance and I'm probably in stage 1 or 2 of the prolapse. I used to be a really bad hypochondriac (I still am one, just more stable nowadays) so I started to panic. I got scared to stand too long because I didn't want to make anything fall out if it was the case. I also got scared to stretch my legs too far out for the same reason.
A day or two after, I tried to examine my vagina again, this time I got a better look at it. It still looked like something was blocking the entrance, like a weird inner wall of some kind. It had discharge right in the center of it. I still couldn't really put my finger inside, but I noticed it had some form of opening where the discharge was. I still couldn't really tell what it was, so I ended the check there and try not to think about it much (but at the back of my mind, I knew something was possibly off)

Fast forward to today, where I decided to check it again to see if anything has changed. my vagina still looked the same last time I checked. I stuck my fingers in to feel this weird thing and it felt kinda of round, I could feel a small hole in the center where discharge was at. (I'd like to point out normally I can't see my discharge since its deep within me, but this week it's just been right there..) After flexing it a certain way, I could see a hole and that's when I decided I would try to stick my finger inside to see if its really my cervix or not.

I stuck my finger 2 knuckles deep inside me before taking it back out. It was tight inside (there was only room for one finger and one finger only, as if it was fitted around it) and it felt weird. I could feel ridges in the holes walls when my finger was inside me. It didn't hurt or anything like that, I took it out after a few seconds and it was covered in discharge.

Now here's the thing, I never been able to stick my finger up my vagina before. There was always seemed to be something blocking it (something hard, not sure what.. I imagined it was some sort of inner hymen, if those even exist?) I never been able to navigate up there, I dont even know which direction is the correct direction to go inside. I don't know how a finger inside a vagina would actually feel like. It never felt like something was inside however.

Because of that, I'm concerned that what I actually inserted my finger into, was my cervix. I possibly stuck 2/3 of my finger into my cervix and I'm freaking out.

Is that even possible? What does it feel like if I did put a finger into my cervix? I don't know if I have a prolapse or not, but I fear I may have one due to this weird thing being right near my entrance. not to mention this odd half full feeling down there too.
Even worse that apparently its dangerous to put fingers into cervix's, it's not advised because it could cause an infection or worse. Usually, they tend to be hard to reach.. Not sure about my case. I'm scared of something happening to me because of the dumb move I made. I don't want to die.

Please help, Did I actually stick my finger into my cervix? Or is this how a vagina is supposed to feel inside?
Is this the beginning of a prolapse? I been researching for over a week but it only makes me worry more, I can't find an image that looks like my vagina either

Do cervix's have a small hole into the center of them? How do I know my cervix is too low? I feel as though mines is.

I'm 20, I never had sex or kids.
I feel maybe I pushed/strained too hard down there and that's why? I used to have this cough that wouldn't go away for 2 weeks, I heard it can cause prolapse if its intense coughing. Maybe its a combination of those two things, but I'm still unsure..
I don't have any other symptoms of a prolapse currently, my body still functions though I'm afraid to "push" with it.
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