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How is POP diagnosed?

I have been seeing a gastro doctor for issues with going to the bathroom, and he said he thought I may have a prolapse of some sort and wants me to have a test called MR Enterography.  He described it as a test that would show how the pelvic organs relate to one another, but when I looked this test up online, it says that it's typically a test that shows the colon only and is used to diagnose Crohn's.  What exactly is this test, and is it typically used to diagnose POP?  If not, what tests are typically used to diagnose?  

I am very skeptical that POP is even my issue since I haven't had some of the symptoms that others describe with bulging or feeling like something is falling.  The only symptom I have is constipation and having to really strain to have very small, thin or watery bm.  I'm wondering if I should see a gyn for proper diagnosis of the problem?
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