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How long can I leave my pessary in place?

I have a pessary for a uterine prolapse that I use & would like to leave in place. I want to know if I can leave it in for days or weeks or should I remove it daily? I have to have help from DH to get it completely in place because I have short fingers & that's awkward so I would like to do it as infrequently as possible.

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Hi there.  How long you can leave a pessary in place depends on what kind of pessary you have.  I have a silicone pessary which I take out and clean at night and put back in, in the morning.  The pessary I use is for urethrocystocele as well as rectocele, but isnt for uterine POP but does support my descending antroverted uterus a bit.  

If you have a Uterine POP and no other POP then you could look at other pessaries to see if they are suitable for you.  Look at Hodge pessaries and the Hodge with support, plus the other pessaries like the ring pessary and ring pessary with support.  These are just a few of what is a very big range available.  Google and take a look around and then take in a leaflet for your Urogyne to measure you for one that is suitable.  Some of these pessaries can be left in place for 3 to 4 months approx so take a look at what is on offer as some are left in longer than others, and see what you think.

A lot of Urogynes and GPs plus their nurses have only seen a very narrow range of pessaries so it is best to do your own homework and take your leaflets in to them.

Let us know how you get on and good luck

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