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How long were you swollen after Rectocele surgery?

It’s been 4 weeks since my Rectocele repair.  The doctor used my own tissue to repair grade 4 prolapse.  During the first week, I had two infections and was in awful pain. I took antibiotics (2 kinds) and felt better.  The doctor said everything was healing nicely at two weeks.  I had two great days with no need for pain medication at three weeks. The doctor sId I could walk as far as I like, but no lifting or other exercise. I took a 30 minute walk two days ago and also drove to the store. I didn’t carry anything.  No lifting over 5 lbs.  I do have to get up and down stairs.  I now have a burning and swelling, vaginally.  No fever. No blood or discharge. Is this normal at 4 weeks? I’m worried.
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