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How will recoup be after DaVinci robotic sx for sacrocolpopexy w/sling and rectocele?

I am 56, married and have had 5 vaginal births and had a hysterectomy w/bladder tuck 11 years ago. I have rheumatoid arthritis and take a considerable amount of medication for this condition. I now have surgery scheduled for February 4th for sacrocolpopexy w/sling and rectocele repair via Da Vinci robotic by a urogynocoligist. I have a grade 3 prolapse.  What can I expect post surgery? Very Painful? Will sex be better (alot of discomfort now)? I know I need to have this surgery (I have alot of constipation problems, and urinary incontinence), alot of abdominal and low back pain. I have been doing PT for a few weeks now. It has helped somewhat.
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I am scheduled for  a sacrocopopley 11/13 with total hysterectomy.  I have a grade 4 uterine prolapse, grade 3 cystocele, grade 3 retocele, and a large cyst on my left ovary (right removed 2 1/2 years ago for cyst).  I have struggle and research this surgery at length for several months.  I am having the devinci robotic surgery with mesh repair by a femal urogen.  I have been in physical therapy for 6 weeks prior to surgery.  I will be in the hospital for 2 or 3 days with a suprapubic cath for 10 days to 2 weeks.  I will be getting your book ASAP.  But I meet with my doc for the last time prior to surgery on 11/3.  I wanted your advice and recommendation if possible.  Also I recently lost 80 lbs and really need a tummy tuck, is it possible to do at the same time?
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what is the name of this book.  I am having surgery next week and just was reading about what sounds like a super valuable book
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Please tell me how to find this book
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Please post the information about the book that is referenced in this dialogue . . . my surgery is scheduled for 9/20/13. Kathleen
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The book is called 'Pelvic Organ Prolapse, The Silent Epidemic'.  I got mine off Amazon but you can get it on other sites as well.  There is a new edition out now as well.  
Is this the book you wanted?  It is by Sherrie Palm and it is good.
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I am 52 years old and  am 9 weeks post op from a sacropolpexy. What an emotional roller coaster. I had a hysterectomy in February 2013, and by May I had a stage 3 prolapse. I found an awesome urogynecologist from the Philadelphia area. Up to this point, I have felt great. The last few days,  I have pressure and burning in my vaginal area. I pray that this is not another prolapse. Not sure I could do it emotionally again. I almost feel like I have bubbles (I know that sounds weird). Any thoughts? I go back to the urogyo dr in 3 weeks. She told me that I could begin all normal activities again. I started back to the gym (modifying lots, because I am afraid of undoing the surgery).  I feel so good, and once or twice, totally forgot that I had such problems.
Had sacropolpexy 4 weeks ago. I also have the bubbles you talk about. Did you ever get an answer for them?
Had sacropolpexy 4 weeks ago. I also have the bubbles you talk about. Did you ever get an answer for them?
My surgery was 3 weeks ago and I'm a depressed mess.  I'm 55 and believe I did this too young.  They did a vaginal hysterectomy and removed my cervix.  I have mesh everywhere and a urethral sling.  I'm very active and have been told I must change my workouts and shouldn't run any more.  What have I done to myself?
jcetce - I'm so sorry you had a hysterectomy. I know how you feel. :( It's damaging at any age but a well-kept secret. I suspect they waited until after surgery to tell you that you need to change your exercise routine including not running any more. I don't know of any woman who was told the after effects of hysterectomy before going into surgery. We need to get the word out since SO FEW of these surgeries are necessary.
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Hi Wendy,
I had pop surgery a little over a year ago.  I also wonder all the time if my prolapse came back especially when I am having pressure and or burning.  I think that is the first thought that comes to our minds and I know we are not alone!  Since this is happening to you 9 weeks post op it could very well be that now you are doing more activities such as going back to the gym ( be careful) that there might be additional swelling which will give you the symptoms of pressure and or burning.  This is part of the normal healing process.  I too went through this and still do occasionally at a year post op.  Listen to your body and rest as much as you can and see if the symptoms lessen.  If you find no relief with rest then you might want to give your doctors office a call and let them know your concerns.  Ice and NSAIDS such as aleve, ibruprofen might help inflammation also.  Hang in there,  believe or not 9 weeks you are still healing from this surgery.  Go easy on lifting and listen to what your body is telling you.  Good luck with the resting!
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Hi- I saw your comment about "bubbles" on Medhelp. I had a supracervical hysterectomy and sacral colpopexy 5 days ago to correct a Grade 3 prolapse. For the last 24 hours, I have had the sensation of bubbles or something near the top of my vagina. It doesn't feel as solid as the prolapse I had previously, but I am completely paranoid about the prolapse reoccurring. I had a previous prolapse surgery that failed within 10 days. What did your "bubbles" end up being? Thank you!
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I wish I would have seen this site or had someone....my doctor.....anyone, tell me about the risks associated with hysterectomy and POP!  I am a 43 year old who had a DaVinci hystectomy done June 2012. I've had problems since then!  Just had DaVinci sacrocolpopexy, enterocele repair and posterior wall repair, along with episiotomy repair.  WOW....felt like I was drug behind the bus that hit me!  Very sore vaginally and rectally. Afraid to use narcotics in fear of becoming constipated. Primarily using ibuprofen, stool softener, gas x, and miralax.  I am now 3 weeks post op and continue to have swelling and pressure.....should I be worried?  I have been good about not lifting objects, however, I tend to use my abdominal muscles a lot as I am in and out of bed
throughout the day. Difficult to get comfortable.  Is there anything I should be worried about or doing differently. Thank you!!
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Hi Jewels007.  Your are still very early on in your healing process.  Good to hear you are not lifting anything.  Most ladies take around 12 weeks for complete healing that gets better in stages.  You say you are taking stool softener but is it Miralax?  As you say, avoiding constipation is a must for you right now, and you may feel a need to use Miralax etc for time to time or regularly from now on anyway to reduce the pressure of any constipation on your PF and healed prolapses.  

Can you try rolling onto your side to get out of bed then bending your knees and pushing your body up with your arms and hands to a sitting position.  I tend to use my arms and hands more to move my upper body about now I have prolapse.

If you are worried at all about your recovery call your Urogyne for advise and an appt if you feel you need one.  You should have a check up with your Urogyne anyway after your operation at some point.  Have you tried using ice ( wrapped up - in a baby diaper can help )?  

I wish you well with your recovery.  Let us know how you get on.
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I am scheduled to go for surgery later this month and I guess I will post any comments regarding DaVinci surgery.  I love this website and I have learned a lot from the previous comments.  Wish me luck....A urogynecologyst is perming the surgery thanks to my gynegologist.
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Good luck with your surgery!  We would love to hear your comments about the DaVinci surgery.  I am sure it will help those who are contemplating this type of prolapse surgery.  Please make sure you take good care of yourself and be patient during the healing phase.  One thing I was surprised about was the length of time it took before I was done healing ,not so much the pain but more the time
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I am a little over 6 weeks out for a robotic sacrocolpopexy repair with a vaginal sling. This has been so helpful reading everyones posts. Thank you. I wish I had read a lot of this preop. I had a urologist who did a fellowship in pelvic organ prolapse. I feel like I am recovering well. Only real glitch was that I was sent home without a catheter and went back to the ER the next morning and had 1.75 liters of urine in my bladder. It was worse than being in labor.  This was a Sunday and I then went home with a catheter until Thursday. I am still having some urgency and a little bit of leakage but most all of my symptoms are so much better! I am trying to do Kegels exercises but I can't do them as well as preop. I would think this would get better as all of the muscles continue to heal. I go back to the dr Tuesday. I want to get your opinion and anyone else who has been through this as to what is a reasonable time to go back to work. She said 6-8 weeks. I am scheduled to go back to work at 8 weeks but I am getting worried that I may need a little more time. I don't want to ask for anything unreasonable. I am an RN and still get tired so easily. I am still sore and using the ice. It just feels like everything is still healing. What do you or anyone else think? Thanks so much. This is just so different than my hysterectomy. I had no doubts on whether I was ready to go back to work. I also thought about asking to go back for half days instead of taking more full days off of work. I am usually pretty tough and I just want some opinions. I don't want to be a wimp!
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I have not had this operation but do have prolapse.
Most ladies including Sherrie say that you need around 12 weeks for full recovery but can start doing things like going for walks then longer walks as you get better.  You may feel like you are near healed but listen to your body.  If you are tired and still have some healing symptoms take care and consider getting more time off before you go back to work.
I am guessing you have to do lifting in your job as a nurse.  Be careful not to lift while healing and you may need to consider less lifting anyway.  What did your Surgeon say about lifting?
1.75 liters is a huge amount of urine to hold in your bladder.  Did you have a test to see if you could pass urine before you left hospital?
From memory I think a normally capacity for holding urine is around 1 liter.  Maybe you could ask your surgeon if you need extra time for any healing because of this as well.
Dont go back to work until you have finished your healing, especially if you have to do lifting at work.
Maybe talk to your surgeon about this and also ask them if doing your kegels this early is a good idea as well.  Have you considered going to a womens physio for help with your kegels and other support during your healing?

I hope all goes well for you.  Come back and let us know how you are getting on
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Thanks.  I go back in the am to the surgeon. I just feel like I am still healing. She seemed to think I would be ok to go back after 6-8 weeks but I am just going to speak up about how I am feeling. 1.75 liters is a huge amount. My bladder scans were increasing the day I went home from the hospital regarding how much urine was in my bladder and I was surprised when they let me go. I know the goal was to keep my bladder flat with all of the incisions and I hope this amount of urine in my bladder did not harm things. What is a womens physio? I didn't think of the fact that I might should wait until later to start the Kegels exercises again. The good thing is with my current job as an RN it is far less physical than most but it does involve some lifting. I just hope my surgeon is receptive.
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Hello all, I'm 61 yrs old and  had a Da Vinci robotic sacrocolpopexy with Y mesh April 25, 2014 with removal of both ovaries  ( partial hysterectomy in 1974), so I'm almost at my 3 week post-op. No real complications other than a UTI which I understand is common after this type procedure. Doesn't seem like all the feeling has come back yet? And I'm having some leakage if my bladder becomes too full or if I need to go and cough, laugh, sneeze, etc. I'm taking my time as far as getting back into the swing of things, no lifting at all the first 2 weeks. On discharge from the hospital, they said I could lift no more than 8 to 10 lbs, but I haven't done that. Have found myself holding the abdominal muscles when I cough, sore at first, but no pain as of to date. I'm hoping the leakage will finally go away after I'm completely healed and thinking maybe I'm doing this because everything is back in the "normal place?" Constipation was problem at first, but with stool softeners, lots of water and reducing the narcotics, I seem to be over that part. Any advice on the urinary incontinence going away would be so very appreciated. Scheduled for my 6 week check up in June. Thanks ladies :)
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Hello, congratulations on your recent surgery, I know it's a relief when it's over and you can start healing.  Only three weeks post op you still have a lot of internal healing to do even though your not in pain.  I also had a uti after surgery probably from the catheter I had to use for five days.  Your sensation of all the feeling not back is usual too.  Did you have urinary incontinence before your surgery?  I did not so I had urodynamic testing done before surgery to see if I would leak after surgery.  Sometimes the prolapsed bladder will kink the urethra and after surgery lifts the bladder back up the urethra becomes unlinked and incontinence happens.  The bladder is extremely sensitive and does take time after surgery to regulate itself.  I am hoping this is your case.  If your incontinence doesn't improve by your 6 week check up please tell your doctor.  There is a fairly simple procedure your doctor can do to correct that.  Your doing a wonderful job in pacing yourself in your recovery.  You only have once chance to heal correctly.  Good luck
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I am going into my 5th week post op Da Vinci robotic sacrocolpopexy. I think I may be doing too much. I didn't have any incontinence before surgery but experiencing a little bit now. Not sure what to do, I have a check up with my doctor next week. At this point, what should a person be able to do physically? What is the simple procedure that your doctor can do that you were telling fretful 61 about? Thank you.
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I am 62 and scheduled mid June for Da Vinci surgery to have POP mesh sacroplexy, uterus and tubes removed -possibly ovaries as well.   Thank goodness I did find a urogynocologist who will be performing the surgery. I have found this site helpful and encouraging with some tips that were not mentioned in my surgery consult.  I am concerned that the recovery process is longer than Dr. stated, but I know now to take the time that I may need to mend.
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Most ladies need 12 weeks to fully recover although you can do more as you go along, it is important to avoid lifting.  Walking is good as long as you start off slowly and not for too long.  
How did your check up go?  I hope you are doing well.  
Did you speak to your Dr about the incontinence.  I have heard of this before after ops but if it doesnt settle down go back to this Dr that did the op and make sure your questions are answered.

Good luck and let us know how you got on
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Some Drs state shorter healing times but it is generally accepted that a full recovery takes 12 weeks.  However, during this time you will gradually be able to do more.  It is important not to put any weight on your repairs and not to go too quickly in moving forwards towards full on activity..  Get organised before your op with meals ready in the freezer, and the support you need.
Since you are having Da Vinci surgery you could heal a bit quicker but remember you want your operation to be a success I am sure, so it could pay to be kind to yourself and give yourself lots of time to get fully well.

I wish you luck with your surgery.  Please let us know how you get on and get back to us if you need to ask any more questions
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Thank you..   Any info helps.   I'm having mine done on 7/31/14 and I'm petrified.  Mainly due to having a broken fusion at L4/L5 in my lower back.  Had the surgery went well and then I was rear ended again 2 years after my back surgery.  I was preparing for back surgery which is living H*** takes a year to heal.   All of a sudden a had a ball coming out of my vagina.  I didn't know what it was and thought it was a tumor but then realized after I released my bladder.  I said OH NO.   I have to have this done before the back surgery because here is no way I could get up or go to the restroom 100 times a day.   it feels like it anyway.  I have both prolapsing front and back.    I think from wearing my back brace so long I pushed everything out.     so if there is any other tips please pass them my way if you don't mind.   Is it really painful after the surgery?
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Hi Sherrie,

It's Maryann again.  If a Man had to endure this there would be a better solution.   I am sure of it.

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You are doing the right thing it's so important to take it easy who wants tons of scar tissue.    

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Can you please send me the name too?  Thank you

I one month til surgery and a nervous wreck of course
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It's been 5 weeks today, that I had  ROBOTIC ABDOMINAL SACROCOLPOPEXY.
I guess I am doing fine; the only problem is I should have taken more pain reducers like Percosset (which I was prescribed) but opted to take a less stronger medicine like abiprofin or Aleve.  Anyways, now I feel pressure but they tell me this is normal.  Any suggestions.  Aside from the pressure everything else seems to be healing fine.  Thanks,
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I had anterior/posterior repairs and mid-urethral sling done Feb 2014 -- the rectal and sacral pressure were the worst part of the whole think. I have to sit to work and I would sit for and hour and then walk around for a bit. I found the anti-inflammatories very helpful. I took about 800 mg Motrin nightly. I think it was the worst from 5-10 weeks out. The internal stitches are resolving. I'm about 16 week out and dont give it much of a thought anymore.
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Great news to hear how well you are doing and I am sure what you have posted will be very helpful to many ladies who have had these prolapse repairs as well as the mid-urethral sling.  
Are you taking any laxatives like Miralax?  
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At 5 weeks there will be some swelling still.  However, it sounds like you are doing well.  Remember to avoid any straining for BMs.  Most ladies use Miralax.  I use Laxido in the UK which is the same thing as Miralax.
Good to hear things are going well for you
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I am almost 1 year post sacrocolpopexy, hysterectomy, and urethral sling ( August 16, 2013 ).  My recovery was normal except for an allergic response to dermabond that began immediately post-op. I was diligent about avoiding lifting and strenuous exercise just as my surgeon suggested. Although I've always been a walker, I decided to start a couch to 5-K running regimen about 9 weeks ago. At the end of 8 weeks I was jogging 40 minutes and quite proud of myself. Approximately 5-6 days ago I noticed some pelvic fullness that has gotten a little worse. I haven't experienced that since the first few weeks after my surgery. Now I'm concerned that I've messed something up in there.  My surgeon told me at my last checkup at 8 weeks postop that the only thing I needed to avoid is heavy lifting and that running would be ok.  I waited several months to try it. Has anyone else had any experience with this?  Should I return to my surgeon?
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I take it your surgeon was a Urogyne?  I am very surprised they told you running is OK as it is generally accepted that running is contraindicated for prolapse with or without an operation.  I know other ladies who have gone back to running and experience problems.  Can you try swimming and walking instead?
Return to your surgeon to get a proper diagnosis of where you are now and if I were you... I would stop running.  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Pelvic-Organ-Prolapse-POP/How-will-recoup-be-after-DaVinci-robotic-sx-for-sacrocolpopexy-w-sling-and-rectocele/show/1418842#
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Pls send me the name of your book or any additional info. I am having surgery 2/3/15.  Thanks!
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I will PM you
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Hi, sherrieP, i am in the final stage of choosing between a Posterior Elevate and a SACROCOLPOPEXY to treat a LevelII rectocele.( I also have a very mild cystocele which does not over concern the Dr at the moment). I am 62 and fairly overweight but in general good health otherwise in spite of 3 anesthesia/surgeries in the past six months ( including a terrible colonoscopy which triggered this new ordeal ). This will be #4 ! I have found an excellent gynecologist with lots of surgical da Vinci surgical experience and an excellent reputation. I have finally come to terms with all the risks attached to the mesh. I need to treat this POP ASAP and do not want to wait for an ideal product to come on the market or have a very painful abdominal procedure. I am leaning towards the SACR... thinking of more long terms to avoid further surgeries should I have de novo prolapses, especially of the bladder. Due to my weight and age, he also strongly recommends to do a partial hysterectomy ( leaving the cervix) & a removal of the ovaries(cancer prevention). Should I be very concerned about losing these two additional organs at my age ? What are the consequences for my female health and pelvic strength ?
Finally, I am terrified at the idea of having a Posterior Elevate procedure due to the fact that he needs to cut open the entire vagina and the higher risks of erosion, inflamation & infection... I am freeking at the thought of an eventual permanent state of pains & infections... Somehow, I also psychologically want to cling to my vagina at all cost ! Am I being totally "hysterical" eventhough I still  (momentarily) have a uterus !
What is the title of your book everybody is raving about ? Hope to hear from you in the very near future. My surgery is scheduled for next week. Carpe diem !
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Thank you for answering the mystery question I soo badly wanted to known. I immediately ordered the book and can' t wait to get it. We need more caring bold sisters like you in the challenging world. I will think of you any time I pick it up.
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Why the six weeks ? I am anxiously waiting for your book in the mail. Thank you for the support, you are an inspiration.
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I will PM you
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I am scheduled to have DiVinci Sacrocolpopexy surgery in two weeks.  I have sciatica,  that was relieved when I had a partial hysterectomy 5 yrs ago.  They pain has been present for the last couple months.  Does anyone know if this surgery may relieve or agrivate sciatica?  Also what do I need to do to prepare for surgery?
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Some ladies do say that they have less sciatica after this operation but there is not guarantee that this will happen.  Have a look at Sherrie Palms book Pelvic Organ Prolapse, the silent epidemic.  It has some good pre op suggestions in how to prepare.  Make sure you have lots of pre prepared food at home and lots of support if you can get it.  You will want to make sure you have no straining when you have a BM so get laxatives in like Miralax etc.,  Pain killers are a must but these can constipate you as well.  
Good luck with your surgery.  I hope all goes well and remember to rest a lot and not lifting or over doing things as your healing is important in the success of your surgery.
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Is this the book everyone on here is talking about? I am 43 yrs old and have stage 3 pelvic organ prolapse. I am scheduled to have the de Vinci robotic surgery in July and would like to read more about POP. I found out about having POP in late May and everything is happening so quickly. I need to be educated and be prepared for all that is entailed with this major surgery.
Thank You!!!
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The book Sherrie Palm wrote with regards to prolapse ops and how to prepare for them plus aspects of POP is called 'Pelvic Organ Prolapse, The Silent Epidemic'.
Is your surgeon a Urogynecologist?
I wish you well with your surgery.
There are lots of tips in the book as to how to prepare for surgery as well as what to expect afterwards etc.,  

Remember not to lift things, or do any straining for bowel movements.  Make sure you have your pain killers as well as laxatives from your Dr and expect to take things very slowly for weeks afterwards.  Small walks around the house to begin with etc.,  Some Urogynes say 6 weeks recovery but most ladies say 12 weeks is more normal with further improvement over several months.  

Good luck with your surgery and let us know how you get on
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Thank You!
My husband ordered the book and we are prepping now as I have four very active/athletic boys and will need lots of help with them. so glad to have stumbled on this forum!!! I am very lucky to have been referred to a Urogynecologist by my Gynecologist. I was told 8 weeks recovery but, after reading all the posts on here, looks to be 12 weeks.
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Also, I am finding that MOST women I speak with, have never heard of POP!
I am spreading the word and helping to educate as many people as I can.
In 2010, after the birth of my last son, I felt a ball at the opening of my vagina. I scheduled an appointment with my Gyno and was told, after she pushed whatever had slipped down back up with her hand, that I will be fine and could possibly have problems again with whatever had slipped down in my vagina, in my 50ies -60ies. I was never scheduled for a follow up to that appointment. I took her word and did not educate myself more about what happened to me. I did not ask what had fallen down and why it had. Shame on me. After years of embarrassing incontinence, excruciating lower back pain ( I thought I might need back surgery ) I finally went to my family Dr. and told him about my incontinence. He referred me to a different Gyno. She was AMAZING! Whithin 5 minutes of my exam, she knew what was wrong and explained (in detail) what was causing my incontinence and lower back pain. She then referred me to a Urogynecologist.
What I am most upset about is the fact that I did not know that I should have followed up my vist in 2010 and that the Gyno at the time should have explained and done further examination. Know I know and am spreading the word!!!
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I am so glad you have now found out what is was causing your symptoms and now seen a Urogyne who is helping you.  
Most of us ladies know nothing about prolapse until we get it and may have prolapses that dont present until later on like you say which means we can do so much more damage by weight lifting, running and all sorts of contraindicated activities that we could have avoided plus we can also do womens physiotherapy to help to strengthen our pelvic floor as well.
Ask your womens physio therapist to schedule an appt at an appropriate time after your operation in order to help you with your recovery as well as help you to strengthen your pelvic floor when you are allowed to start these exercises.
Great to hear you are preparing ahead of time for your recovery.  
Come back to us and let us know how you get on, and yes... spread the word as so many ladies dont have any idea about POP, but also be prepared for some to not want to hear.  You can lead a horse to water...
Good luck x  
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Hi! I am 44 yo mother of 3 and have been suffering from POP for approximately 5 years. I complained to my GYN who just shrugged me off. Finally I did my own research and have found me a Urogynecologist! On Sept 22, I am scheduled for partial hysterectomy, laproscopic sacral colpopexy, and rectocele repair. I am terrified!! I know I need this and I want this but can not get past the extreme fear! I have enjoyed reading others experiences and glad to see that not all of them are bad. I believe my biggest fear is post op.
Do most women stay overnight just one night? Do most women go home with a catheter? I also suffer from horrible constipation, have my whole life. I worry about the narcotics post op causing worse constipation for me. What works for most people, like miralax, doesn't work for me! I've got my urodynamics scheduled sept 1, I'm nervous about that too! I feel like a royal mess but cant wait for how I will feel 6 months from now!
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Hi there.  I am very glad you have found a Urogynecologist and are scheduled for your POP op.   This is no doubt both exciting as well as scary understandably.  
The time women spend in hospital varies a lot but it is a good idea to ask about this before you have your operation as well as about a catheter.  I dont know of any lady who has not had a catheter until they can pass water on their own after the op and this can take a day or so which is part of the reason why some stay in hospital after their op.  Often women need to pass gas as well which is all about making sure things are moving internally before you go it alone at home without the nurses etc around you to help.  
Constipation is a big causal factor in POP and I also have this problem.  I see Miralax hasnt helped you.  Do you know if you have a motility issue of your bowel or if their is another issue?  
Have you tried dried fruit, fybogel etc?  do you drink enough water?  I use deep breathing to 'wake up' my bowel in teh morning, plus suppositories, laxido/Miralax, good evacuation technique ( look at Michelle Kenways good evacuation technique on utube.. she is a womens physio therapist) and I also use a hand held mini enema.  I have POPs and also have an intussuscepted bowel and really need to keep on top of constipation so you are not alone... a lot of ladies find this difficult but it is worth seeing a bowel biofeedback PT for help with this as well.
Remember that you must not strain at all after your op so make sure you have an in depth conversation about what help you can get to deal with constipation asap and tell them that Miralax isnt helping.   Do you get bloating and bowel gas?  
Urodynamics is usually OK.  I had this and it wasnt pleasant but didnt last too long and the tubes they use a very small.  
Make sure you get lots of meals made up in the freezer ready for your healing after your operation and make sure you get as much help as you can.  Healing well is really important.  Small walks will get longer gradually as you go along.  
A lot of Drs tell us that we only need 6 weeks to recover but the healing curve is often more like 12 weeks with some extension on finer tuning.  Ask to be referred to a womens physiotherapist to help you to get your PF working and strong when you are given the all clear to do so after your operation.
Good luck and let us know how you get on
You answer everything lol" like matron"
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Thanks for all the info! I have never been diagnosed with a motility problem but I am almost certain that's my problem. I use a lot of suppositories and enemas. I drink a lot of water and try to eat a lot of fresh fruit. I will definitely check out the video you suggested.
I am planning to take 8 weeks off work and I have a great network of family and friends.
I will definitely let you know how things go!
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Great to hear you have lots of support.
If you do have slow motility of the bowel you may need to have a low fiber diet, however you will need to get a proper diagnosis and may need a marker test as well to see how fast or slow your transit is.
If fruit helps then this is good news and yes, drinking lots of water is also good.
8 weeks sounds OK for healing time but you may need more time so go back to your Dr if you feel you need a few more weeks.  Maybe you could go back to work part time to begin with?  
Good luck with your op and healing
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I am new to this great site! I am scheduled for similar surgery. Wondering what type of mesh they used on you and have you had ANY issues with it? Thanks in advance..
I havent had a mesh operation.  If you are in the USA there are more regulations coming in that are aimed at maintaining that only experienced highly trained Urogynecologists etc use mesh in their operations.  
You can ask your Urogynecologist about their success rates directly after their mesh operations as well as further on in time and you could ask them what kind of mesh they use as well.  
Good luck with whatever decision you make
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Pelvic Organ Prolapse.   The silent epidemic
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