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Is it common to need a different size and/or type pessary if your prolapse worsened?

I have had a pessary for 3 months.  It definitely helped ease my symptoms at first.  Now it seems to be helping less and less.  I actually feel like my prolapse is may be coming down around my pessary. When I take my pessary out, I actually have had to push something back in there. I went to my urogynecoligist yesterday and he said my prolapse has worsened and I could try a new pessary. He said a different size and/or type may help. Or surgery. It has become so uncomfortable with or without my current pessary in but unfortunately I cannot get an appointment for a month to fit a new pessary. I cannot empty my bladder or have a complete bum. I am wondering how many times I will have to get different pessaries and have all this discomfort in between when I cannot get an appointment. How common is this?  
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Are you doing PF exercises as well as using your pessary?   If you dont keep your PF strong then a pessary isnt going to stop your prolapse/s from progressing.  
You could look at other pessaries yes but you will still need to address any PF weakness.
Also, has your Urogyne explained to you why your prolapse/s have got worse?   Is there a reason... do you have other abdominal pressure like are you lifting wieght at work or home regularly, do you run, have chronic cough or are you constipated?    Look at other reasons that could be putting more pressure on your pelvic organs and PF.
Have you seen a womens physio therapist?   Ask your Urogyne to refer you to see a PT and start to look at why your prolapse/s are getting lower.
If you have done all you can to halt the lowering of your prolapse/s then another pessary could be a good idea if you dont want an operation at this time
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