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Most of my pain is sitting.
Also wake with low back pain possibly from L5/S1 facet joint.
Which appears to be giving me referred pain into the anal region waking early morning 5/6 am.
Haemorrhoidal symptoms I assume from the weight of my womb and bladder pushing on my pelvic floor.
I have not had banding or injections for the hems.
Was told banding could cause  incontinence.
Have some incomplete evacuation with a need to wipe after a BM.
I have some internal rectal prolapse (intussusception) distal.
The discomfort is great, and I am wondering if any one has had a successful outcome with banding or HALO even though I have some prolapse issues.
My womb is at the entrance of vagina.
Bladder well down.
I am not worse with any extra at the end of the day which I believe to be common with uterine prolapse.
I believe I am at a half way point.
Uro-gynaecologist first doctor not convinced that surgery would help me!!
He thought I had more anal problems.
Colorectal surgeon thought I had more uterine problems.
Another doctor thought that hysterectomy and anterior repair or sacracolpexy could be a way forward.
And possibly a rectal surgery at a later stage or jointly.
Colorectal prolapse expert mentioned Ventral rectopexy surgery not robotic with possible sacralpopexy too.
Limited opinion in Uk for above procedure.
If anyone has had above procedure please make contact.
Proctogram shows prolaspe in all 3 departments.
Colonoscopy normal no cancer.
I began with some anal pushing at night time whilst sleeping.
I now have full blown anal discomfort as though there is a foreign object in my bottom.
My life has become very stressful and debilitating.
I cannot strengthen my pelvic floor as I have this discomfort.
If I part my buttocks I get relief which is making me think I NEED some banding.
The advice was that banding could give me incontinence.
I have weak anal sphincter muscles control because of the continuing problem.
Or may be HALO surgery will help.
Any one else with similar problems.
Please make contact.

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Hi there.  I take it you are in the UK?  I am also in the UK.   Sadly we have to see separate Colorectal and Urogyne surgeons as I can see you already know... over here in the UK is so different to the US.
Have you had any womens physiotherapy?   I see you get tightening which stops you from strengthening your PF.   This is something that can be addressed with a vaginal dilator if your PT feels this would help you.  I have a vaginal dilator due to a hypertonic PF ( too tight ) and this opens up the PF enough to get the length to be able to strengthen it.

Further to this... I also have several POPS as well as an intussuscepted bowel.   I also have the Urogyne and Colorectal depts pointing me towards go back to the other dept.  I do feel that you could look at seeing a good PT to begin with to find out what is happening to your muscles, PF, vagina and sphincta muscles to begin with and move from there.  I am sure you dont want to rush into surgery but as you are you want to make changes.  
I have to use laxido, suppositories, good evacuation technique and a mini enema called a qufora to be able to have a non straining BM and although this sounds like a lot to do, it has really helped me.  

I dont know about banding and how this would affect you in terms of incontinence but you could look into the further with your surgeon as you dont have to make a decision right now.

I hope this helps.   let us know how you get on
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Further to this, I wonder if you have considered a vaginal pessary for your prolpases?  A womens physiotherapist will know more about the range of pessaries than a Urogyne but it is the Urogyne that measures you so you will need to get a measuring guide and take it to your Urogyne if you want a pessary that needs to be measured for before ordering.

You seem to have considered operations as well
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