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Pelvic organ prolapse

I haven't been officially diagnosed yet. But I am 26 years old and I am pretty certain I am suffering from the whole shabang. I have trouble having a bm and they don't form into will call them "S" it's more like tearing off pieces. And I have to often push on the inside of my vj to have a bm.  I have to pee up to 2 times an hour and I get up in the middle of the night to go at least 2 times. I can also feel my cervix but two inches from my vaginal opening. I am literally worried sick less. I have no desire to eat. Because I'm afraid I'll feel like crap. After I do go I often have the worst gas the rest of the day it's like out of no where. I have an obgyn appointment in 2 n a half weeks but I can't wait any longer. I'm in so much discomfort. What do I do? And am I going to be able to have children? What are my options? I've done research but I'm lost.
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Urogynecologists are the prolapse specialists.   I wouldnt see a Gyne for a prolapse diagnosis and possible treatment options.   Since you have your appt then you could ask them for a womens physiotherapy appt and also consider asking them for a pessary to support any prolapse/s you may have until you can get to see a Urogynecologist.  
If you are constipated you could ask your Dr for Miralax/Laxido and splinting the vagina for a BM is OK at least for now until you can get a treatment option after proper diagnosis.  You could try taking out lactose etc from your diet to see if this makes a difference to your bowel gas.   I became lactose intolerant and FODMAP sensitive and felt a great deal better when I removed some things from my diet.    However you will need to find out what exactly is causing this for you as the gas will put further pressure on any prolapse/s you may have.  
Women do have children when they have prolapse yes.   You will only know exactly what treatment options you have when you get a diagnosis and see a Urogynecologist.   Stay calm and have a look at vaginal pessaries.   If you want to try one even if this is just until you consider any treatment option look at pessaries available and take a leaflet with you to your appt to talk to the Dr about.
Let us know how you get on
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See a urogynecogist not a regular gyn. They are specialists with this sort of thing
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I am 30 and have been suffering from this prolapse when i had my daughter 3 years ago.. i am pregnant with 3rd one its sooo painfull i have pressure downbelow since day one :( hope everything goes wel for you hun xxx
Have you considered asking your midwife to see if you can use a vaginal pessary for vaginal support?
Some ladies find that as the pregnancy progresses and the uterus gets bigger and rises upwards in the pelvic cavity that the pressure feels less vaginally into the mid trimester.  
I wish you well with your pregnancy
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My midwife is aware of the fact that i had been diagnosed with prolapse but they didnt say or do nothing about it.anyone here knows how long after giving birth i can get the prolapse repair surgery? I want to get it done as soon as possible it makes me feel horrible in bed and in daily life too :(
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Hi, I can recommend Mr Broome, Consultant Gynaecologist in Bolton. Don't be put off if that is a distance from you. He has performed sacrohysteropexy on 4 of the 5 women who have subsequently gone onto to have additional children. He operates on women of all ages, repairing their pelvic floors, and is very approachable. Perhaps you need to go and see him. He would certainly put your mind at rest.
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