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Possible pelvic prolapse please help me

Hi everyone. I'm really upset and sad at the moment... Writing this in hope of getting support.

I am 22 years old, never had children. I'm very athletic and have always been working out. These last couple of weeks I've notices that my vagina is not as it normally use to be. I feel pressure, have a hard time going to the bathroom, when i feel with my fingers everything feels heavier and more "down". I'm sure that it's POP since (when i think about it) have had many problems that can be associated with this condition. Leaking urine when training hard, bleeding after sex, hard to get an orgasm, very big "inside" etc.

I want to have children in the future, I want to be able to work out, I usually play soccer and kick box but now everything feels dark. I visited gyn and they don't take me seriously since I'm young and never have had kids...  I'm afraid of surgery since I've read so many bad stories about it.

Have you experienced anything like? What did you do? Is there hope or am I doomed to live with this my whole life. Please help me.

I'm not from the US, I live in Danmark.
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It's unlikely that you would have prolapse for the very reasons you stated - youth and not having had children. Did your gynecologist not give any insight into your symptoms after an exam? You could see another gynecologist. I'm sorry I'm not much help.
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What does your own GP think? I would seek a second opinion.
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