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Problems after sacrocolpopexy with Y mesh?

Hi all. It's been over a year since my surgery. Sacrocolpopexy with Y mesh April 25, 2014 with removal of both ovaries and bladder sling with rectocele repair Oct 31,2014. No problems with bowel movements and incontinence is resolved. However, I've been having  pain and tenderness in my groin area, not exactly groin, but to try and explain exact area is difficult. If you feel the inside of your groin towards the rectum and inner side of hip? Also, if I really have the urge for a bowel movement, I can feel a "bulge" or what feels like a thickening on the right outer side of my vagina. I suffer from sciatica, so the pain feels like it's either from my buttock radiating to the inside of my groin or it's my groin radiating to the inside of my buttock?  I continue to use Estrace cream, which my UroGyn said I'd have to use for the rest of my life to prevent the tissue from thinning. I'm guessing thinner tissue would cause erosion of sorts of the mesh? I see my surgeon in April for my yearly exam, but this constant pain and tenderness has me worried :( I guess I'm just reaching out to those of you that have had this type surgery and what are your results from it? How are you feeling 2 years post op or longer? Thanks for reading.
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Sorry to hear you are having problems.   I havent had an op so cant comment personally but would go back to the surgeon and ask questions as to what reasons they could give for your present symptoms.  
I too use vaginal estrogen which I find very helpful to keep vaginal tissues as plumped up as possible and this also helps with vaginal dryness.  
I hope you find the answers to your present problems
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