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Vault Prolapse can pelvic floor excercise repair prolapse?

Hi, I am new to this forum which I stumbled upon after searching for information on vaginal vault prolapse. I went to my GP with systoms of a bladder infecton: frequency every hour, pain in lower abdomen, incontinence, dribbling after standing and gripping pains in my bowell before and after stools. The diagnosis was vault prolaspe and was sugested surgery or a pessarie.

Problem is I am terrified about further surgery as back in 2001 age 40 I had a full radical vulvectomy, removal of the back passage and rectum pulled down to create such, a colostomy while I healed for six months and reversal at the same time as a full hysterectomy (overies inc)
It is also worth mentioning that I had reconstructive surgery which entailled flaps cut from my buttocks to replace the inner and outer lips, perenium area and an opening was constructed to pass stools.

Bowell moments (sorry for graphics here) have always been a problem with much straining as the rectum becomes full and stools compact resulting in some inventive massage and poking to excavate. I try to go twice daily to prevent lodge-up. This has always been a chore but I feel better than another colostomy. I am now 51 - this year back in spring my GP insisted I come off HRT as I had been on it over 10 years. I stopped suddendly as the dose was minimal 0.6mg (red). ..and thats when the problems started!
I expect I have had a prolapse for some time as intercourse was painfull on the last two occassions which was over a year ago.

My question is this: What course of treatment would you recommend? I asked my GP to put me back on HRT (apparently attitudes to younger women on HRT have changed) and have been taking this for a few days now. I am hoping that the reintroduction of hormones and pelvic floor excercises will do the trick and avoid any further surgery.
What do you think, and is there anyone out there who may have experienced the same problems.
Would be grateful for any feedback.
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Sorry to read of your problem.  Estrogen alone has been shown to be reasonable safe in most patients.  If you GP is uncomfortable with prescribing it for you, you might see a Gynecologist in your area.  Regarding your prolapse, I would suggest you see your Gynecological Oncologist or a Urogynecologist for a second opinion.  Your case is not the usual prolapse given your reconstructive surgery so an experienced physician is mandatory.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD

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