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Update: I wanted to let all the wonderful women (and men) who have reached out to me over the past 16 months with  their questions about pelvic organ prolapse know that I will be shifting over to the new PELVIC ORGAN PROLAPSE COMMUNITY. I’m hopeful you’ll join us in our new community that is specific to POP; I’ll continue to do my best to guide you through the diverse paths of POP recognition and treatment. Here’s a link to get you to the right page-


Pelvic organ prolapse is an extremely common female health concern that many women are unaware of until after they’ve been diagnosed. The UROGYNECOLOGY*PELVIC ORGAN PROLAPSE COMMUNITY is for women of all ages, whether they’ve had children or not.  Although pelvic organ prolapse is more common in women age 50 and up, many women in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s are diagnosed every day.  Since there are 5 types of POP (cystocele, rectocele, enterocele, uterine prolapse, and vaginal vault prolapse) and different combinations of POP can exist simultaneously, POP symptoms vary from woman to woman.

The UROGYNECOLOGY*PELVIC ORGAN PROLAPSE COMMUNITY is here to provide support and information for women who suspect they have POP, for women who are newly diagnosed with POP, for women trying to decipher surgical vs. non-surgical treatment options, for women who have already had surgery and wish to stay on top of the maintenance curve, and for women who would like to share their POP experience and expertise with others newly diagnosed. We welcome you one and all!

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We are so glad you have found the UROGYNECOLOGY*PELVIC ORGAN PROLAPSE COMMUNITY and look forward to you joining us! If you ever have any concerns, ideas, or comments about the forum in general, please feel free to send a private message to me (sherrieP); as your community leader, I’m here to help!


Urogynecology/Pelvic Organ Prolapse Community Leader
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God bless you Sherri Palm!!!!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to bring POP to the women of the world.  I have printed a great deal of the comments from this web page to read today for my own benefit. I happened upon this site and your web page by sheer accident while researching cystocele and rectocele proplase teatments. I'm ordering your book when I'm done positing this message.

I see stumbling upon this site as Divine Intervention. I had done research back in June when I was first diagnosed with Stage III cystocele and rectocele prolapse, but for some reason I never came upon your site or this one.  None of what I found earlier gave me the comfort I have now.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  

I'm a ten year breast cancer survivor and I'm schedule for a Laparoscopic sacral colopexy, rectocele repair and urethural sling surgery to correct my prolapse problems in mid-Jan 2011.  My urogynecologist is on staff at the Washington Hospital Center's National Center for Advanced Pelvic Surgery which is a division of their Women's and Infants' Services.  I will be 60 years old on Dec 7, 2010 and was somewhat comfortable with what had to be done (knowing the risks involved with any surgery) and  very apprehensive about the post op.  I'm fairly active and love to golf.  I was never clear as to what I could or could not do in definitive terms for my own comfort.  Or how long a recovery process it would ACTUALLY be.  Thank you and all the women/men who are daring and passionate enough to post some of the most intimate issues regarding this problem.  

If anyone has had this surgery performed in the Washington DC/Baltimore area, please let me know.  Please post your response here as well as to my direct e-mail (***@****).  God bless you all and may you have the merriest of holidays.  
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Thank you for your kind sentiments; it truly is my intention to open up the closet door on this topic. I feel ALL women should know about POP so they can recognize it and seek earlier, less aggressive treatment and will continue to do whatever I can to get the word out.

I am so happy to hear you are seeing a urogyn, that is truly the best path. As you continue down your journey to regain optimal health, feel free to send in your questions as they arise!  I am hopeful you will find someone in your area to help guide your path but I want you to know that I'll do whatever I can to answer your questions.

Good luck to you, you know where to find me! Sorry for the delay answering this, I am out of town and my laptop is not working, I have to access library wifi where I can but will be back at my desk early next week.

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Thank you too.  I'll keep you posted.  In the meantime, I'll keeping checking in daily to read the posts that come in.
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Yes please keep me in the loop!
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thank you for your advice regarding pop. i now feel reassured and am glad i found this site
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I'm glad you found us too! Please feel comfortable sending in your questions, we are all here to help in any way we can!
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