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Why does it feel like I am trying to push my but out?

I had surgery for pop three weeks ago.  They went thru my stomach, bikini cut, to do the repairs.  They were the uterus removed, bladder, rectocile and entrocile (sp).  Anyways I have been doing real good until two days ago and now today.  I feel like I am pushing for something to come out of my butt.  It hurts, when I lay and sit.  Do you have any ideals what it could be.  I have been using my stool softener faithfully.  I may forget and take one sometimes but I get back on track the next day.  I have an appointment next week, but do you have any suggestions till I get there.  Could it be gas?  I have had that bad the last few days.  The only thing I have done is dust, some dishes, and sweep a small room.  I have started to walk alittle more.  Today I did walk up some stairs.
Thank you for your help  susan
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