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inflatoball pessary

Just wondering if anyone has worn an inflatoball pessary?  It is a pessary that you insert and then inflate.  I was just fitted for one and found it to be very comfortable.  Can not shift around like the ring.  I tried the ring pessary, but I had too much rectal pressure with it.  The down side with the inflatoball pessary is that I will have to clean it more often than the ring, but it is easy to put in and take out.  Don't want surgey.  I have had a uterus prolapse for 30 years and was never told about the pessary.  Found out about it when I started to research having the surgery. Anyway, just wondered if anyone else had long term experience with the inflatoball pessary?

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This device is intended for pelvic support for prolapse...We have a uro-gyn forum that specialises in pelvic prolapse I think you will get better haelp there , so I am going to transfer your post.

If it ends up that you do need uterus removed get back with me Ive help several thousand people with this, and could answer any question you may have about a hysterectomy...Sometimes as much as we do not want it , it in the end solves many problems.


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Hi kw,

There are actually over 20 types of pessaries that Cooper Surgical supplies, the inflatoball is just one of them. The type/size of pessary a woman needs will vary with the type/degree of POP a woman has. A urogynecologist can help fine tune which pessary a woman needs if their gynecologist can't get it isolated enough. Often it is a trial and error scenario; some women will have to try a few different types or one type in a few different sizes until the perfect fit is found. The inflatoball is a type of pesssary used in more advanced degrees of POP. I am happy you found a pessary that works well for you.

I have not tried your particular type of pessary but did have a pessary prior to my own surgery (I had 3 types of POP, grade 3). In my situation even though the pessary worked fine, I opted for surgery because I didn't want to deal with insertion removal of pessary when I already had to deal with an extremely hectic schedule. It is a very personal decision whether to use a treatment modem or to opt for surgery-there is no right or wrong, it is a matter of what is right for you.

There are certainly women who opt to use pessaries for the rest of their lives and there are some studies that indicate that after using pessaries for many years a woman's degree of POP is sometimes reduced. I am happy this is working well for you!

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Thank you for you imput.  I will see how it goes with the inflatoball pessary.  I have just started wearing it.  So I will see how I like the maintence.  It will give me time to decide if I want surgery down the road.

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You bet!
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I am long retired but used to stock Inflatoballs in my office. Some that used them for an extended time improved greatly without needing surgery.              
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Thanks for your input; there is some statistical data that shows many kinds of pessaries do help improve POP level with long term use. Each woman's case is unique of course but for some women this is truly worth a try!

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