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Blue Lump under skin on shaft! Help!

I have wuite a small penis but when i roll the skin back (for some reason it hasnt detatched really yet) i see a blue lump or 2 blue lumps that are close together. I got a bit worried if it was cancer or anything but i thought it was just a vein. No pain or anything and when errect it is not visible! Im not sure if because my penis is small the vein is a bit crumpled up to look like a blue lump but i cant roll my skin all the way back to check. All i can saw is it is the size of an average house fly and under my pink skin it looks rather blue. Please help as i dont want to go to a doctor just yet unless needed i just hope somebody could let me know if its dangerous or alright! If you  eed any more info please reply with a auestion!
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By the way i also need to take a pee very often. I dont need to but i feel the sensation of needing to pee almost all the time. incase this has anything to do with the lump.
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