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I am tensed about penile cancer..

I have a rash/irritation on penis head and under foreskin. went to few doctors including dermalogists and urologist , and they told I have balanitis , also they gave me antifungal cream and steroid creams but as of now no improvement....since more than 3 years I have this penile rash issue..

Now I am worried about if this is something like penile cancer
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Hey there.  Well, a rash for three years on the penis is a bit concerning.  I can see why you feel the way you do.  The right thing to do is to see a doctor which you did, a couple of them it sounds like.  If it appeared like cancer, you'd think they would investigate further and they didn't?  So, that means they are either terrible doctors or it doesn't appear to be cancer to them (more than one person).  So, hopefully it is the second one.  Here's info on penis cancer. https://www.webmd.com/cancer/penile-cancer-overview#1  Yes, it does often involve issues starting with the skin of the penis.  What about seeing a dermatologist?  That would be my next stop if I were you.  A biopsy and imaging would make sense.  Has either of those been done?  
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