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776 Isochronic tone kills "It"

I have posted on this thread and the previous one over the years.  While I would like to know what kind of pathogen(s) are causing this (and it is caused by pathogens i.e. it is not in your head when animals and babies react), medical technology does not seem to be refined enough to do that.  PCR (DNA-based analysis) helps, but the pathogen has to be in the database and it is expensive to keep "rolling the dice" paying for this PCR test and that PCR test.  So I decided to go at it from the treatment standpoint.  I've tried just about every possible chemical solution (supplements and prescription drugs) and mechanical means (light therapy, magents).

I have a very severe form of the electrical type of PATM.  In addition to the usual that most people with this form of PATM have (travels over phone, travels lightening quick, etc.), my type seems to generate certain noise effects.  I decided to fight "like with like" and started looking into isochronic frequencies on youtoube.  

The 776 isochronic frequency is killing "It".  There is no doubt about it.  I have not come on this forum before proclaiming that I have found a cure, but I'm doing it now.  This is what is working for me.  If you wish to try it, especially if you have the electrical type of PATM, put your earbuds with the 776 isochronic wave playing on the spot in your abdomen where it hurts sometimes.  This, for me, is where the intestinal locus of this scourge lives (upper right quadrant of abdomen).
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this is interesting, did you also start having lucid dreams when patm started??  i also sometimes feel like my abdomen gets strained when hearing special music but i always believed this cant be possible 0.o
i've been having the lucid dreams lately (found this 776 tone about a week ago)...so the lucid dreams could have something to do with our bodies trying to kill "It" since yours is when when it started and mine is now that i'm beating it down
Or some chemical that "it" produces is causing you guys to have lucid dreams?
yes or maybe low oygygen in some body parts is increasing the probability bcz we are often tired
at least we don't know but i think these nitrifying bacteria you mentioned are worth investigating more closely
Soiledsystem...how long ago was that post and has it continued to help  you?  I feel SO exhausted from this. Not being believed by my husband or anyone is taking a toll one me.I worry about children around me. Has anyone noticed them being affected by you? especially babies?
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Hello soiledsystem,

How long does it help for?

Please reply, this thing is crazy and I've been suffering for over a year!!

I'm still reading through some old posts and it is absolutely real and I think infection related.

I think I have a theory or two on what this could be and how it works, more like a few hypothesis, but as you say, there would need to be some science behind it to figure this out.

There a few people on this board that started developing a microbe theory and I am thinking in the same direction.

As you say without doing PCR we cannot say what it is, but even then this would be needle in a hay stack, so I started researching in terms of bacterial metabolism.

This organism is producing some gas that causes allergic reaction, but this organism also feeds on something and I wonder if it feeds on something specific.

Keeping that in mind and the fact that this is all speculation.

Did anyone here have any historical abnormal blood tests?

I have a history of high blood urea, due to accessible intake of protein. I don't know what it is now and will soon be doing a blood test to know that, but one of my crazy theories is that it could feed on unreal in the blood.

I know this sounds bizarre, and it is, but this could be a possibility, as unfortunatelly could be a hundred others things.

Just throughout it out here.
What do you mean by " it could feed on unreal in the blood. " ?
you have to try it to see if it helps...costs nothing...all i know is that each successive day (about a week now) the reactions at work are less and less and the static-induced electrical effects that manifest as certain noises are less...i've moved to beyond just the earbuds, actually the sound bar on your phone gives a better array of sound...start on abdomen, do scalp, open mouth, and feet...it's about 15 minutes long, just keep re-looping

from blood tests, the only thing i can tell you is i had high blood ammonia (but haven't re-tested lately)...I would often smell something coming from me that smelled ammonia-y...

i used to think it was gas, but the noise-producing aspect of that ruled it out...it is definitely something electro-magnetic...it can vary from a click (like a static click when your clothes are stuck together, to almost a thunderclap (don't want to get into this here, too weird)

i also hypothesized it feeds on oil or maybe keratin...but it also lives in mucous membranes, so not sure about this one...
Hes soiledsystem, if you indeed had high ammonia in your blood, it could sort of add up to my urea theory, in a sense that by some bacteria and fungi urea gets converted to ammonia and carbomate, by an enzyme called Urease. And most people should not have high Ammonia, as it should be converted back to Urea by an enzyme called  "carbamoyl phosphate synthase" to be excreted. But what if a pathogenic organism that is causing our symptoms is also feeding on ammonia? That it would be producing more Ammonia that our bodies can convert back to urea to get excreted, as a possibility something else.

The following is from Wikipedia page on Urease:
Many gastrointestinal or urinary tract pathogens produce urease, enabling the detection of urease to be used as a diagnostic to detect presence of pathogens.

Urease-positive pathogens include:

    Proteus mirabilis and Proteus vulgaris
    Ureaplasma urealyticum, a relative of Mycoplasma spp.
    Corynebacterium urealyticum
    Cryptococcus spp., an opportunistic fungus
    Helicobacter pylori
    Certain Enteric bacteria including Proteus spp., Klebsiella spp., Morganella, Providencia, and possibly Serratia spp.
    Staphylococcus saprophyticus



Anyone ever tested positive for any of these bugs? Maybe we should be looking at these as possible cause for PATM? More reading for me....
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Another idea is trying to figure out the gas that is being produced. If anyone had access to a gas lab would help, but also there are meters out there that measure all kinds of noxious/toxic gasses in the environment and I came across one called Tiger-something, that tests for a list of organic and other gasses in the environment. It costs an arm and a leg, but I saw it could be rented, so I am very seriously thinking about. :) I'll post a link later on.

That aside I will be trying you isotonic frequency, how long and how should I be doing this?

Anything else that helps, anyone?

I've been eating mostly vegetables for the last few days, with very little rice and chicken and kefir last night and one of there made it worse. To the point not only people, but my pet rat sneezes a few times a day!!!

And just for the heck of it and to show some support to everyone else reading this - screw everyone who'll say I am crazy. I am a very sceptical, sober thinking, fully functional person, and this thing is real!!!
yes, i am highly functional as well...there may be a gas component IN ADDITION to the electro-magnetic aspect, as I definitely emit a smell (changes, and comes as a blast of smell out of "nowhere"))...if it is skunky/barnyard it is methyl mercaptan, if it is egg-y/sewage-y it is methyl sulfide...so, certain bacteria emit these chemicals as byproducts...the microbes could produce the gas as part of their metabolism, but also definitely produce the electro-magnetic effect
Hey soil, are those the smells that your PATM produces?

About "methyl mercaptan" and "methyl sulfide" do you know this for a fact or just a scientific guess?

As far as I can tell mine does not, but it does affect some people with allergies greatly. Some people have to leave the room, go outside, but when we are back in the same enclosed environment it hits them again.

I also get this constant burning/itching/cooling? sensation on my skin when PATM kicks in. I'm thinking it is either the gas leaving my body through the skin, or more likely this pathogen starting to actively feed on whatever eats - either fat, urea or something else. I used to think it is sugar, but I don't think that's the case anymore, as at least for me it does not seem to be affected too much if I start eating sweets, but it does not help either.
Also, my PATM does produce smell, I smells like something lightly ionic and burning, something between ozone and light smoke, but it is not strong, I do not think anyone one else besides me can smell it.

Wow, here is even more, read up on Nitrate and "nitrifying bacteria". These guys actually produce ions in their metabolism...

I think this will have to be it for me for today, my brain is asking for some downtime, good day/night, good luck and take care of yourselves Soiled and everyone else reading this today.
yes, when this started i had a heavy burning rubber smell sometimes, but now, when it smells like burning, it's like you said, lighter and more chemical-y
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One last thing, for now, in terms of hypothesis.

This gas that is being emitt - should or at least could be ioninc. This would explain the accumulation of static electricity.

As charged ions are being emited by our skin or lungs with breath or both the net body charge increases as well in opposite direction, thus the constant accumulation of charge in our bodies.

It could be a possibility from here on that these bacteria or whatever this is either produce electricity or conversely - are capable of using electricity in their metabolism.

Alternativey the organism might be metabolizing something, either in or on our bodies, that prevents us from accumulating electrical charge. Could it be feeding on fat? Personally, I find my skin to be very dry lately, as if my pores are producing less sebum, my body fat has also decreases a lot since I got PATM.

So one of the organizms that I suspect could be causing PATM is mallasezia, but at the same time any other fat feeding yest or bacteria.

good gas-electromagnetic connection analysis!  could be mallesezia, but not alone, otherwise more people would have PATM, would have to be in combo with something else
Well...Wikipedia says that there are currently 14 officially recognized species of Malassezia, some of them could be more rare as a possibility...

Also a while back, I found a study that it, and other molds and such, were found brains of Alzheimer biopsies.

But I agree that this could very well be combo of a few things, I also have suspicions, and I won't go into details here, but my suspicions  are that at least a part of this combo might be infections and contiguous. Afterall we had to get it from somewhere or someone too at some point, I was doing alright until about 2 years ago and then this and stomach issues out of nowhere, I really never had any digestive issues and then it all started happening so quickly.
Himalayan salt lamps are great in each room
New to this page have had PATM for about three years that I was aware of. I do believe there is a gas. Do you ever notice your hair seeming to get stiff and frizzed when it is bad?
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Very interesting i'm just going to play this tone from YouTube on repeat and see if it helps any.  Do you recommend a specific one from YouTube?  Thanks for sharing this has helped you.
play the one that is about 15 minutes long...but put it up next to something (your abdomen if you have a spot that hurts there sometimes, or your scalp, even your feet) the closer the better
Oh okay i thought you just used it in your earbuds to drown out the reactions of others.
This is very interesting, seems to be somewhat helping.  I do sometimes get that pain in my left kidney.  I have it playing right now and am noticing less reactions.  Did any of ya'll ever have like a tissue growth above your belly button you could feel when you were younger?  I showed it to a doctor once and he said not to worry about it.  I am also doing my regiment each morning of water with brown rice powder, dessicated beef liver pill, and candida pill.
i guess i should have been clearer...you can listen to it (to drown out reactions at work, for example) but it is much more effective if you APPLY it to the areas where you think you might have PATM microbe(s)...for many of us, that is the intestines, but i also think 'it' lives in other wet areas like mouth, sinuses, etc....put the earbuds or better yet something stronger like your phone speaker on it
I tried this treatment for several days in a row but it didn't help me at all.
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I want to make it clearer in case there are misunderstandings...the 776 wave frequency may help if you listen to it, but it is most effective if you apply it to where you think the PATM microbes dwell...for me, it's the upper right quadrant of my abdomen, so I put my phone speaker there (stronger than earbuds)...I play the loop many times, especially if I'm sleeping...(re-loop on youtube, for example)..other areas may benefit as well, you know best where you think the PATM microbes are living and making your life a living hell
the sound waves from the 776 isochronic tone disrupt "it"
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