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Any one has following symptoms before starting patm??

Social anxiety,depression,tension,anger,over reacting for unnessary things,constipation,bad breath
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I lead a normal life before patm. I have constipation sometimes but I don’t think it’s a big problem. Up to now, I haven’t found any big health problem.
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i encountered all of that up to now. and yes even before i noticed that people are allergic to me i have those. what can we do bro?
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At first I thought they were symptoms before the PATM everything you quoted, but after analyzing me I realized that first was the PATM, in fact when I hear coughing or scratching my nose or any other referred to the PATM my mind panics and automatically I feel stressed, my stomach starts to make noises, that is; When you feel or notice that people are affected automatically makes effects on your body, it is like psychosomatic, also when I am anxiously stressed my nose is covered, but everything ends or is passed when I enter my room quiet and silent. For X reason I can now control partially, what helps me the most is to be relaxed and control all those thoughts that come to mind about the PATM. Make an effort and try for yourself, go to a place where there are many people, then walk next to or close to the one who is coughing and scratching his nose, while approaching or being by his side mentally tries to control through relaxation mental and try not to think about the PATM, if the guy flees from your side sees the other, or walks surreptitiously and you will notice that when you do not focus on the PATM mentally it disappears, you have that effort, I know it is difficult but I found the only way to control and feel relaxed ...... .. I am currently controlling the PATM little by little, every week I am a little better, on the other hand add more non-acidic vegetables and fruits to my food. Try to control all your reactions or emotions such as anger, tension, etc., while you feel that try to find the reason why that mental feeling, why? What did you do? Is something wrong? Did you do something wrong? Are they all perfect and you are not? Things like that, get in mind that you have the right to live because you did not hurt anyone, ......... The important thing with these announcements and questions is that you feel mentally relaxed and control all your emotions.

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