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Anyone else got pain in left abdomen and straining everytime during stools?

As the title says, has anyone get left pain abdomen, gas and straining during stools?
Are there peoples with patm but a perfect digestion ?
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I have had left abdomen pain for about 2 years.   I believe mine is my pancreas and not my stomach.  I also had a leaky gut for a while but it cleared itself up with better diet and worm meds

What type of worm meds did you use?
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Albendazole and mebendazole seemed to be the most successful.   Hope i spelled those right.    Its taken a long time to get them down.   I believe because of my patm it was harder for the kids bodies to fight them off.   Over 2 years we did numerous cycles but the last one was for 10 days and that worked well.   Luckily my wifes family lives in colombia so the meds were affordable.    Between that and quitting smoking i currently have my patm down 80% but its still there everyday.  Ive never had a reaction free day.     Whatever is causing patm it sure is elusive, but from all ive learned from others is diet alone will not remove this from our bodies.
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Also i would highly recommended looking at my old post "what i see in my eye" with the link.   I could see the worms and also a large black dot that they wrapped around.  I just do t know if the patm threw off those signals or if the black dot is the patm itself.  My patm reactions have a lot to do with my  eyes and my line of sight.   I know not everyones does.
Helpsavemykids. Unfortunately in my case gluten and  cow milk are allergens. So I should avoid it as much as possible.I think that sheep or goat milk is better choice.
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