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Are we contagious?

If someone is sure about getting Patm from someone else or spreading it to someone else, could you please write about it here?

How did it happen?
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I guess somehow we are contagious, coz I noticed my office mate , and my workmate before in foodchain produces also that kind of parasites we exhale enter into my nosetril and turns me snizzing,
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however, My wife for 10 years now, I can't see any symptoms that she have a similar symptoms, it seems that she is immune from sneezing, cough, although, before she experience itchyness and sneezing before ..
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But could you ask them abut it? Does she notice anything when she is apart from you?
I haven't try asking other people why they're covering their nose, sneez or rubbing it when I'm around, coz if I do so it will appear that I was being negligent for not curing my self and get them infected or sometimes worst make them
having a flu-like symptoms, however, I always asked my wife about these illness of mine but she never really believe me and considered me as crazy or just hallucinating mine
I really want to try the resveratol and grape seed extract but its quite expensive here in Philippines,
I didn't mean asking why they sneeze. I was worried if there is a chance of other people who are intimate with us becoming like us. It is good to hear that your wife doesn't even react. Good luck to you!
I think we are contagious coz this morning I watched my wife talking to his brother and I noticed that his brother gets cough in the mids of their conversation, but I wondered because among the people inside the room only his brother gets cough, those the other people who are two meters away didn't experience coughing or sneezing..
Patm to me are symptoms of hsv. I believe that are immune system are too low to fight off the immune system.  Consult with a dermatologist or primary physician about how you can improve your immune system.  Meanwhile try antihistamine like zyrtec  or benadryl
If you are having outbreaks try hydrocortisone or tea tree oil or coconut oil as a layer on the skin
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