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CLASSIC PROTEIN sprouted and fermented Brown Rice Protein

Thank you hopeful12345 for telling us about Brown Rice Protein to end PATM !

Over the last four months I have been focusing on losing weight . I have now lost 31 lbs which I am very happy about !

Unfortunately during the last month - to my horror
my patm symptoms returned !

I can only attribute this to my weight loss because my food choices have and will remain consistently plant based about 90% of the time. I also still do not consume, dairy, gluten, meat, fried foods, fast foods and I  do use Stevia instead of sugar.

So when I started getting patm reactions again - I had to do something different.

So I decided to buy hopeful12345's suggestions:
Brown Rice Protein - I am taking the Sun Warrior brand

Oxy Powder  ( have not used yet )

Saccharomyces Boulardii - this has already been a part of my supplement regimen for quite a while

So far by just adding the Brown Rice Protein Powder by Sun Warrior to my daily regimen

My PATM symptoms are gone again , thank you Jesus and thank you again hopeful12345 and God Bless you always !

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Wow, thats good. I'd love to hear such news everyday that people are being healed over there. Big up to Hopeful12345
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Grateful2011 -- I am SO HAPPY for you!!
It's great that you were able to lose so much weight -- that's never easy.  But I am even more happy that your reactions have disappeared.
Brown Rice Powder really helps to seal our leaky guts, which have been punctured a lot by candida.  
Wishing you all the best as you continue on your journey!!
Hello Hopful12345 and Grateful2011 - Which Brown Rice Protein do you use and how many times a day do you take it? Can it be found on Amazon?
Hey bymon, I use the one from Jarrow Formulas.  Amazon sells it in berry and chocolate flavors, although it doesn't sell the vanilla flavor I prefer (I buy that one from Walgreens.com).  I take two spoonfuls in the morning, mixed in a mug of water.  Good luck!
How much..right now im using candigone n candida diet. Everything sounds like candida from everyone on here. I am at my wits end.
bymon, I use Sun Warrior brand - yes I get it from Amazon - I chose the natural flavor ( I believe they do have other flavors)

I put a scoop in water or smoothie in the morning

I put another scoop in my water bottle to drink throughout the day

at bedtime I put half a scoop in a cup of water
Thank you!
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Does it return when u quit taking it
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