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Connection between PATM and TMAU2

Recently, I've read a lot on here about the similarities between PATM and TMAU2 and how MEBO can't even differentiate between the two based on permeability results. I have more to add. I've gone the last four years of high school thinking I smelled and incorrectly attributing many of the reactions to odor instead of PATM. Reactions such as nose rubs or covering of the nose, my mind immediately jumped to odor. Nobody ever told me I smelled, and I got comments very, very rarely. Like 20 times a year, I'll hear, "it smells like **** here" or "who farted". So I worked up the courage to ask two of my closest friends, if I smelled or not. 2 people who are not afraid to say anything to me and have consistently reacted around me (nose rubs, coughing, touching face). I asked them and the response was "no, not at all". All this time, I had been so focused on an odor that I didn't even realize that people were coughing around me. Now, I notice the coughing all the time, but back then, it never crossed my mind that I was the one causing it.

So how could PATM connect to TMAU2? Well during the past 4 years, I tended to overeat almost every day, with a very high fat, high protein diet. Lots of meat, lots of avocados, lots of soy. And even then I only very rarely released odor. So I was thinking, if you have a horrible diet and you eat a lot, PATM could turn into TMAU2 or exhibit similar symptoms.  
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That's the one million dollar question I think. We just don't know at this stage. MeBO will have to come up with more findings to walk us forward.
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Although we don’t know how they’re connected or connected at all, we do have people with verified TMAU2, but explain other symptoms exactly like PATM. As you may have seen the video documentary of Ellie James, it’s the same thing. She was always skinny and with a good diet. I know about 2 more people similar to Ellie James whom were also on TV.

I know of other PATMers whom have verified that their PATM started about the time when they were heavily drinking/partying and consuming massive junk food.

As you can see there, the evidence is in consistent and chaotic on how they are related. Perhaps there’s genetic tendency to it. For instance, diabetes has some genetic inclination, not sure if it’s both or just one. So lifestyle will only increase the chance of that genetic inclination showing. Is it similar to us? Perhaps, but we’re still not sure.
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