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Could ammonia linked to liver damage be the irritant we are looking for?

I saw a random post about the symptoms of liver damage and how to recognise it. I have a few of the symptoms, so it made me google it. When the liver is struggling it can’t convert protein properly and it ends up as ammonia that passes out into the blood stream and makes our body toxic. Ammonia is an irritant that causes dry throats, coughing, sneezing etc. This theory ties up with people who have stopped eating protein and moved to a plant based diet, giving up alcohol which damages the liver, and more recently someone saying tamarind had helped them. Just a thought that this could be worth further investigation.
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I feel like if I have a few beers that PATM reactions reduce dramatically, maybe something on the liver/digestion level or that it also reduces my anxiety.  That said, I did take medication prior to my PATM that could have damaged my liver and started all of this.  If i don't have alcohol the for weeks the reactions still exist.  I do not let PATM dictate the way I eat or drink, I did try to be healthy diet for 2 months and that didn't help, so I abandoned that not as delicious diet for my regular diet.  I realize that could not have been enough time on healthy diet.
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Hello Keepgoogling,

I have worked around and with ammonia when I was younger while I was going to school. Ammonia has a very potent smell and can be quickly identified by most adults. I have never been told that I smell of ammonia. My wife has a very ultra sensitive nose and she would tell me if I smelled like ammonia.

Right now I really don't think its ammonia but it could be a combination of different gases.
Hi, I think the concentration of it would be so low that you wouldn’t get the smell of it. High concentrations are really dangerous, but low concentrations could be tolerated by other humans. You can have a blood test to check the levels of ammonia in your blood, but I’ve not got round to investigating it yet. I’m convinced it’s a gas or a toxin linked to one of our bio-chemical body reactions. One day it will all make sense.
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Not just ammonia but liver damage can also build up hystamine in the body maybe that could be the cause of the coughing
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