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Does PATM make you smell bad?

Does anyone know if having PATM make you smell bad? I've been struggling with PATM for the past 3 months and every time I see people coughing or snezzing I wonder if I also smell bad or if Im just releasing a toxic that is odorless?
sometimes people give me weird looks like I smell but I have never have anyone complaining about me smelling bad. Do people also give you weird looks? Also does perfume make the symptoms worse? whenever i wear perfume or any other essence the coughing gets so bad. I also feel people's reactions get worse when i sweat. The only thing that has helped symptoms a little little bit is not wearing any perfume or lotions.
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I think there is a slight smell but it's not the typical bad smell you imagine when someone has a really bad body odor. This would explain why even if you ask somebody they won't complain about a bad smell.
Since I'm taking oregano oil pills I sometimes notice a weird smell in my bathroom after I've showered and walk in there again after a few minutes  (hard to describe, maybe similar to bread with a little bit of fart but not exactly, however it's not an human like odor)
Sadly I can't tell if it definitly comes from me or from somewhere else and if it's just my exhaled breath or every pore.
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You are 100% correct - do NOT wear any fragrance - use unscented products and soap - like Dove unscented that's what I use

Check out my other posts and others in this community and God Bless you always !
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Srry u have to go through this Kare.  Im about a month and a half into realizing patm, and i agree w Keltic somewhat.  I felt like i had bad breath.  Been noticing that a certain odor is present after i eat certain foods.  My fam and some friends tell.me they dont smell anything, but sometimes its so apparent to me.   Whether its coming from my mouth, nose, poors or all of the above, im not quite sure yet.  I haven't really noticed staring, but sometimes when im in a meeting, its seems very clear to most ppl that something os causing them to react, and it makes me stand out cuz im the only person thats fine lol.

Theres some really good ideas on what the problem is and hope for us, just gonna take a lil time.  Stay strong!  
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Oh ya, like grateful said, stuff w a scent makes us worse.  For me it seems like it brings out that odorless odor more, and ppl around me will definitely pick up on it rather than b4.  When i chew gum, the symptoms are amplified.  I noticed these things b4 coming onto this forum, and then others from here had confirmed they are effected the same way
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DJ Choppa, I am experiencing the exact same symptoms you described (i.e bad breath, co-workers distancing themselves from me, allergic reactions, coworkers using AF in the office when I'm around - Embarrassing and hurtful).  It's mentally draining, and embarrassing, especially when you know that your hygiene is top notch (e.g. shower 3 times a day, oral hygiene 100%, beautiful from head to toe - not being conceited at all,  just puzzled).  I am going to try a few of the remedies posted previously, and hopefully they will ease some of my anxiety while dealing with this issue. However, I'm glad I found this forum. It's good to know that other people are experiencing the same thing, and that I'm not alone.   "This too shall pass!" God Bless you!

Thank you - Kaywest
Kwest im glad u found this forum too, alot of my questions have been answered from here.  I use to wonder why i was experiencing the symptoms i had, and then it all just progressed to this patm bull sh.  Im about a month new to this, but im pretty sure i got the grasp of whats causing it.  Stay strong, if u have questions ask away.
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I notice that my PATM gets considerably worse when I eat certain foods. I never eat seafood, cheese, or eggs. Wheat, dairy, and sugar doesn't seem to affect me that much. Maybe I don't have candida.
Fish odor syndrome ?
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