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Finally!!! A little relief from PATM symptoms...

Hi, I am a long term PATM sufferer who has tried almost everything to find relief from my symptoms. I was depressed, filled with anxiety and virtually a recluse. One of the only things that gave me a little relief was a Ketogenic diet. This type of diet is high in fat, moderate protein an low to no carbohydrates.

I recently had an improvement in my finances and decided to find out what was going on with my body. I was referred to an internist who's philosophy was to treat the body as a whole instead of just managing symptoms with "bandaids". I thought this was a good place to start. I did not tell him about PATM because i wanted to see what he would uncover. On my first visit three weeks ago I spent EIGHT (yes 8) hours answering tons of questions and taking various tests. On my follow up a week later I received some of the results from the previous week. I was diagnosed with two separate autoimmune conditions.

After doing much research over the past few weeks I've come to the conclusion that this PATM is likely in part Autoimmune in origin (not sure if this has been discussed on previous threads). I am not sure if it affects everyone in the same way or if everyone manifests it in the same way via the same diseases/conditions but this is the only thing that seems to make sense. The body is overreacting and attacking itself and this somehow affects people around us.

One of the conditions I was diagnosed with is Celiacs (gluten intolerance) and it explains a lot of the PATM symptoms. For example the crawling feeling I sometimes get all over my face/body is due to my body reacting to something I ate that contained gluten. This also explains why the low carb diet relieved some of the symptoms. I was not consuming any carbs therefore little to no gluten. This lessened the inflammation in my body and my autoimmune response. Not to mention any concurrent underlying issues with excessive yeast/candida/parasites would also be vastly improved.

Unfortunately avoiding gluten isn't as simple as avoiding grassy grains (wheat, barley, rye, spelt) through the obvious bread, pasta, bakery goods, etc. Wheat flour is often used to thicken sauces/gravies/salad dressings, used to bulk up meat products deli meats/meatballs/artificial crab/burger patties, anything breaded or battered, used in vitamins, cosmetics (likely the cause if other people's reaction to us) and the list goes on and on. There is also the possibility of cross contamination. The cheese you bought in the deli was gluten free but it was sliced on the same equipment or handled in the same area as other items that does contain gluten.

I am still learning how to heal my body. I can see its not going to be easy and I don't think I will ever be cured but I feel like this is the first piece of the puzzle.

I am curious about how many others out there with PATM symptoms have Autoimmune issues?

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thanx dear for ur help and great suggestions i'll try to limit my intake on sugary and baked goods and drinks..can u tell me why fruits are not allowed?and i also am constipated can u tell me wht is the best remedy to alleviate this miserable condition..thanx in advance..
GOD bless us all.
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Congratulations , excellent work !     I also am leaning towards a keto diet and reducing my carbs drastically !!!  

a couple of years ago I started with:  no gluten, no dairy, no sugar, no meat, no junk or fast foods -

yes to probiotics, l-glutamine powder, ground flax seeds, etc, etc

I am hypothyroid for many years as well as having PATM - however with being faithful to my plant based diet  I am PATM free - however not losing weight -so that is what caused my interest  in Keto lifestyle !!

Iam eating avocados more each day, coconut oil

what  other foods do u suggest or use in your keto lifestyle ?

Congrats again on your journey to wellness and God's  continued best to you always !
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Hi! I'm happy to see someone else has found relief from their PATM symptoms. It's not easy but it can be done :0)

Keto diets rely on very little to no carbs, moderate protein and higher than normal fat intake. Avocado and coconut oil are a good start. I rely in dairy, meats, eggs and fish to fulfill my fat and protein requirements. My only carbs come from green veggies and nuts in moderation. I see that you are vegetarian/vegan so meat/poultry is out of the question but do you eat fish? Eggs?  Those are two good ways to add fat to your diet. I avoid soy but I suppose it is also a great plant based protein, not sure how much fat is in it though.

It can be hard to restrict carbs. The obvious ones like pasta, bread and rice are easy but don't forget the potatoes, corn, beans, pumpkin, etc. Even most fruit are off limits. With your diet as restricted as it already is keto may be doubly hard for you. A good Internet search is in order so you can gain more knowledge about adopting this way of eating. The bodybuilding websites are great as well as the sites for epileptics who control their seizures through keto. LowCarbFriends.com is another favorite of mine.

I wish you the best of luck and continuing health :0)
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happy Sunday !    I just started eating eggs again as of last week - cage free, brown eggs.  I scramble n then add 1 avocado for a meal.  I prefer shrimp for my  fish   choice - is that ok ?  

breakfast smoothies:  avocado, celery, ground flax seed, watermelon, stevia, almond milk

no dairy for me

what about  : EAS shakes,Atkins snack bars, Pork skins ( in the chip aisle)

thanx for the resources, will check out

God Bless always !!!!!
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i have a question if patm is not a odor related then why ppl look at us with disgust?and some times they laugh at us why?can any one explain?..
GOD bless us all......
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Hi grateful!

That's great that you eat eggs, good source of protein and fat plus they're very versatile. Shrimp is good too.

The Atkins shakes are a great on the go meal replacement or snack. I use those as well as the bars and they even have "treats" that mimick popular candy brands that are a lifesaver when cravings hit lol. I've also tried Muscle Milk, a product marketed more towards bodybuilders and athletes, the vanilla flavor isn't bad and I can usually get them in the refrigerated section of most chain retail pharmacies or gas stations when I'm on the go.

Breakfast smoothies are a good option. I would add a little coconut oil to your recipe to up the fat or as a change from the Avocado sometimes. I would probably nix the watermelon in favor of a couple drops vanilla extract or a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder to switch up the flavors for a bit of variety. Unsweetened coconut flakes can be substituted for the flax too.

Looks like you're off to a good start :0)
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Hi Desperate!

Some people (including me) do have a distinct body odor. I had terrible bad breath although I had excellent hygiene and no cavities. At my check ups the Dentist would tell me to just brush more :0/  I spent two years at my last job with coworkers visibly holding their breaths or covering their noses when we spoke. Not to mention I also worked with the public, it was torture. No amount if breath sprays, chewing gum, specialty toothpaste/mouthwash, peroxide, charcoal, GAP tablets, brushing a million times a day could help me.

The odor is a symptom of what is going on inside your body. You have to find the source and that will alleviate the symptom. Those that have that fecal odor could possibly have leaky gut or celiacs or some other GI problem.

I recommend seeing an open minded Doctor if you can afford it and if you can find one. It does not hurt to eliminate certain foods from your diet. Some foods are know to cause inflammation in the body, start with sugar and or wheat for a period of time and see if your symptoms diminish.
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Pork rinds are ok on Keto. I figured because you're plant based those would be out. I tried them but i found them disgusting some people do love them though. Just be sure if its seasoned there's not too much added sugar in the seasoning mix (usually BBQ).

Nut Butters are a great source protein and fat too. I make a "peanut punch" for my daughter with almond milk, peanut butter, sweetner, vanilla extract and pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon.

Any kind of leafy greens can be added to your smoothy along with the celery or instead of. Nuts or nut butters, plant based protein powders. Even an egg if youre brave :0))
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Please remember that chemicals control all our body functions. When one or more of these body chemicals are just a little bit off it can wreak havoc on our bodies. Just look at TAMU, the fish odor disease. It is caused by not being able to process certain chemicals INSIDE the body and once levels get high enough produce an odor that can be detected on the OUTSIDE by others. Cause and effect.

People have been posting here for years on how to treat themselves for things they're not sure they even have. I was like that too at one point grasping at straws in an effort to find relief. Trying every trick, pill and supplement in an effort to deodorize my body. Treating myself for parasites I wasn't even sure I had. It was hit or miss. Nothing worked completely if it all, and if it did work it wouldn't be long before it stopped working.  All the while i was getting more and more depressed and withdrawing from the world.

At first I thought I had thrush of the mouth or some other systematic yeast/candida going on inside me but ruled that out because people with systematic yeast infections are usually immunocompromised. They usually have HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer or some other disease that seriously affects how the immune system functions (another reason why I think PATM is autoimmune in origin). I didn't have the white patches in my mouth that indicated thrush and I'd never had a yeast infection a day in my life.

Then I thought it was some variation of TAMU but there's a known cause for that and no way for me to prove it without a sympathetic medical professional and lab or other testing. I couldn't afford that so I suffered through it.

Here I am 10+ years after I first noticed something was wrong with definitive answers and finally some relief. The key is testing all body functions and finding which ones aren't functioning normally and fixing it.
Hi,Great article and Good to hear you doing well.would you mind sharing What body function testes did you actually do?
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Hi there dear hope u r doin fine and thanx for posting such a knowledgeable info..well i'm living in USA(CT)but right now i'm out of states and returning back in couple weeks..and i wanna know how to cope while i'm traveling and i get lots of reactions on plane and the worst thing is it's almost 18 hrs flight unfortunately where i'm right now there is very few things which are gluten free if they are gluten free but have yeast in it so one way or another i'm stuck..can u please help me out with food list wht to eat and wht not and also the safety precautions please i'll be very thankful to u and can u tell me why the hell our parents and friends they deny that we don't have odor issue and also they swear upon GOD..and on the other hand we get comments and reactions....sorry for my bad english cause it's not my mother tongue..... thanx dear for ur help.
GOD bless us all.
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Hi desperate,

Im not a Doctor, im just trying to figure this thing out. As far as the odor goes it seems some smell it and others don't. Family and friends may be used to it or immune from continued exposure. My family all react to me with allergy like symptoms but no one has ever told me that I smell even when I ask.

Traveling out of the country can be hard. I'm going to be traveling in a few weeks myself and my mother already asked me what am I going to eat while I'm there. I would suggest avoiding things like baked goods, sugary drinks, alcohol, pasta, fruit, sweets. Try to eat fresh green vegetables either raw or steamed and tossed with a little butter and garlic for flavor. Fish, meat and poultry/eggs cooked simply in fresh or dried herbs are fine. If you can find plain unsweetened yogurt where you are that would be good to eat too for the probiotics. Cheese, hard boiled eggs and nuts make a great snack. Drink lots of water with lemon or lime to flush your system. Most of all keep calm, enjoy yourself and don't worry so much :0)

God bless...
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happy tuesday CPhTNY, u rock !!!!!

yes, I am choosing to eat pork rinds and eggs  - my only concession to non plant based choices

will add coconut oil to my smothies, no watermelon- strawberries instead

i oil pull each morning and  then drink bentonite detox and water

i wait an hour after that to have my breakfast smoothie

God's best to you always  
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