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I started taking Oregano Oil capsules yesterday, and today I saw proof positive that I have parasites. Red flukes in my stool. Dozens of them. Not sure if it’s related to my PATM. Anyone else?
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I want to know --PATM FREE PEOPLE--- example - GRATEFUL-- WHAT BRAND SHAMPOO AND TYPE DO U USE??AND CONDITIONER??AND HOW OFTEN PER WEEK DO U WASH YOUR HAIR-- I had to write here because they are not allowing my posts for some odd reason
Hey,!i use Dove unscented bar soap to bathe and wash my hair. Coconut oil to condition my hair when needed
Thank u grateful
you can also try TEA TREE OIL ANTIBACTERIAL PRODUCTS(check it on amazon,they sell tons of products with it ),shampoo,conditionair and body wash.It is drastically reducing my itching/body odour/reactions.For the body I use DETTOL  ANCITBACTERIAL BODY SOAP.Guys,these
stuff is incredible!
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Another week, and I’ve now passed worms as well. PATM reactions MUCH less compared to before I started. It’s starting to become more and more obvious to me day by day that it’s parasites.

I should mention that when I first started the cleanse, reactions got WORSE for the first week or two. I think the reactions are caused by toxins released by these things, especially when they die. This process can take months, so I’m going to be patient and keep up my assault even if reactions cease completely.

To recap, I passed red liver flukes when I added Oregano Oil (3 caps per meal!), and I started to see worms a couple of days after adding a Black Walnut/Clove combo. Also using Castor Oil and Bentonite Clay before bed, also using a couple of things we’re not allowed to talk about anymore (be careful if you try these, research!).

Gonna do coffee enemas this weekend.

Good luck everyone!
Don’t let up on your cleanse.  My patm reactions go alongside with my parasites(worms).  I can get my reactions down 80% when completely clean (no visible worms in stool, no yeast, no smoking, no coffee,ect.). The problems are the worms and yeast keep returning if I slip up any way.  So 2-3 good weeks can be ruined in 2 days of junk eating.  The other thing that is also clear is the actual “patm” never leaves.  The reactions drop but the “signal or gas or whatever” is still very noticeable by myself and is very predictable.  
It is still my opinion that the “thing” causing this doesn’t have to do with any of the above they are just secondary.  Patm negative energy radiates the same from us reguardless, Just less Algeries and toxins to throw out.    
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