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Has anyone been on antidepressants?

I replied to someone's question about this, but I think it's an important observation to share. Recently, there's been many published articles linking antidepressants with antibiotic-resistance, especially Prozac (Fluoxetine). Not sure if there's a connection between other medications, but I was on Prozac a couple years ago. After I stopped using it, my PATM reactions began. Could this be one of the causes? Do you guys think we have "super bugs" or strong bacteria in our bodies? What more can we do to see if this is the case or debunk it?

xx Teen w/ PATM
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I understand you can find various articles online that may not be from a scholarly sources or lack credibility. However, I know how to do proper research, and I've found an article linking antibiotic-resistance with fluoxetine  (an antidepressant).  Of course, I'm not an expert, but I thought it was a REAL piece of valuable information for the PATM community.

xx Teen w/  PATM
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