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Have we been cursed?

I'm not a religious or superstitious person however due to the absolutly crazy nature of this disease I'm starting to beleive I may of been cursed. No doctors can explain this so and everything we have all tried hasn't worked.
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Cursed ? No. The cause will either be something simple that was right there all the time . Or something rare. I am doing a lot better.
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I also had this idea but at work we even have a talisman (Nazar) against evil eye, if it was a cast then it wouldn't work there.

I just had the ideas that it's not about us at all but we are like mood amplifiers, say one person is very grumpy then you walk past them and you amplify the signal which reaches somebody else. At work there are two very grumpy people and they are also the ones that cough the most, also they're smokers.
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