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Have you noticed very minute thread like white filaments near your head sometimes???

Try applying the Tyndall effect....
I think its the fungal hyphae (mycelium) emitted from your nostril when you give even a small stress to your head area.....As you know fungus grows in stress.
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I think it also affects LCD screen to disfunction
LCD screen is related to electromagnetic radiation.These white (they could be black also)filaments as you said but actually we called them white specks are nothing more than mycotoxins.And there is a proof that mycotoxins and electromagnetic radiation
are related.In fact mold or mould grows on electromagnetic field-I saw it in my room.I had these problems when I had extreme level of PATM. You should take probiotic for at least 3 months to resolve the problems with mycotoxins.And probiotic is effective when you're on a candida diet.Cut sugar,all diary,white flour,potatoes and white rice.Don't take probiotic with lactobacillus bulgaricus or lactobacillus paracasei.Sacharomyces   boulardii doesn't work for me but it helps actually for other people.
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May be its a disorder known as 'Text neck'. Or in other words we fail to transfer whole body weight to ground properly.. Because such people wont consider the forward neck position painful or uncomfortable although their spine is internally stressed for long durations. I am myopic as well which is related to spinal cord stress.
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At least my case it may be true. I have got tinea curis (neck) for about 6 Months as a result of sustained stress. Fungus had grown in stress. And nasal blockage is also something i dont pay much attention to, but its there. I had athlete foot, groin pain ( Still i have Small painless knot at groin) in the past. Those are fungus only. I think mold spores cannot be emitted from plants its human only that can release it in such large amounts. Even the doctors are unknown about this strangely. Stress reduces circulation of blood and leads to ingestion which gives fungus the oppurtunity to digest those matter (antibiotic make it worse by reducing bacteria, incresing fungal population)

tkhankhoje39 that's the truth and thank you for that.Forget about the doctors.Doctors made my situation the worst ever.Why is so hard to cure PATM?The truth is because it is so hard to remove the mycotoxins from our body
How do you address your fungus problems? Have you taken any antifungal medications or herbal remedies for it?
I have taken neemi tablets prescribed by ayurved doctor along with liver cleansing syrup (medliv) for some relief. But they can only remove the symptomps, not the cause. Even if i eat healthy balanced diet, do tedious exercise, everything that are supposed to be good, when i go to sleep or sit, patm starts. And in india people are so much unaware of such silly things.Where are you from?
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my patm.reaction worsen when i sit in poor posture or move my head forward
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The Trouble with Electromagnetic Radiation
Dr. Johansson, who is a professor at the renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, recently spoke in front of an audience of health professionals and medical practitioners at a seminar on Environment in Health in Barcelona. He opened his lecture by going over the known negative health effects of EMFs, which include:

• Hypersensitivity to EMFs • Increase in allergies and allergy symptoms • Potential link to certain cancers • Reducing the efficacy of certain drugs (such as Tamoxifen, which is used to treat breast cancer) • Radiation damage • Long-term DNA fragmentation
EMF meters detect fields emitted by moving electrically charged objects. Electromagnetic field theory lies at the combination of an electric field, produced by a charged object, and the magnetic field created when the charged object moves.
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