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Healed from PATM. My story

Before leaving PATM communities I want to share my story to hopefully help other sufferers.

I'm 28 now. At the age of ~10 I started having anxieties about body odor, especially bad breath. 2-3 years later I developed PATM. I had the impression people literally get sick around me. Sneezing, sniffling, runny nose etc. It got worse year after year. As a result I started living in isolation and barely left the house. Depression and all sorts of social anxieties followed. Going to school was a nightmare each day. I had serious thoughts about suicide at several occasions in my life.

I never talked to anyone about PATM. I never asked anyone if they feel differently around me. I never asked anyone if I smell. That changed about a year ago. And I had several people confirming they don't feel any different around me. When I kissed girls they didn't complain about any smell. All my fears got refuted. I also started psychotherapy more than half a year ago and it helped me tremendously. My life has changed a lot.

I have talked to many other PATM sufferers in the past and what all had in common was some sort of anxiety about body odor or bad breath. As a former sufferer I think PATM is solely a mental problem strongly connected to ORS (Olfactory Reference Syndrome).

At this point all of this will probably not help you. It wouldn't have helped me in my situation in the past either. Back then it felt like it's completely obvious I'm the reason for all the sneezing, runny noses etc. around me. I had zero doubts, it all just seemed way too obvious. So if there's anything I can advise then it is to talk about PATM or body odor directly to people around you and ask for feedback. For me there was no other way out of it than ask for direct feedback. Observing random people on the street won't help you. People will sneeze, cough, scratch their noses everywhere, anytime even when you're not around them.

Feel free to contact me via pm for comments or questions. I will still get notifications about pms via email.
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It is real
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The guy does not say that it is not real, he simply says that this is linked to the emotional and mental that reinforces the problem as psychosomatism ........ Example; when you get so nervous you sweat and emit a smell, then there you are in an emotional state, now PATM would be an emotional state X ....... More or less that is what you are trying to say.
Why do they get so delicate when reading and understanding something written? Sometimes you look for yourself seems to be tortured with PATM, at no time said that the PATM is false, said that it is linked to our traumatic or similar emotional state .......
or am I wrong?
Not necessarily true for everyone.
The reason I say that is because I am a calm person. I started to have anxiety AFTER getting reactions from other people. I can smell my own breath. It is even in my nose. Not sure about my body odor. I don’t smell anything coming from my body, but my breath and nasal for sure.it is a fecal/ sour smell. I also smelled it one time in my underwear after a workout. I think it is a gland problem.
Everyone smells their breath in one way or another, they all have a different smell when they exercise or when they sweat a lot, etc ... I mean, you're not saying anything in itself, what is true is that the PATM is real and not It is known that it is in itself, here they are loitering several hypotheses and none is proven, you can limit but being more objective in the symptoms. Anxiety or stress when you have it advanced does not realize until you are really right, it is like the drug addict who does not realize or cannot leave until he realizes or needs external help such as the psychologist to Let me reconsider ...... I was almost always anxious that he demanded me a lot besides that I was going from here to there with my study and work, I did not take any vacations, from there at one time my PATM began, even so I did not I considered anxious or stressed until I visited the psychologist, apart from those factors I had a bit of social phobia, I don't know why but if I did ........ I began to analyze after a few assignments with the psychologist. I DO NOT want to validate your writing, just also try to see your problem better .......
Be mindful that it is not only about the reactions that we see from other people. But it is also what those people say about you. So it sounds like maybe you had low self esteem issues when you were younger. Your situation is not mine or the next persons.
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I believe elderly people have died because of me. Seriously
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I refuse to be in competition with you on this site. The bottom line is this. I know that I have a problem. I just do not know what it is and neither does some doctors.  I refuse to say for sure that it is this or that because I do not know. But just because something works for you does not mean it will work for me some people just have low self esteem and there is nothing really going on with a body odor. At this point it is psychological. But I do not like when someone says that it is something that has not been confirmed by a doctor. I can speak all day about what my symptoms are and the reactions that get from others.
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I too must stay away from the already ill and elderly.   Also anyone with rashes.  They flare up instantly.   And yes patm can make it into the brain.  Not everyone has it there but a lot do.  Thats why they think its tied to emotions, because it can be.  When the brain inflames reactions start.  Some only have it in the stomach. Just one of the many mysteries patm has created.  
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I see you used the word inflamed. So do you think it is inflammatory. I mean it is very possible that inflammation is the culprit. I see  some people have said it is parasites. I am having a stool test done on Wednesday. If I have parasites they should show .
I just got a lad test back from my doctor. She found that my amylase is high. I don’t know for sure why, but she has to do more test. I finally feel like I am on the road to getting some help. I will keep you guys posted. I have to get an ultrasound on my abdomen on Wednesday. A salivary gland problem can cause this. Not saying that’s what it is. Because there is a number of things. Like pancreatitis. But I have always said there is something about my saliva that just isn’t right. I Keep you posted.
I forgot to tell you. Amylase is an enzyme.
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So there will be a bit of your thoughts and ideas about the possible cause of PATM.
Studies have recently been shown where cats that cause allergy would be their own defense by emitting a certain toxic protein as well as a certain type of sloth that also emits allergens when it is defensive or in danger. Also knowing how goats look for salt in the mountains, climbing heights in search of them, it turns out that salt is essential for their survival because without it it would simply be paraplegic without movement, a simple amount of salt molecules can extend life and develop those goats ..... They are curious facts that a simplicity may be generating the PATM. Unfortunately nobody has even a probable veracity of what PATM.
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