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How I've managed so far. Comment things that work for you to reduce the symptoms.

I've been suffering from this for a little over a year. It started with a fecal/garbage smell that occurred occasionally after a few months of me becoming obsessed with hygiene and throwing away my clothes that I felt trapped odour, the smell disappeared. Once this happened I was good for a few months before becoming sick while on a trip, I was prescribed antibiotics, I was not consistent with them. After taking the antibiotics I slowly noticed that whenever I passed by certain people they coughed, I thought it was a smell issue but I know now it was not. I also noticed that certain people in a room I was in would cough, sneeze, sniffle, have watery eyes though they never knew it was me causing it, neither did I at the time. Some people would have mild reactions like clearing their throat. I also noticed that a-lot of people around me would consistently become sick or feel hot. Close family and friends had milder symptoms and they reduced with time with what i'm assuming is some sort of a tolerance built up from prolonged exposure.

I Haven't been able to find a cure, please let me know if theres something that works for you. So far what i've been doing is staying on-top of my hygiene routine and not really caring about people because majority of the time people are clueless to what's causing the symptoms. I only feel bad when my friends and family react. I know this is a very traumatic experience you may feel hopeless and alone. But just know that their is an entire community online that persevere through this every single day, keep faith and there will be a cure one day, stay hopeful and stop caring about people because they don't even notice majority of the time. Please share any tips, suggestions or cures.
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How you described your PATM IS literally word for word, the same as mine. It used to be the occasional comment of, I smell ****, have you farted? I was so determined to cure myself that i, stupidly, thought antibiotics would cure me. Oh no, I began getting coughing, sneezing, clearing throat, constantly!

Now I'm in a position where I have just started a new job, I had the induction friday, sat round a table of which people were, coughing constantly. It was a horrible day to say the least.

As to your question of what works, well, I have tried healthy diets and all the supplements, nothing had much effect. I'm now starting to believe that our stress and anxiety, feed patm, although I don't think stress is a direct cause. I really struggle to understand this illness. It makes me feel like an alien.
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