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Man hell of a journey. You could spend your lifetime outside looking for answers, and have patm forever, if your not dealing with the issues in your childhood. Be honest with yourself. All of you had social traumas, before this happened. Then we started being scared of breathing, being around people, thought you had bad breath or some type of odour then u kept doing this pretty much every single day until it escalated this to patm. Then u focused on a cough one day, and u kept on noticing it, then it became real. The more u focus the more you see. I'm sure u all know this saying.

I use to even see people scratching, sneezing, even reacting me over the live broadcast, phones, windows.

Let me tell u a tip, i know many of you go to public playing music in your earphones. Do you want to suffer through this forever. If not take this earphone/headset off your ear, stop focusing on other people. And know that people are coughing because they could be sick, dust, weather, there are so many environmental factors. And what proof you got that u made them cough? nothing. Has anyone actually came up to you and said there's something wrong with you. I'm sure not, because i haven't. And this is from someone that have had this for almost 5 years.
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Yeah, I believe you're somewhat right with your theory and it might hold true for many (but not all) of us. I'm curious, how did you come to the realization PATM was all in your head?
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Congratulations you dont have patm if you think its all in your head. Wishful thinking.  The rest of us have actual symptoms and reactions.  100% for sure
So I tried 10000 btu’s of vitamin D and no PATM. I still have thrush so this leads me to believe that we definitely have a gut issue. Doing some research, I found out that vitamin d actually helps to close the intestinal lining  and prevent leaky gut.
This is what most of us are suffering (Leaky Gut) This is the underlying problem that causes many health issues.

How did we get leaky gut? Well there are many factors that can contribute to basically erosion of the stomach lining and allowing candida, food particles, bacteria etc to cross the gut/blood barrier. H-pylori is one of the big culprits and  has become immune to most antibiotics and as we know it causes low stomach acid which in turn allows all sorts of bacteria in to our bodies. Also, with the low stomach acid, we do not break food down properly and it’s a vicious cycle. Low stomach acid causes the body to becomes more inflamed. This disrupts sleeping patterns, our defenses go down because we are unable to absorb the right nutrients like vitamins and minerals from the food that we eat.

Our digestive system is made to be isolated from the inner body from the mouth to the anus. Once this barrier is broken in the gut then the blood will carry bad bacteria, toxic waste and undigested food particles to every inch of the body. We can suffer many different side effects but the root cause could be h-pylori or even antibiotics.

Antibiotics are like a bomb inside your intestinal flora and kills all the gut bacteria and damages the lining. The intestinal epithelium is the single cell layer that form the luminal surface (lining). It is where the vitamins are produced but if your gut is not healthy then it being deprived.

Carbohydrates, alcohol, meats, pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, refined sugars, etc. cause inflammation in the body and especially in the gut which contributes to leaky gut.

So you cured for about how many days??
I just keep taking vitamin d every day and watch what I eat. Eat only food that is good for the gut and allow it to flourish and regenerate.
This is my specific case but I have read others on this forum having the same issues as me.
@ray2502 - what brand vitamin D?? Is it safe to take 1000 vitamin D everyday.. doctor suggest maximum 4000- 5000.
Pilgrims pride is what I use. Holistic doctors recommend up to 10000 btu’s.
Best if you go to your doctor and get your d levels checked.
We are already deprived of this vitamin due to us avoiding any food that is made from dairy.  
It has helped me but please go visit your doctor and do your research.
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no sir we are living virus. every people near us trigger them allergic reaction..its annoying its Live its real.
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