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It's been almost 3 months now that I have no odor of fish, feces, gas, smoke, cigarette, garbage, sewage, or any people's allergic reaction such as sneezing, coughing .. my bowel has returned to function, I am able to evacuate regularly and my tongue also returned to normal color. I always knew that day would come, even when many said there was no cure, I never accepted being in that condition, it was the saddest 4 years of my life, but also 4 years of much learning. I learned what it is to be human, this syndrome made me see how arrogant, pessimistic and skeptical I was. My faith healed me, I believed and was healed, Jesus said: "But ask in faith, not doubting: for he that doubts is like the wave of the sea, which is carried by the wind, and cast forth from one to another part James 1: 6 ". I will summarize here .. I began to take care not only of my body but also of my mind. I decided to set up my own protocol and I dropped the pharmaceutical supplements (no supplement never solved my problem, no probiotics had effects, I just threw money away on expensive products) I started to have time to eat, wake up, sleep and exercise, body needs discipline, exercise daily and drink plenty of fluids is very important. My menu currently has fish almost every day, eggs daily, chicken, lots of beans, peas, tapioca and all the vegetables and fruits). But to stay healthy, I do not like red meat, milk, dairy products and sugar. I recently discovered being intolerant of gluten, which left me with a swollen belly, nausea, gas and constipation, having taken off my menu was very important for my instinct to work again. I also practice sun therapy on a daily basis (it is proven that sunlessness is behind more than 100 types of chronic and autoimmune diseases). Exposing to the sun daily without the use of sunscreen is essential for one's health at least 1h every day to receive this powerful and healing energy. Walking barefoot is another method that I have adopted in my life, whether on the lawn, indoors, on the ground, but I keep my feet on the ground whenever possible, according to studies the habit of walking barefoot after numerous health benefits, we can eliminate pollution electromagnetic, boost immunity, detoxify the body, renew energies and many other benefits just by putting our feet in touch with nature. Now, the most important thing was to have known the teachings of GREGG BRADEN and LOUISE HAY was the main transformation in my life, I decided that starting from that day I would have a healthy and positive mind. I'm sure this syndrome is an immune response of our body to all negative thinking and poor quality of life in general, we need to feed well, get rid of fast food, sodas, industrialized, stress and anxiety ... we need to be positive , even in the face of some bad situations. Feelings of hatred, hurt, anger, fear and frustration, only brings injury to a person: OURSELVES! Already love and forgiveness heals, liberates and performs miracles. We have the power of self-healing if we truly believe. Jesus said, "Therefore I say unto you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it shall be done for you.-Mark 11:24" Healing is also in mother nature, put your feet on the ground, leave shoes and sandals a little aside, we were not born to wear shoes all the time, sunbathe daily, take care to eat healthy food ... and especially mind your mind, it is who determines who we are, if we always think on the negative side and always look at the situation with pessimism and conformity, we will not win. So be positive, confident and especially believe and never give up. In the first few weeks I felt my odor get worse, but I believe it was my body expelling everything from bad. I usually speak and write every day "I AM CURED, EVERY DAY THAT MEANS I AM BETTER" actually several times a day, until my mind understands that I am not sick and send that information to my body, we are beings made of a powerful energy, just know how to use it. Do not think that you have to live like this for the rest of your life, God is not happy when his son suffers. Good luck to everyone! God bless us.

I'm sorry for my mistakes with English, I'm a Brazilian.
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man can you idiots who think this is a mental disease stop commenting? this is not something made up by the mind and not cured by the mind i am sorry.
Yea I agree that it’s not something cured by the mind. If you were in my shoes, you would be able to see that it’s real. Working as a nurse in a pediatric hospital where all the babies have continuous heart monitors and pulse ox monitors, I’m able to see what happens when I’m come into close contact with them. Their oxygen levels start dropping especially once I start talking and their heart rate increases.  They’re also on trach tubes so once I enter the room I will here an increase in their secretions. I’m constantly having to suction them. So I know what I have is real.
@FindCure1111, It would be nice to know the difference oxygen level when you are around and when you are NOT around them.  The same for me too, people seem to be suffocated when i am around them.
Please keep us updated.  I have exactly what you describe.  I live with 4 of my small children and have the same issues DAILY.    When I enter the room with my kids the following will happen at night when they are sleep....:

1. You can hear the secretions of saliva start in their mouths
2. They will act as if a fly is landing on their face and angerly swat away
3. Rub eyes

When I come close and they are awake.

1.  Ask for water instantly
2. Rub eyes
3. Get itchy
4. Complain about being stuffy and hot
5. Confusion... if they are doing bookwork their mind gets lost and uninstrested when I come close or talk
6. Fingers and joints start to bother them

I don’t know what it all shows.  But I have been forced to witness this for a full year now.  This is 100% what happens in my home due to this patm.  

We have been fighting parasites and yeast also for the year.  When we are winning the symptoms can go down 85% to ALMOST gone.   When the yeast and parasites(worms) are strong so are the symptoms.    

At its peak when my 7 year old had the stomach infection really bad. I was causing him vocal and motor tics along with other very strange symptoms.  

My patm Mostly has no odor at all.  I once thought it did but realized somehow it just makes all the smells I’m in contact with worse somehow on me.     It seems to only pick on certain people.   I was at a parade on Sunday and I had some strong reactions from people but how it seems to pick them from so far away makes this strange.

Good luck.   Use your job to find as much info as possible.  The doctors here in the USA are a joke now

Guys is sistemic cronic fungus infection the fungus is releasing more than 90 chemicals .
Anyone living in virginia?
No. I live in New York
drink kale, celery and parsly  for 3 days and you will see the diference if you have sistemic fungal infection, when you eat sugar or eat too much you are feeding  something living  widespread in your skin
Well it varies from baby to baby. I have one baby that’s oxygen level is usually 98-100% but when I walk into the room it will go down to 95% but once I start talking to the baby it will drop to 85% so I really try not to talk to the baby which is extremely difficult bc I want to show the baby love and I can’t. I like to wear masks when I’m near them but many nurses have questioned me about it. When it was flu season I used to say it was bc I didnt get the flu vaccine. And it was mandatory to wear a mask if any nurse didn’t receive the vaccine in NY. But now that flu season is over, i try not to wear it as much. I had 1 nurse bully me about wearing the mask.  She would come up to me all the time and say you know it’s ridiculous that you’re wearing a mask when flu season is over but if she only knew the real truth. I must look like a cold person when I care for my patients. Ahh Im crying as I write this bc it hurts so much that this condition is destroying my life. I’m constantly having to suction them bc the moment I walk into the room you will hear their Secretions.   Some babies are more sensitive to me than others. I have another baby that’s extremely sensitive to me. He will make jerk  like movements when I walk into the room or If I walk  to his crib. . If I walk too quick to his crib I can instantly make him throw up so I make sure to walk in really softly. Whatever we emit travels fast!. But he’s known for throwing up even if I’m not working that day. But when I work and have him as a patient I def trigger it bc he throws up more with me than with any other nurse. We document intake and output so I know. I had another patient that had this weird condition where her body couldn’t stop peeling so it almost looked like she was constantly sun burned. She would be super itchy.  I had to make sure to put aquaphor all over her body every few hours but by the end of the day my presence would make her condition worse. She would be extremely itchy, more than normal. By the end of the day she would be crying, her whole body would be super red and she would constantly scratch to the point that she would make herself bleed even with her hand mittens. It was the saddest thing. I had to make sure not to interact with her too much. I would be fully gowned with mask and all. And I would do my treatments fairly quickly. I wanted to be in and out of her room. I would also give her Benadryl as needed as ordered by the doctor.  Keep in mind that the pediatric population I care for are extremely sick so they’re more sensitive to me. Most of my patients will rub their eyes as well and I noticed their reactions get worse as the day progresses. I have OCD so I brush my teeth at least 3 times while I’m at work and I work a 12 hour shift. I know I don’t have bad breath but it makes me feel better. I’ve noticed that the reactions actually get worse right after I brush my teeth I guess bc my breath is so minty. I won’t even have to go in their room but if I walk by their rooms all their monitors will start going Off. But I still continue to brush my teeth. I don’t know it’s like my security Blanket. Feel free to ask me any other questions. I hope we find a cure...soon!
Jimp39, thanks for the advice I do drinka Lot of  green juices a day. It has made a little bit of a difference but nothing significant. I bought a juicer last year so I drink at least 4 veggie smoothies easily when I’m off from work. During the days I work I try to drink st least 2 in a day. But I noticed that putting a lot of ginger in my juice really helps too.
Omg I feel your pain. I don’t have kids yet but I know what you’re going through bc of my profession. This condition is terrible and everyone I’ve opened up to about it won’t believe  me which makes it worse. I feel like I’m going through this alone.
Warning if it fungus it is highly contagiously.
I know that feeling of impotence
It is black mold and chemicals what the children breath in.
I was a very popular guy but had a course of antibiotics , worked about 80 hours weekly and a lot sodas and sugars.
Started as bad breath and my skin turn brown itchy,blisters, burn sensation.
I could not smell myself i thought people were discriminating me but lately when i achived some success i can smell my blanckets my clothes  they stink and i finally learned to smell my skin when i start to work.
I also see black mold in my bedroom ceiling  but i dont see mold in my brothers bedroom.
I live in virginia i guess im the only one i would like to meet some patm partners.
I am addicted to junk food it is very hard to achive a diet.
I achived 2 month diet last year and after 3 weeks patm reaction dessapeared.
Day #2 of my diet
Samething happened to me i used to work at hospitality industry 2005-2007.
After a course of antibiotics for several weeks i saw people reactions like if i had bad breath turning into patm in 2 years  the worse time of my life.
At the biginning  people stair at me with surprised faces after 3 month cough and then sneezes i quitted i thought why this happen to me i dint want to live.
I  was scared to talked to people and i also washed my teeth 3 times i interacted with people a lot.
After 2 years it spreaded  to my skin i couldnot smell myself.
And i can amplify bad odors too
After spending so much in doctors i was diagnosed with keratosis pilaris but i new people with k p and they were/ fine.
I finally found my problem but struggle with diet.

Remember not all the veggies are your friends  1 tomato has a lot sugar if you eat 3 tomatos you will be consuming several grams of sugar (complex carbs).
Celery parley and kale have little cal and carbs.
And yeah ginger makes a diference.
It is hard for me to drink those smothies cause taste bitter.
I suggest you to use a blender/mixer an not a juicer cause the fiber will help to clean your gut.
For now i am only eating salad , chicken, 2 or 4 ounces of soda( im addicted)
And i will be more strict in a few days
Only eat what you need even eating too much salad can make you blood sugar goes high.

Make this!! blender celery kale parsley (dont add ginger you wont dink it due to flavor)
In 3 to 5 days youll see results and drink plenty bottle water.
I add garlic and ginger in my salads
I will keep you in touch  about my diet right here
I need support!! I really need it i have a nice sweet nice
The best way to know if you have candida is eat a whole pizza  or 12 doughnuts with soda and coffee  your patm reaction will be so ******* stronger than ever
I don’t think what I have is contagious but I could be wrong. My ex bf never got the condition I had but he was allergic to me. I know I don’t have bad breath bc Im constantly asking my closest friends but it’s still an insecurity of mine so that’s why I excessively brush my teeth. Hmm I’ve  never seen any black mold but that’s interesting that you did. I used to think that people would have a feeling that I was a cause of their reactions but overtime and after opening up to a lot of my closest friends I realized it was in my head. They had no idea that I was the cause of their allergies and even after I told them my story they still  don’t think I’m the cause.   My mom doesn’t even like when I talk about it to her bc she thinks I sound crazy.

But jimp39 I don’t think you suffer from bad breath it may look like it bc of other people’s reactions, but if no one has told you that you have bad breath then I don’t think you have it. I think what we have is odorless. I’ve also tried diametecous earth (make sure it’s food grade) and that worked so well but I don’t know how healthy it is  if you take it for a long period of time so I stopped taking it. Also have you taken a parasite cleanse I noticed that helped a lot in the beginning but it def didn’t cure it. Organic Olivia makes a good one that I like. I also take a probiotic with it. Another thing I noticed is that my scalp has been extra dry but it started getting worse this past year. I’ve had this condition for over a decade but the dry scalp started recently. I also noticed my eyelashes fall off a lot. More than normal. I never thought it could be from my condition but another PATMer from this site brought it to my attention. I take a lash serum for it and I also take biotin for my hair.

I’ll def try that smoothie you recommended. And yes you’re 100% right if I had pizza and whole bunch of carbs and sugar omg people’s reactions get worse! And also when drinking alcohol. Ugh it’s terrible how much were suffering.
It is contagious but depending  age, FINDACURE1111
weak inmune system but only as temporary fungal infection as atletes foot  but never as a sistemic infection OR PATM in others.
No i dont have a bad breath but there is something else i cant describe.
My friends my family think im weird or i have mental problem.
It seems you are in a stage 2   i am in stage 8 .......between 1 to 10  but few years ago was in stage 10 cause i ignored all of this.
I will keep you in touch about my diet
it is 11:26 pm est
if your are dealing with dry skin thats a sympton the infetion is already in your skin  iam sorry
and beer is a definitly NO  why???? Budweiser has 145 caloris and 12.6 grams of carbs, it  contains GLUTEN and the alcohol weaken the inmune system.
dont eat any starch, sweet, diet,  gmo or anythin refined  and artificial   cause if you dont stop it you will develope  herpes zoster, any autoinmune decease, kidney failure and the worse CANCER.
i guess cold ac makes you feel better than hot a/c
I really wish I could  meet a PATMEr just to experience what others are experiencing.
Anybody here from the Philippines. I need you guys. We need to talk and fight this ****..
I dont believe mental disease theorycrafters should be censured. Let them put their ideas out there, its not harmful until we get more concrete data.
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I just wrote an extremely long post and then medhelp somehow deleted it.  I will write up all of my observations again tomorrow.   You seem to know a lot about this.   So I’d like to ask you how does it travel???  I’ve been trying to study sound waves, emf,5g just because of the speed and distance and manor of some of the reactions.     Any thoughts?

Thank you for your time
I know it’s crazy how fast it travels. I noticed it especially when I’m at work bc all the babies are on their heart rate and O2 monitors so I will hear it go off as soon as I pass their rooms. I don’t even have to go into their room, that’s how fast it travels. And it happens instantly. I will hear them sneeze as well.
I am at work and apologies for my grammar english is my 3rd language after italian and spanish.
That thing travel at the speed of light can go across windows,walls and  if you are in your bedroom after a will will be in the  whole apartment and part of hallway/way.
I just ate 4 ounces of coffee and 2 pastries after tomorrow i hope i will stop those junk food 3rd day diet.
I found a new way to fight this thing
Internal and external.
But it takes time and patience
But also you need to take a special laxative that i have  and helped me a lot cause if you dont do it it will be like spraying perfume to a fish.
Fungus turns sugar in to 90 known chemicals.
Findacure1111, please try intermittent fasting  - your body may need more time to digest food. This is my latest finding of how to remain patm free. Hope it helps you and others as it has me.

God Bless always !
I found out the  benefits of fasting are amazing.
If you add 1 spoon of olive oil and drink a warm 8 oz of warm water with lemon and a spoon of apple cider vinegar.
3rd day diet  i ate 4 oz coffee 1 pastry (i am a driver) i need to wake up.
Patm reactions are very very lo  i will lunch 3 slices of whole wheat bread and activia greek yougurt (activia contain about 16 grams sugar)
The bread contain gluten i hope to find gluten free.
I am eating carbs but the point is dont abuse.
Last night i dinner sauercraw (make sure is live, not pasteurized) and some vegetables also kombucha is a good beverage 16 grams sugars cause coke makes patm worse .
And having a nice!!!
I will share later also a great soa.......ps, lot.....ions and some oils i recieved them monday  with antif....ungal property
Jimp, try something like green tea or just water instead of coffee and no grains/sugar. If you reactions are already going away from intermittent fasting, then they could potentially go away completely with proper diet.
I’ve actually tried intermittent fasting and for some reason it didn’t work for me. Maybe I need to try it for a longer time but I did it for a few days and the problem is that my stomach growls especially while I’m fasting so peoples reactions to me get worse. Every time my stomach growls it always happens. Maybe I need to do it for awhile and ignore their reactions. I don’t know but I did try it. I think I have it pretty bad compared to others. What I like to do is eat a small bag of carrots before my stomach gets to the point of starvation. I try every effort not to let my stomach growl and I noticed it works better. Once my stomach growls. Something gets emitted into the air and that’s when people start sneezing, clearing their throats, coughing or getting congested. And it happens so fast like within lightening speed.

I stopped drinking coffee bc I used to notice  people’s reactions worse.  I wish I could drink coffee but that’s a big no no for me unfortunately. i would always regret it after I drank it. Consuming lots of ginger seems to help me too. I always notice a huge difference If I don’t  have ginger that day. I’ll notice people will react to me more when I don’t consume it.
I just found this great! Info


This is my problem!  We all have the solution! We all struggle to eat healthy

What companies are adding to our foods are killing us also preservatives artificial color etc
I just ate 2 child and a woman passed next to me and nothing happen
My lunch 2 slices of arnold wholewheat 16 grams carbs  (32 grams 2 slices) 1 activia greek yougurt 16 grams carbs
Plus arnold wholewheat added 3 grams (real sugar = simple carbs fungus favorite)per slice
That comes to 53 grams of carbs/sugar i just consumed now  = 13 teaspoons of sugar based in 4 grams teaspoon.
Note! Carbs are sugar and sugar ar carbs......carbs are complex and simple sugar are refined check your sugal label .
My patm now is very low out in the street.
You are correct but avoid green tea i guess it protects fungus cell walls.
Tomorrow at night i will be posting some advises how to get rid of the aftermatter that fongus produce and it is in your small intestine.
We must stand toghether and fight together sharing our knowleadge.
I will post my moms good laxative recipe that is the step #1 tomorrow
Thanks for advise you are totally correct i know i must avoid grains and sugar.
This is a combination of eating small amounts including sugars like pastries or junk food.
I achived 2 month of good diet last year  after 3rd week patm desappeared  but my family influenced me to it sugar cause i was skinny but no patm.
If you fast but later you eat all you can and of everything then thats not gonna work, also you have something bad in your small intestine thats needs to take out with a recipe i will post tomorrow
I’ve seen that post before about the capsule endoscopy and I went to my GI doctor requesting to get it done and he told me that it wasn’t worth taking that exam. He told me it wasn’t effective. He was also not a good GI doctor. He never listened to me. I told him about my PATM condition and he really didn’t do much to help me. He told me that getting an endoscopy and Colonoscopy was good enough. He said that with a capsule endoscopy they take still pictures of your small intestine but sometimes it’s hard to see the pictures. Or the pictures aren’t great quality and you can’t see much from them. He said something to that effect. So I wasn’t able to get one done last year. But I’m planning on making another appointment to see a new GI doctor bc I felt he really didn’t listen to me as a patient. He was an old man that was over the age of retirement so I feel he didn’t care much. He was only obsessed with my copayments and he even tried  billing my insurance company twice for one of my procedures i had gotten.  But I really wanted to get a capsule endoscopy last year after I had read that specific post. I hope the next GI doctor i see will let me get one.

I requested an endoscopy also due to my pancreas blockage. I did not mention patm.  Well that and the mri was denied by my insurance.  Even with the blood tests showing some issues.   But I was told if I pay cash they can set it up for the next day.    

It seems that you don’t have it as bad as me or others especially since you said you’ve cured it in the past. Have you tried diametecous earth (food grade)? It really works but it didn’t cure me. It only lessened the symptoms for me. I would take a teaspoon mixed with water every morning but you need to take a laxative with it bc it can cause constipation. Maybe that will work for you too. I got it on amazon. You can read their reviews.
That’s ridiculous that your insurance didn’t approve you for an endoscopy! Ugh! USA sucks! I was able to get an endoscopy done (approved by my health insurance) but not a capsule endoscopy. I’m not even sure if my insurance company would have approved a capsule endoscopy (probably not)  but it never got that far bc my doctor didn’t recommend it. He felt I didn’t need it and that apparently you can’t see much from it when I asked to get one done. But when I got the endoscopy done I was found to be positive for h pylori. I was given antibiotics for it but Patm was still present even after I had finished the course of treatment. I was also diagnosed with anemia, and Vit D deficiency (which is normal, almost everyone is deficient on Vit D, especially during the winter months) so I was put on iron and vit d supplements.  My levels went up after 2-3 months.

In my lab results this is what it states:
My results are as follows:
H. Pylori Ab, IgG  1.53 (high)
H. Pylori AB, IgA 2.23 (high)

H. Pylori (IgG, IgA, IGM)
Reference Ranges
0.99 positive
Dont mention patm to doctors they could clasify it as mental disorder
I tested h. Pilory negative in 2009 when i had insurance and general check out /blood tesr was good
I had blood test 2 weeks ago and cholesterol is a little high.
Antibiotics cure my patm temporary

diametecous earth i will try it later
I found how to control patm  it took me years i used to write down what i ate and the efect the next 3 days so i found out foods high in sugar and fats halcohol coffee eatin in excess makes patm so strong reactions
So i learn to eat in moderation sometimes i broke the rule and my patm   got really high alert then i got away from people
When my patm get strong reaction
After eating fat, an excess, sodas, fries,beef, constipated, sleeping 5 hours coffee, when i seat down in my desk, at the bigining of sweeting and after.

How to avoid patm
Eat every 6 hours(never eat after 5pm fats and sugar)
More vegetables, less protein, drink water, add good spices like clover, black walnut,oregano black pepper etc
Only eat small portions
I did mention i had herpes zoster but it desppeared  for now the keratosis pilaris is almost gone.
Everything get started in 2005 christmas  
3rd diet i reduced in steps sugar comsuption it worked before however my carbs camsuption still high but fair
They blocked or deleted my last long comment i dont know why?
In 2010 i had a lot static electricity (maybe due to dry skin)  even light bulbs  blinked when i was around, people got patm if i was half block away and the wind was in their direcction,  when i took the bus most of people reacted very sad im very traumated and dont have friends.
Day 3 diet i ate chicken and beans(1 leg ..avoid beans they are high in sugar and contains toxins)
From tomorrow start the strict diet  the 3 days is to avoid sugar craving and after 3 weeks sugars craving desappear
I had a lovely day my patm was very low but i guess it was thanks to a lavander lotion which i added tea tree oil and castor oil and a tea tree oil soup that i ordered in ebay.
My girlfriend is coming so i will share my knowledge  tomorrow laxative, spices, soap.
With only diet patm improve after 1 week .
I guess at least for me  the tea soap made a diference cause i ate sugars in moderation those 3 days i never expected this.
I think docotors should be aware of the condition we have. I’ve told a few of my doctors and no one has said I have a mental disorder. They just never heard of it. But I think we need to spread the word. We need to shed some light into this condition so someone can find a cure. Staying quiet is not the solution. If a doctor ends up thinking you have a mental disorder than who cares just go to another doctor. I remember when I was in the examination room preparing for my endoscopy last year, the anesthesiologist came into the room to ask me a few questions before taking me into the procedure. And one of the questions he asked me was why I was getting this procedure. And he was a super young doctor. He probably was in his late 30s and I decided to open up to him about this condition I had.  He was actually extremely interested about it. You could tell he really believed me. He said “wow I’ve  never heard something like this before but I’m def going to google it”. He asked me how it started, what kind of reactions would people get and few other questions but I forgot. He just seemed exremely interested. You could tell he’s the type that likes to research things. I never saw him again bc he was only there to give me the anesthesia and When I woke up from the procedure he was already gone. But he gave me hope that maybe one doctor will listen to us.
You are right the more doctors that know the better.  My issue is I have children and mental diagnoses come with headaches.  At least here in California they like to take your kids and guns for such things. Or at least jump through hoops. But trust me I have went through this with a few doctors and even just today with a local health nurse.  I am advocating for us in the best way I know how.   I spent 2 hours trying to explain this to them.. telling them the truth and not sounding crazy in this instance is tuff.  Today I started to compile all of the names and emails I have to fellow sufferers. My idea is to form some type of research group for patm.   Brainstorm and come up with a plan and each attack it in different ways then come back together and share the info.  Its a new idea but I’m dedicated to this. It is imperative that I figure this out.   I’m also trying to do what I can to stay involved in the MEBO study and any other way I can find.     Just keep writing and collecting real data for now.  Thanks again for posting.
I think this is a great idea! Let me know what you can come up with and I’ll make sure to get involved. I completely understand where you’re coming from with not wanting to sound crazy bc you do have kids. I on the other hand have nothing to lose since I don’t have kids and I’m a single girl so I may be a little bit more outspoken and impulsive. But hopefully we can make something happen. I really hope we can change peoples perception that this condition is not psychosomatic and it is in fact real! Im a nurse at 2 different hospitals (I work 2 jobs). I’m a workaholic, I work 7 days a week. I’ll take a day off every 2 weeks So working this much has really made me aware of my condition. I’m not in denial about it bc I’m constantly surrounded by different staff, different patients and they all react differently. I’m sure if I was working less or not working at all, I would not be able to notice my condition as much bc I wouldn’t be surrounded by as many people. And like what you said let’s continue to type in pertinent data.
Data 06/21/18
Fasting and i drank
6:00 am  glass of warm water with 1 lemon 1 spoon apple cider vinegar and i put some grounded flaxseed  too

My  routine since monday
5 pm take a shower  spray lavander lotion which i added......(castor and tea trea oil) ....all over my body, i also have a leucerin for dry dry skin (i added castor and tea tree oil)
I found the oils in giant on sunday the soap i bought  it of ebay

I take a shower using tea tree soup

Between 5 and 9 pm i exercise or have a walk then at 9:00 am i take a shower again but this time i dont spray or put cream over my skin

Since monday i drank apcv with lemon and grounded flaxseed  today is my first day fasting but i will be fasting 2 or 3 days weekly

It seems to be my patm is low
I have passed next to people and no reactions but i talked to a man this morning he just covered his nose but no reaction.
Still too early for diagnoses 4rd day

This is my first day avoiding simple carbs
Wish me luck!

Something weird it is happening
In my apartment no cough no sneezes  since monday,
I am driving with open windows and people behave normally (no patm reaction) even next to my line with open windows.
In stops or people walking also no reactions
I am laughing with myself this is ******* awesome.
I also talked to my boss  for 25 minutes in a closed area he had only belching for 6 seconds.
(When i have high patm my boss sneeze or cough)
I recorded 2 videos i will upload them at night to prove it.
I just ate half slice of arnold whole wheat i was very low energy
Lunch i stopped at 7/11
(4 pieces breaded chicken legs try to avoid they have fats,gmo and flours i had no choice they dint have bbq wings.
I had also a  chicken salad i put some nuts almonds, peanuts,cashews and pecans.
A 1 perrier sparkling water.
I was really hungry.
Yesterday was cloudy todays is sunny  patm is low
You mentioned weather.  My patm is worse on cloudy days I always believed.  I will add that to my daily records.    I have actually looked into. 5g network,  aluminum densified air  and things of that nature because of patm.   I still have been stressing to everyone that the way it travels is the biggest clue.  If you have my kind of patm you will know right away what I mean.    
brother!!! 110% correct  in cloudy  days  my skin turn oily and unconfortable  and patm  reaction extended  to people in 800 feet or more radio, that was my point in the above comment i was surprised about but i dint want to write down a long comment
but this cloudy day was diferent  my skin felt/feel fresh  my sweating makes me cool down   and  feel how the sweat drop fall off .
dinner for today at 8;00 pm
2 thin corn tortillas (complex  carbs in moderation, get from bobsredmill.com  non gmo)
raw broccoli (make sure you super wash it or bacteriacould killyou)
4 oz red cabage sauercraw (16 oz carbs half cup in moderation contain fructose syrupe i hopes fermentation  (lacto?acidophilus bateria)turned some of the sugar  in to good acids and halcohol,
5 cloves of garlic, some ginger, 4 oz of regular white sauercraw  3oz  complex carbs, then add  extra virgin olive oil,  curry,cayenne pepper, cloves, nutmeg grounded spices, grounded flax seed and pumkin seeds.

i have a sealed bag of brazil nut ordered from ebay, to put in salads just put 5 to 10 nuts do not abuse like i did for my lunch
HERE IS MY MOM LAXATIVE rip she passed away in 2016
blender/juicer  potato and pineapple  only juice  separate the fiber, make about 12 oz and then mix with half cup olive oil then 30 minutes later drink magnesia phillips 1/4 cup add water.

make hen broth/soup  add little salt or no salt  add any vegetable dont add pasta or dont add artificial chicken soup
get the hen in giant or safeway   when the laxative makes effect drink the broth/soup during the day as needed  dont drink it hot or cold.
note this is a strong laxative if you already have an organ damaged dont do it.

this laxative will take out all the rotten stuff in your small intestine inluding  green stones somebody said they are  the liquid bile and for some unknown reasons turn in stones.

the day after dont eat sweets gmo or anything artificial
good luck
about today
i have another days in paradise (phill collins)
awesome day!!  patm is low i dint have time to upload the video
it is 9:41 pm im tired
my next comments will be knowledge about soups, active ingredients.
#2 posible answer to why some people are more sensitive to patm than others

I agree with this. You should perform shank prakshalana (salt water cleanse + yoga exercises) to really clean out your gut and then go on a strict diet. Tea tree oil/soap also help to reduce reactions and eliminate ringworm and other fungus associated with systemic candida, but this is an internal issue primarily.
I practiced those exercises they help to open the skin pores, help to move the food through the gut, and improved the organs to detoxy.
Good info at least for me shank prakshalan is a new technique for me (WHAT SALT DO YOU RECCOMEND) im waiting for himayan pink salt from ebay i ordered last week....
You rock tapaka#
I have a protocol  after 30 days of diets introduce  antifungals golden seal caprilic acid oregano oil programanate extract you know then all very good  also they need to be rotate every 2 weeks. They are the antibiotic of nature
'Last year was diet+ antifungals after 30 days diet'
This year i will retaliatate external and internal..
Diet + antifungals+ external antifungals+shank prakshalan
It is said for every  month of sistemic fungal is 1 year of diet.
It is not easy i will no be easy  it is a slow prosses a lot patience required.
@TAPAKAH, how is it working for you?  Are you cured?
Data 06/22/18
1 health ade kombucha chayenne cleanse 8 oz  7 grams carbs 5 grams sugar  serving size 2 ....i hope it contain less sugar/carbs due to fermentation prosses
(Kombucha it is a YES or NOT it contain a fungus strain so depends how your body react to it) for me it is a good soda substitute,helps my stomach if you combian with fermented low sugar foods it is a YES

1 half pogramanate ....is a high sugar fruit but healthy full of antioxidants but eat it in moderation.
I stopped at giant
My favorite breakfast or snack is from safeway papaya and coconut ....coconut has fiber papaya contain antifungal and enzimes but is a high sugar fruit eat in moderation

If anyone see any not reccomended food dont hesitate in contact me  tell my why not eat it.
I hope this comments help anyone we are about 500 members all races all colors all countries.
I know your struggles to live between society
Why some people react more

The gut is the headquater of the inmune system.
Pay atention to those sensitive persons  their inmune sistem is healthy and is not compromised and they look healthy.

On the other side
People that react less
They eat junk food, look less healthy maybe their inmune sistem is compromised with any desease,weak or any genetic change

I was at giant 7 am got breakfast
No patm reaction
Patm is under control low if we talk external
No people's weird faces
But i feel it  i know it is low
Not completely cured, but PATM reactions have been greatly reduced following shank prakshalana. Regarding salt, I do think himalayan salt may be best, but any kind of salt should work. The reason for the salt is that it makes all water go into the intenstines instead of the bladder and washes everything inside them away.
I have also confirmed that part.   If I eat bad for a few days reactions get stronger.    
Black walnut and wormwood in combination are apparently very good against parasites. I just bought this today. Things are improving with diet anyway, but I'm hoping this will be the finishing punch. https://www.vitaminshoppe.com/p/nature-answer-black-walnut-wormwood-complex-2000-mg-1-fl-oz/bb-1386
Do you have parasites that you know of?  Or is it precautionary?
Not that I know of officially, but apparently 90% of people have some sort of parasite infection. Also, we definitely have candida overgrowth (white colored tongue is an indicator) and that often coexists with a parasite infection from what I have read. It could be a type of helminth or something similar from drinking tap water or eating raw/undercooked food.
I would also agree.  At least in my case.  I’ve been fighting the parasites and yeast for a whole year now.   When the worms and yeast are reduced somare the reactions.  Right now it is my opinion that my body is not fighting infections well.  Also when this started I was around some black mold that would stay with me and then it would show up later.  I confirmed this to myself at least through testing.  I moved out of my home with the mold and in to a brand new trailer.   I always face the wall as not to breath toward my family. That place on the wall started to shows small black dots after about a month.  I haven’t noticed problems with that sense I had a 3 month diet and summer came.   But now the worms and yeast.  The yeast I can also pass to others through breath.    There is so much to this.  It’s not just the infections.   I am consolidating all my notes and studies from  over the past year and I’m goimg to send them to whoever would like that also has this type of patm. Just message me.    The movement on this thing has me the  most curious.   It is not just fast in traveling it almost seems magnetic at home it’s drawn to certain people.  
I'm pretty sure I had black mold too (I lived in an apartment where the bathroom had no windows when this first started, so mold kept building up). I've heard the same thing from a few other PATM people too. Apparently Hydrogen Peroxide is  a good way to attack the mold internally.


my comment above
I have also confirmed that part.   If I eat bad for a few days reactions get stronger  was deleted and was good data

black walnut and wornwood good spices there are more atinfungal antiviral antiparasite spices

mold works in nature is clean out the enviroment a rotten wood converted in to nitrogen your food after a few days will cantain mold … mold wont kill directly  is oportunistic if any patmer is contagius with patm it will kill it extremely fast.
It will be afecting your organs at the end any form of cancer when that time arrive there wont be cure
your inmune system is working well but is busy and getting weak.
SEND ME YOUR DATA PLEASE  all of my data is in brain.

you rock we already found what our problem is  lets retaliatate together
I have pics from today black mold in ceiling go to an abandoned house mold contaminated with any healthy friend of your and youll will se their reations

at some point I thought like you only in doctor I spent a small fortune in doctors, after years researching all over the clearnet  in a slowly process I realized my problem was disbiosis/fungal infection   I used to wrote down notes what I ate and the results afters days eatin samething and rotating after 4 days   conclusion sugar/carbs are the point  

my brother does not like cold a/c  we give good enviroment to mold no air circulate and good temperature
mold works in nature is clean out the enviroment a rotten wood converted in to nitrogen your food after a few days will cantain mold … mold wont kill directly  is oportunistic if any patmer is catch AIDS  it will kill it extremely fast. 
It will be afecting your organs and at the end any form of cancer when that time arrive there wont be cure 
your inmune system is working well but is busy and getting weak. 
topeka great links brother  i learned to smell this infection since 05/17 call it as you want candida or mold they are the same fungies.
Polyester cloth make it worse and cotton cloth seems to relief.
If i eat too too much i listen a vibrant noise.
This is the decease of the future thanks to sar,gmo, industrialization etc
After eating pizza friday evening and brownie and saturday again microwaved pizza and brownie again that turned my life in a nightmare i dont wish anyone.
Diet since sunday im between low and medium level  im starting to feel fresh my skin with little reaction or not reaction at all
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