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I dont it 's from mold, gas...

- If it 's from mold,  mite, ammonia, C02... we should cough ourself but I never coughed.
- I accidentally came near the trash truck, dead animals but I never coughed so the odor should not be the reason for coughing
- When I feel the gas moving in my stomach to the rectum, I heard ppl cough even it din't come out yet

I still couldn't understand the reason behind ppl coughing while I couldn't detect anything.
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Our body is giving off some type of gas that causes people to react. Why it doesn't affect us like it does others is a big mystery to me. When you mentioned ammonia, it hit home with me, because that is what I think the aroma smells like.
That’s a very good question. Reaction all depends on people’s individual immunity. If your immunity doesn’t find something trying to penetrate into the body a foreign particle it won’t react. Everything will stay well.

We all eat eggs, peanut, soy and so on but a few people react and almost die in response. Their immunity picks up those proteins or whatever it is, as a foreign entity. It needs to kill it so sounds the alarm – inflammation. Everything else kicks in. Your temperature goes up. Blood is directed to area of invaders, swelling, mucous.. coughing etc.etc.

We all have seeds in our lungs but hay fever people can die if they’re not careful. Their immunity reacts to pollens but ours don’t.

The real question we should be asking is what’s suppressing our immunity? I’ve explain my hypothesis on this issue so I won’t explain it again but I’ll give a briefing. People who have kidney or heart transplants must take medication to suppress their immunity from attaching the foreign organ.

In the same way, I believe there one or more bacterial gut strains which are releasing toxins (from within the gut) that breaks down our gut lining and at the same time release toxins that suppress our immunity response to all the toxins that seep through into the bloodstream. All the findings that I’ve seen so far appear to support this idea.
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yes, just the internal movement of the gas causes immediate and far-reaching  reactions...i have noticed this too...the reactions are so quick and far away it has to be propelled by some sort of electrical wave...i don't understand either why we ourselves don't react, although sometimes I feel a wave-like/flash in esophagus/throat, almost like an internal shiver
It is not electric wave my dear @soiledsystem. That is an impossible claim. It's just air that comes from your mouth, nose and sweat. Many of you are unware that the moment you breathe air is released and can get to a thousand places without your knowledge at tremendous speed.

Let me give you a realistic example. Typical wind speed outside is about 10-15 km/hr depending on where you live and the day. If you’re walking and the wind is blowing in your direction at that very instant, within a minute air from your breath/skin/nose has reached 250 meters either way. If you were walking for 5 mins, it’s a kilometer and a quarter away (1250 meters/minute). By the time you get off the bus, the first second, breath is 4.2 meters away. Next second it’s 8.4 meters away. Within 5 seconds it’s 20.8 meters away. So as you can see air travels so fast, we are just not away of it. Also most vehicles are not fully airtight, it’s open somewhere otherwise people will die in closed air-conditioned cars. So once that air goes out, it travels at the same speed.

Most of us often observe once we get off a train or bus station, others cough immediately from 5 to 20 meters away but we sometimes forget that the bus was there for at least 5 mins before we got off or we stood there for at least 3 minutes but it only needs 24 seconds for PATM to cover a distance of 100 meters…that’s the whole bus station and nearby restaurants.

I think what you should be arguing is the potency of PATM because it seems like it only needs a little concentration of whatever it is to cause a few coughs and sneezes. There are nerve gases stronger than this. If they are release we’d observe the same speed.
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I have similar problem and my belief is that its air borne bacteria. Have you ever seen an oust commercial
It can't be a bacteria because many of us have been tested for it and still nothing. The obvious proof if it was an airborne bacteria then anyone we come into contact will become PATMers immediately. With the information so far I can only see one possibility, toxins. Toxins that originate in the gut. These toxins come from possibly one to hundreds of different types. For some reason they seeped through the intestinal lining into the bloodstream. Bacteria cannot oozed from sweat glands, only toxins.
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I've responded to DarthBane on the same issue. It's not very hard because this happens all the time in nature.

What do you think about vitamin d and how it eliminates PATM temporarily?
At one point I was low in vitamin d and the doctor prescribed 50000 IU's per day for one month. During this time and a month afterwards, I was completely free of PATM. I could eat anything and no PATM reactions until about two months later. How did vitamin d eliminate PATM temporarily for 2 months?

Also, I heard in the news that a clinic in Tampa Florida is either teaching people how to administer FMT or they are performing the procedure there.
Hey Ray, seriously I don’t know. Vitamin D has multiple roles including the increase of absorption of several minerals in the gut. How it helps you improve I’m not sure. I took vitamin D but didn’t affect my PATM either way. Perhaps in the future we may find new information to explain it.

About FMT, I suggest not to do it alone. It’s better to ask to be part of a trial. Home FMT is really useless because many cannot understand the intricate details, also we don’t have the tools to perform just a simple colon FMT. Hospitals and clinics that perform FMT have tools that can burrow all the way to the Ascending colon where the cecum is, but we need to cover the small intestine too.

The clinic in china that has a reputation for curing other digestive diseases, such as IBDs, inject their samples using tubes injected through the mouth or nose, all the way down to mid intestine, in order to erase all microbes. They have a reputation of curing with only one FMT session.
There’s also another thing, before the FMT session, there’s a need to erase all microbes in the gut. They give patients strong antibiotics such vancomycin, metronidazole or something of that sort. This is done 4 days before the operation. About 24 hours before the FMT, the antibiotic dosage needs to stop. You need to check FMT pdf manuals for the details on this. The patient is then injected with the fecal sample mixed in saline solution. This newly super probiotic is introduced into a gut that has very few competitors since it’s been wiped out by antibiotics on previous 4 days. They can repeat FTM sessions daily but that depends on the microbes intended for. Personally I would ask for 10 days since that’s amount that had cured the last dude that we know that had either PATM/TMAU2, but I think one session will probably show PATM disappearing. You are then required to continue on a specific diet to feed those good bacteria to thrive. Check out the diet on the manuals.

This is why veggie diet works. Certain food is favorable to some microbes while it’s not preferential to others. Personally I would choose to go on cabbage juice for a few days then back to normal vegetable diet for a month. This is to maximize the chance of the colonize microbes to completely take over. But that’s just me.

This is how I erased PATM effectively and quickly within 24 hours but lasts only for a few hours. The only difference between their method and mine is that they have the super probiotic (faecal samples). Mine sustained only for a few hours. Also the antibiotics I used are different. Sometimes I used natural and prescribed antibiotics or just one. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do this because each time you use an antibiotic, it’s not effective anymore for your future use.

When there’s an important event coming up, I’d starve myself a day or two and use laxative to flush everything out. The laxative is taken with antibiotics. When everything is cleaned out I take probiotics (only 5 strains which I’ve found to work) the next or the following just before the event. This is taken with other things such amino acids…PATM either disappears or almost undetectable. Depending on what I eat, PATM free is sustained or slowly comes back as long as I eat light vegetable meals. If I eat roast chicken or anything sweet PATM comes back very quickly. Again, my observation, the only big difference between my method and FMT, apart from antibiotics used, is the number of strains of probiotics. I use 5 strains; they use 1000 or more strains. I believe among the 1000 plus strains in FMT, are good strains that can actually control the pathogens that cause PATM to being with.

Now I would like to make this precaution. I would like to reemphasize to members that this is just a hypothesis on how to cure PATM so don’t expect 100% probability that it would work. It’s never been done before on a PATMer here so we don’t know exactly how it will turn out. It’s a hypothesis but at the same time I believe it’s reliable enough since it’s based on current data and information we have. You have to do it at your own risk and I will not be responsible if something goes wrong.

If I get to do it, I’ll report once done.
Almost forgot this part, a day before the event, I’d wrap myself in thick clothes, cover all face and feet, gloves and lab glasses. I’d do some aerobics for 30 mins and sweat to flush out concentrated and existing PATM toxins already existing in high concentration in the blood and sweat glands. Remember whatever is in our blood takes days to flush out. I flush it out this quickly.
Sometimes I do it 5am on the morning before the big event.
Hey dontgiveuphope,

You said you took vitamin D but have you taking vitamin D3 in high doses like 50,0000 IU's in one pill. Only a doctor can prescribe that amount in one pill a day.

Yes it does help with the gut absorption but Vitamin D has a significant role in calcium homeostasis and metabolism which regulates the blood plasma.

Look into it if you can, I know that PATM disappeared for a couple of months, I just cannot figure out why.
Hey Ray, that’s interesting. Yes, I’ve taken them all but never in that dose level. That might explain why. Don’t worry about the pill, anyone can increase the concentration by taking more pills. Vitamins is something I never take in high dosage.

Thanks for this information.
Vitamin D has an integral function in activating the immunity system, especially the “Innate Immune System”.

As we all know the innate immunity works on barrier levels… that generalizes to all cell lining protection. That includes cell lining in sinus, lungs and especially the gut. What’s peculiar, out of the five vitamin D, it’s vitamin D3 that seem to contribute most to this. You had low IgA before, which is responsible for the innate immune system. IgA is found mostly in mucous secretions which fights against infection. From saliva to secretion in gut. It’s our protection against bacterial invasion.

So when your doctor helped you to elevate your IgA and supplement vitamin D in high dosages, PATM disappeared for a while. Were these done in conjunction or both at the same time?

Btw, thanks for this information Ray. This is very interesting.
Ray if the information you’re providing is correct. I mean if Vitamin D3 was responsible specifically and not another supplement or medication taken at the same time, it would be further evidence that we are on the right track. Together with your results on low IgA, it’s further evidence we are on the right track.

Sufferers have taken strong antibiotics or antifungal and PATM responded whether with a decrease or increase. This suggest a strong connection between a microbe and PATM. Why sometimes increase in PATM? Antibiotics can kill competitor strains but no effect on PATM strains themselves. If it affects more on PATM strains, then there’s a decrease in PATM. This is observed in other gut microbial infection too.

I hypothesized before that there are gut strains that is mildly attacking our gut lining (tight junctions in particular) and at the same time releasing toxins to suppress our innate immunity to facilitate the release of its toxins and metabolites into the blood stream without any inflammation or response from the body.
With the current results I think we can benefit, or at least in your case in particular, from a drug that could supercharge the immunity. Link below is a research done in 2012 where through a slight genetic engineering on natural killer cells to lack certain receptors on its surface, are then supercharged boosting the immunity. This effect can also be done, instead of genetic engineering, by blocking a particular antigen and produce the same effects. This implies a drug (that particular antigen) can be synthesized. Since it’s a 2012 paper, perhaps the drug is already available. Ask your doctor.

But I see a potential problem that might exist, PATM is thought of as gut bacterial that lives in the gut. As long as they stay in the gut, they can’t be harmed. Over time they’ll adapt. But if you try a drug that is supposedly capable of boosting the immunity and stops PATM then that’s further evidence for us to take that path.


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Hello dontgiveuphope,

Doctor prescribed vitamin D3 in high doses because my results showed I was low for obvious reasons.

I'm 100% sure that it was Vitamin D3 that temporarily eliminated my PATM reactions until my level went low again.

Today I purchased vitamin d at Walmart but you can only get 2000 IU's per pill. I swallowed about 4 and 5 minutes later I started getting a headache from die-off.

I need to understand how vitamin d affects are overall health. Is there any interaction between the liver and VD?
Thanks ray2502 for the information.

Vitamin D3 increases the immunity. On Wikipedia it says it Vitamin D3 increases the innate immunity but suppresses the Adaptive immunity. I couldn’t verify that claim just yet on any academic papers. So far the papers I’ve read say it helps both immunity but works greater on the innate immunity – gut lining. Perhaps there is a paper that explains that but I have not come across it just yet because not only they are long but there are so many.

I’m not aware of any benefit of vitamin D3 on the liver other than being converted by liver enzymes there to alternative forms. If there’s too much vitamin D3 it becomes toxic to the liver.

Regarding headaches, same as me for almost all vitamins when I’m slightly overdosed. I just took 3 Vitamin D3 1000IU and I feel like vomiting. I don’t think it’s bacterial die off. While it may help with boosting our immunity, it may be interfering with other metabolic process in other organs. For instance, liver and other organs could be struggling to remove the excessive dose. Expert say the upper limit is 4000 IU per day so beyond that may cause Vitamin D toxicity as the liver struggles to remove them from the blood. That’s probably the source of headache and nausea. If you have a good liver, then maybe you could overcome more dosages but personally I don’t think I can tolerate more than 3 pills of Vitamin D3 1000IU per day.

I think what was happening to you was, your immunity got boosted to overcome foreign matter seeping out from the gut. Remember immunity cells never go into the gut but pretty much stay underneath the gut lining in the blood - destroying all foreign matter that leaks out of the porous gut. So while the high dose forced immunity cells to function normally, your liver must have been struggling to clean the excess and high concentration of Vitamin D3.

This finding is important because it adds more evidence to the relationships we’ve established so far. There’s plenty to read so I’ll post when I come across something new. Again, thanks again for this information Ray.
Ray, please be careful with the overdosed Vitamin D3. I know it’s probably heightening your immunity but it’s killing your liver too. I think we should slow down a little until more information on raising the immunity is found. We shouldn’t kill our liver in the process for getting just a temporary relief for patm.

Does vitamin D3 work for you even when you're eating all the bad food?
I went into iHerb and search for products to improve immunity. I came up with several which some of them had Vitamin D. I think all of them had at least one strain.
Regardless I think it wouldn’t be like FMT or a super antigen drug that super charges the immunity.


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What did we do to deserve this horrible disease. It is the worst I starve myself all day and still eye rubs and nose rubs and cough. I can't win. When you really think about it out of the billions of people in the world, what toxins could we have possibly ingested that caused this from all over the world. It makes no sense I'm only 20 years old and feel like my life is ruined. Please comment your remedies to reduce patm.
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