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I have patm

Can anyone please help me
I'm suffering from something called patm where people cough, sneeze and rub their noses around me.
Please can someone help me as if this doesn't stop soon I have no idea what I'll do but I can't keep living like this

Thank you
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Hi Stephie, I don't like to say " I have PATM". DOESN'T sound right... " I have people are allergic to me"... When I first noticed the symptoms I didn't realize how bizarre a situation life had thrown at me. I have been making people cough relentlessly, clear their throats loudly (just to make sure I hear their suffering), & some even start to gag and gasp for air as if their throat was swelling shut for about 4 years. The first 2 years I thought it was my hygiene since I lived on the street, but since I've been living in my apartment I know it's definitely not my hygiene and never was. I live in Seattle and by now the entire apartment complex knows something is up.  I have always had severe social anxiety issues so I would isolate a lot before, but now that I've started to come out more and socialize, I'm being forced back into isolation because of this terrible dilemma. I too have been to the doctors and even though they also get reactions around me they swear they haven't a clue. I know this isn't a solution but even though some of this doesn't make sense, like how people react to us from across the street or two rooms away, I swear some people even start running past me just to get away faster! All I can suggest is read different people's experiences as much as you can, this website is helping me piece together my own theory about my problem. By you sharing your story I share my story, & we all learn from each other & I have A strong feeling there are many different ways to end up with this malady of ours.  And one last thing, if anyone's situation is as bad as mine is, HANG IN THERE DON'T GIVE UP! This has kept me from employment, from my family/friends, made my depression worst (on the brink of suicidal). But the best remedy so far for me, when I don't feel like going anywhere because the shame is unbearable, feeling like the new age hunchback of Notre dame, has been to just go outside and yell f+++ everybody! F+++ you, f+++ you, YOU'RE cool! All the while the routine coughing and all that goes on just join in and cough and sneeze burp right back at them. Simply ignore them just do what ever you want to do, life goes on.
The same, simply that I have not been for you like 4 years ago ...... As you tell. Moreover, it seems as if an energy reaches them, even going beyond walls and so on ....... Greetings!
  If you need a friend seattleblades im in arlington v.a.
When i struggled patm at high level, it was difficult but i had/have a job
You have too many choices
Cdl driver, pick up dog poop, driver (amazon or others) handdling chemicals, be a mosquito chemical  guy so lol so many jobs for guys with patm.
So dont give up and i posted i did find a solution to patm
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It seems a few things are obvious (whether the patm person realises it yet)
1) all patm persons troubled (traumatic) experiences have led to severe social anxiety.
2) most patm persons have had issues with smelling bad.
3) patm persons have the lowest quality of life.
4) patm persons isolate/withdraw themselves and are mostly reclusive.

From those observations I calculate fear and obsessions being the root for patm.

It doesn't take much effort to believe in something. It happens through lifes (natural) experiences.

I myself react and can smell myself.
It's gotten worse after I had some temporary relief and realised the problem being mental.

The last almost decade have been hell. I have been vomiting everyday. People are coughing everyday. Sneezing, yawning, burping, hiccuping, itching, clearimg throat etc etc etc.

But the problem starts within. No one gives a **** for you or your obsessions. That's the real reality.

No one gives a **** that you cause them reactions - naturally they just don't want to react from your outward negative spiral thoughts. Of course you might be the most positive person but those smallest negative thoughts can pose the biggest problems.
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please try Ketakonazole shampoo, it will help alot
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I'm at a loss for what to do I can't keep living like this I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING
Are you from the UK stephie?
Anyone with the idea that patm is a mind issue please join my ******** group... Pm me to join. Thanks.
How long have you been dealing with this? What kind of comments do you get from people? Do you have any idea where it is coming from on your body.
About a year and I don't know where it's coming from as soon as I get close enough it starts and not all peo0le only like 2 out of 5
There was one poster here who was a teenager.  How he beat patm is he stopped eating and only drank water. I can't recall if it was for 1 or 2 weeks, but he claims that he stopped getting reactions after that. I'm not sure what his diet was after he started eating again, but apparently patm didn't return.
You are on time dont let it get stronger.
The more years with patm the more agressive it turns
I already posted my solution you can use it as a basic guide to yourself.
In my  case parasites, dysbiosis, candida bad bacteria.
If this is your case after eating pizza, coffee, mcdonnals or any junk food patm will turn agressive.

This what i used to find out the issue
I drink blended kale and celery 1 glass every 2 hours.
Eat small portions of salads (no croutons, little dressing, no raisings or sweets,.
(Make sure to wash out kale really well)

If you have thrimelaminuria fish odor sindrome you find out after you ate fish
In my case i eat fish and theres no change  in patm
Thank you
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Stop eating junk food and dont over eat especially after 5 pm.
Sugar, chicken,crab seasoning etc (avoid seasoning containing yeast or chemicals.

Ok thanks
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Had enough, I'm done.
Stephanie, if you follow the candida diet it will take some time for you to notice a difference. The diet in itself isn't easy to do at first, because your body will crave sugar and caffeine. If you can get through that though you will start seeing a difference in a couple of weeks to a month. That may not be the answer that you want to hear, but don't simply give up on yourself.
Try Kefir, it helps reducing reactions. Don’t give up we are all in the same boat.
My name is arnaud by the way and I’am french.
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