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If you smell of fart or rotten egg and have constipation this will be helpful!!!

I have these symptoms and i'm trying to get to the bottom of this!! So far i've been diagnosed with Small intestinal Bacteria overgrowth and large and small intestine imotility (not at full function).
That is all the doctor diagnosed... now the bacteria from the small intestine overgrowth FEED on food you eat and expel gases that circulate through your bloodstream and to your lungs. This also leads to leaky gut and constipation because the gas slows down bowel transit time.
I have tried restrictive diet, probiotics, even prescribed constipation medicine.. nothing seems to make my problem go COMPLETELY away.. until in my research i stumbled upon this:
I think this is what we're looking for!! I'm ordering as soon as possible and will let you know how it's going.
NOTE: The article mentions bloating, i don't have bloating but i've been diagnosed with severe SIBO. Symptoms vary from person to person.. most people with sibo don't even smell like anything. We are just the unfortunate.
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the product is called Atrantil!!! Scroll all the way to the bottom of the article
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Everything that I have minus the white tongue and PATM.
Please follow-up and let us know if it worked for PATM. Thanks
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actually i had white tongue too!! but since going on a diet and taking probiotics that went away.. not the stink though:(
hello i saw you were going to try black oil seed. did that work for you at all?
also i'm on day 5 and seee no difference in this product.. :(
Atranal did not work for me.
That sucks I just read the article -- but maybe just a bs pitch
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