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Itchy Crawling sensation & PATM Cure.

Just to let you know that I'm not a doctor and this might not work for everyone but has worked for me a few people on this site.

Ok these are the things you need to buy:

1) Tea tree oil shampoo
2) Tea tree oil soap
3) 100% Tea tree oil essential oil. (has to be 100%)
4) Carrier oil (i used Olive oil)
I also bought dead sea salt and used it in my bath this really helps.

I started by making sure i wasn't allergic to TTO (tea tree oil) by putting a small amount on my hand and waiting 10 mins to see if there is any reaction.
I then mixed 50% TTO and 50% Olive oil and rubbed it all over my body.I did that for one month but only ONCE a week. Left it on for 25mins. Made sure not to get it in my eyes or swallow any.
After 25mins I washed it off with the TTO shampoo and soap.
I keep washing with the shampoo and soap in the morning and before bed for a week, then just in the morning, but made sure I washed my face with the soap every morning and night.
I threw away my pillow and washed all my bedding and towels in the machineI put 10 drops of 100% TTO in the rinse cycle.
Changed Pillow cover every 2 days and linen twice a week. Do this for 3 months.

Now you need to build up your immune system.
A simple and natural way you can start which is what I'm doing at the moment is.

1) Half an organic lemon with warm water first thing in the morning. (drink it through a straw so you don't damage teeth)
2) A good probiotic half an hour later. ( I use Yakult)
3) (Breakfast). I used greek yogurt low fat with ground flaxseed and berries.
4) cut out sugar completely that includes sodas and fruit juices.
5) Cut down on carbs & dairy (Cheese, milk etc).
6) Drink lots of water (filtered)
7) Try and have a clove of garlic a day.
8) Instead of tea & coffee I now drink ginger root & herbal tea.
9) For BB you can drink wheatgrass. I buy the powder and mix with water

The lemon will alkaline your stomach and help your liver detox and clean your skin from inside out & you get a vitamin c boost first thing in the morning so you'll be able to fight the colds and flu better this winter.
The probiotics & yogurt will increase your good bacteria
The ground flaxseed will clean out your stomach.

If you do this within a week you'll have more energy your stress levels will drop your skin will feel great and its even cleared my acne. bonus.

Good luck guys there is a way out of this.
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Forgot the most important thing.

You need a good multi vitamin and mineral + Vitamin B100 complex slow release this is very important.
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