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Leaky gut syndrome and Candida/ bacterial overgrowth/ parasites

Hey guys , is there anyone here diagnosed with any bacterial overgrowth or Candida or parasite and then had symptoms or diagnosed with leaky gut ?
Anyone had a strict Candida and leaky gut about it ?
I started a Candida diet ( no sugar at all ) , I have all the symptoms of leaky gut also I think I might have a parasite as I blout a lot and have diarrhea most of the time and stomach cramps etc , and I remember last year I was diagnosed with giardiasis and took pills for it and I was ok for some time without patm ( I had body odor though as I remember )  
, I’m seeing the result which is the die off of Candida ( they match the sysmptoms of Candida die off I read in Internet ) . Anyway now I have worse symptoms of patm which is normal but hopefully once my gut lining is cured I will finish patm for good .
Any thoughts ? Anyone with experience?
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Looks like no one here ever had parasites , anyway I’m going to have aparasite rest tomorrow , I will keep you posted , I’m sure I have parasite or any bacterial over growth that lead to leaky gut and that to tóxics in my body , I have very higher liver enzymes that a sign of heavy load on my liver clearing toxins ...
I will keep you posted
I have parasites for sure.  If you can get a positive parasite test in the US good for you.  We have cheap Insurance so no real help.  Even with the kids.   ALL of our parasite medications came from family in Colombia.   They helped knock them down some but with patm nothing  has worked.
20+ different negative tests.   When I brought them.in on tape i received a psych rec.     I have 4 children with them and clearly know what they are.     So I do really hope you are out side the US or have good insurance.  Let us know what you find out.
I’m living in Spain , I will let you know what they tell me , at doctors office now
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What pill did you take for giardia?
I don’t remember , now at doctors office waiting for my results
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