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Liquid Chlorophyll is effective !

At out of town training this week - with no patm reactions !

Chlorofresh 2 tsps orally  three times a day

Dry brushing skin daily  - a little  organic spirulina body scrub

Enjoy your blessed week and please vote on or before November 8 !

God Bless you always !
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You taking anything else grateful..like the diet.
When do you dry brush..nd wigh what.
I tried hopefuls way, it went away butcame back again.
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I still eat at least 90%  of the time , plant based -no gluten, no dairy, no sugar - I use Stevia

What do you eat each day?

You said patm went away and then came back - is that because you stopped being proactive with hopeful12345 and others suggestions ?

What do you do each day to keep patm away?
I did the suplements, candigone n brown rice. It came back..fricken hard with diet.losing way too much weight. I eat brown bread, eggs cereal with fiber n mklk. Lots of salsds
I did the suplements, candigone n brown rice. It came back..fricken hard with diet.losing way too much weight. I eat brown bread, eggs cereal with fiber n mklk. Lots of salsds
Can h emakl. Me gratefjl
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On August I started a sctrict  candida diet, and on July I started to take suplements. My Patm was reduced significantly but it was definetely still there. I work 8 hrs per day in a closed room, same people everyday, and the one right next to me was everyday sniffing, coughing, constantly sick, you know. In September I was on vacation for two weeks and I was overconfident, so I quit suplements. When I got back to work it was the worst day I can remember: everybody in the room started coughing hard all day long, except me of course. That day I read this post about Liquid Clorophyl and I decided to give it a try. I started taking suplements again: 2 pills of candida forte 3 times per day, 2 pills of Oxypowder at night, and 2 tea spoons of liquid clorophile per day. Result? My Patm is almost gone by now.  I can barely notice any reaction around me during all day. I don't know why, I don't know which suplement worked for me, and I doin't know it it will come back sooner or later, but if anyone else can try Liquid Clorophyle maybe we can sort out a little bit more this puzzle.
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This is really good info, thanks grateful.  As u may see from other responses i just posted yesterday, i got rid of about 90% of my symptoms and reactions from ppl for a good fee months.  I got too comfortable and quit all the good eating habits and working out that i had been doin.  Patm came back, but i feel i know how to overcome it now.

I think i will add in the chlorophyll, along w the 3 other supplemts me and a few others from here agreed on.  Those 3 things worked, so it should'nt hurt to try the chlorophyll also. Thanks again!
Congrats on your success do choppa!
I just reordered more brown rice protein powder and perfect desiccated liver pills.

How many oxy powder do you take each day ?

How many desiccated liver pills you take each day ?

How long do you workout each day ?

Do you go to the sauna ?

God's continued best to you always !
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Unfortunately, i have tried Chlorophyll detox pills, and same amount of reactions still occur.
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