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Hi everyone,

Hope your 2017 is going well.  

I got PATM last year, after receiving antibiotics for an infection.  Fortunately, I discovered these forums pretty quickly, and they offered me a source of hope.  I saw hopeful12345's post about his cure and decided to try out what he suggested.  The most effective thing for me was brown rice protein powder -- I tried it for two weeks and stopped seeing reactions for about two weeks after that.  Unfortunately, I ate something with sugar in it and the reactions came roaring back.

I then noticed a post by tennis89 in November 2016, where she made a comment about a product called RESTORE.  I did research on the website, restore4life (dot) com, and saw that it was designed specifically to heal leaky gut.  I couldn't really afford to buy it at the time, but at the beginning of this year I bought a 16 oz. bottle (for $50).  I tried it for a month, and the reactions disappeared.  I was ecstatic, and bought another bottle and used it for a month.  I finished it at the end of February.  I still haven't seen any reactions since.

I hesitate to say I'm 100% cured, as I haven't tested out any bad foods yet.  However, I think this product is really promising.  While taking it, I experienced significant detoxification symptoms, including brain fog, passing out candida in the toilet, and spitting out phlegm in the morning (not by choice, it just poured out of me).  So, I think you all should give it a try and see if it works for you.  This may be what we're looking for.

A few tips for taking it:
-- I think it's smart to try the 16 oz bottle so you can have a month to use it, but if you can't afford it, there is also an 8 oz. bottle for $30 that lasts two weeks.
-- While you are taking it, do not take ANY SUGAR products whatsoever.  It will just set you back.  My rule of thumb was to always look on the ingredients label, and if the food/drink had more than 6 grams of sugar, I avoided it.  Basically, stick to a strict candida diet.
-- Take 1 tablespoon (or three teaspoons) each morning before breakfast.  The instructions say to take three teapsoons a day, but I believe that taking all at one time gave me the potency I needed to start healing my gut.
--Do not take any other supplements at the same time of day as you take the Restore, as they might compete.  More importantly, avoid taking probiotics/enzymes at the same time as they interfere with the supplement's ability to build a new bacteria environment.  Know it seems hard, but believe me, it's worth it.
-- If you can, refrigerate the bottle.  It says you don't need to, but I think that it keeps it fresh, which is good.
-- If you can, buy it directly from the website.  The first bottle I bought from Amazon, and it showed an already past expiration date.  It still worked, but it's best to get it direct from the manufacturer.  If you can't order online, it is available in General Nutrition Center and various health food stores (see website for list).

Restore basically works by filling the holes in our leaky guts with lignite extract, which is rich in carbon. It also helps create conditions in the gut to multiply good bacteria, which many of us are lacking, which helps to combat candida.  I highly recommend you guys give this a shot, and good luck!
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*Just to be clear, when I say avoid taking probiotics/enzymes, I mean for the entire period that you are taking Restore -- so for two weeks or a month.
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I just bought a 16oz bottle for $42 at GNC. I've read a lot of reviews, and it sounds promising!

People are saying that probiotics are outdated, and that this is a more effective method.
Awesome!  I tried a lot of probiotics before, too.  They have their benefits, but the thing about them is that they promote only a limited number of strains of bacteria in the gut, when the fact is there are supposed to be around 20,000-30,000 strains in our gut for optimal function.  Restore helps create conditions in the gut for multiple strains to flourish.  Good luck!
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Thank you for sharing your experience!
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Hi so Are you still experiencing no patm symptoms?
Hi U2rban0,

Yes, I am still experiencing no symptoms.  I don't have a car, but when I did have symptoms I saw people reacting inside their cars when I walked outside, which was crazy.
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Did you notice reactions from others while you were in your car? This thing is weird as **** I need this to go away
Hi urban, it's not just the smell that drives along with you which I find weird. But it can also penetrate through walls.
If you look at your center mirror or the side mirrors, you can notice the reaction from the car behind you. Doesn't make sense? I feel like Our vision can pass some sort of electricity that connects with the other person.
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I think it's starting to work! It's been about 10 days, and the coughs have turned to sniffles.

To be fair, I've almost drunk the entire 16oz bottle which is ahead of the recommended pace (got super tired the first few days, but energy seems a lot higher since) and I've stuck to a pretty strict candida diet (no caffeine even).

I'm also taking a few antifungal/gut health supplements like I was before I saw any improvements. I think this really might be a breakthrough, and it makes perfect sense that it would work in our situation.

As with many people, I took antibiotics without anything to balance them out on the probiotic side before this all began, and this thing aims to set the stage for a probiotic resurgence! Apparently each person's gutflora is different and depends on things like genetics and diet. The resolution to our issue comes not from blasting billions of just 10-20 specific pribiotic microbodes into your gut, but of setting the stage for your body to create the good bacteria it needs and feeding the good bacteria with good foods like vegetables - especially fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi. I hear seaweed is also really good - makes sense because our ancestors came from the sea!
Great news, TAPAKAH!!  All the best!
TAPAKH: Any updates?
I don't have any good news to share on the PATM front as the reactions really haven't reduced much, in general.

That being said, I've had this condition for much longer than the original poster (about 5 years now), and I kept drinking a lot of beer and consuming bad food throughout this time until very recently.

I have lost about 10% of my body weight from the restore/healthy diet combination in 6 weeks or so. I also feel more energetic in general and no longer feel the need to drink caffeine, so there definitely are positives to this product for your overall health.
Appreciate your updates. I too have had it for about 5 years now.

Pleased that it is at least helpful in some other front.

Maybe continue it for another month or 2?
TAPAKH: Hi any improvements in PATM?
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