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My Research

So, I’ve been doing some more research, I was looking into bad breath as it seems to be a common denominator among us. I had bad breath growing up however since after high school it went away. I also did have a lot of work done to my teeth such as braces, extractions etc. (maybe that helped). Anyways, I remember reading a post about a woman who said a smell came from her until she had deep cleaning with her teeth and it went away for awhile. I believe it maybe a bacteria that originally started in our mouths thus the bad breath however has now migrated into our GI tract where it is possibly wreaking havoc…producing patm symptoms.

I also looked at the foods that can contribute to bad breath which are: high protein foods like meat, acidic foods, dairy (in the case of lactose intolerance) and sugar…bacteria thrive on these foods. Looking at protein foods specifically, there are certain amino acids that play a role in bad breath:

-cysteine and methionine which produce hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan
-Skatole (methyl indole) and indole have feces odor and come from tryptophan
-Diamines, cadaverine, putrescine have foul corpse smell and come from lysine and arginine
-Putrescine can also come from ornithine and citrulline

These are a list of bacteria commonly found in bad breath:
Gram-neg bacteria: porphyromonas gingivalis, prevotella intermedia, fusobacteria.
Hemophilus and veillonella also involved in odor formation.
Gram-pos bacteria: actinomyces viscosus, streptococcus salvarious also produce little malodor.
Also found in oral malodor and nonmalodor: actinomyces odontolyticus, clostridium innocuum, fusobacterium, porphyromonas gingivalis, prevotella, streptococcus intermedias, and salvarious,  veillonella parvula, and vibrio

Originally, I thought the culprit was amino acid tryptophan as a lot of the foods that contain this amino acid seem to exacerbate patm like chocolate, cheese, wheat, milk, nuts…see the list of foods at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tryptophan

I looked into tryptophan and hypothesized whether we are able to digest it properly. It was interesting to learn at high concentrations the by-product indole from tryptophan produces feces odor while lower concentrations has a flowery smell. I would suggest reading more about tryptophan, see link above.

A lot of people have also reported fungi being the cause which most possibly could. I was watching Monsters Inside of Me and there were cases where people infected with Aspergillious and C. neoformans did not seem to effect their immune system meaning nothing would show up in the blood work, however they did have other symptoms like pain, shortness of breath, couging etc. In the case of Aspergillious anyone can be infected by the spores as they are everywhere, in your furnace duct, outside from the rotting leaves, air we breath. Obviously people with weakened immune systems would be at higher risk however if someone with AIDS got Candidas or some bacterial infection it would wreak havoc on their body causing them to fight so hard that they eventually die, if not treated in time. In our cases, it doesn’t really make sense as the only symptoms are flu/allergy like symptoms, maybe whatever it is, is living symbiotically with us??

I also found an interesting site with different articles on gases however haven’t read the whole article yet but here’s the link. I like the topic on “toxic effects of asphyxiants” it breaks it down into four categories. They mention CO2, nitrogen and methane as well, which can displace oxygen and are known to be non-odorous. Maybe we are producing a lot of it in our GI tract??


See below: This was another article specifically talking about acetylene, it was interesting to know that it can dilute oxygen causing symptoms of air hunger etc. Whatever we are producing has likely similar qualities to acetylene.

Lewis [3] describes acetylene as a simple asphyxiant that, at sufficient concentrations, will dilute the available oxygen (partial O2 pressure, or pO2) in the air to a level that will not support life. An asphyxiant (e.g., Argon) may reach 33% of the air/gas mixture that is inhaled, reducing the pO2 to approximately 75% of normal before appreciable symptoms develop [3]. Initial symptoms present as rapid respiration and air hunger, followed by impaired muscular coordination and nausea.

Finally, I wonder if anyone has had their CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) ever collected and tested. I know it is so hard to have done plus not mention painful.
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Has anyone had their breath tested to see what gases we may be producing. I'm not sure where to get tested? I'm curious as to what volatile compound were producing.
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my office mates always sneeze, cough, smell bad and they look at me badly but they can't confront me about what they smell at me they just talking to each other about me. i fell horrible. i need work but i can't live with this problem. i really don't know what to do. my mouth and stomach is acidic and i think i have a lot of gas in my stomach. my doctors says i'm normal to my findings.
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Could it be ammonia produced in excess in our bodies? Here are the symptoms:

Scratchy throat
Chest tightness
Eye irritation

Have you guys been tested for excessive ammonia build up in your body?

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I appreciate your post.  I will look into everything you mentioned above.  I am scouring through as much as possible. I guess I fell into the obsession of trying to figure this out.  But I have reasons. I have my 4 small children in the home and they react.  My 7 year old is reacting severely to me know. He is being tested by medical professionals (haha that for profit world  makes me laff)  I’m 90% sure I’m causing these issues. Been taking some videos just not sure what to do with them. If it’s not me than he “caught” the same thing. My case is severe at the moment. It would be easier if I was alone and not destroying my small children’s immune systems with this.  My 21 year old son stopped by last week and think I was able to prove to him.  He said no smells on me but his nose was runny in 15 minutes of being with me.  He said he could feel it but can’t put his finger on it.   We drove around and he observed reactions. Good day to have a bad day.   At least he sees what I see.
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Have the medical professionals said anything about your son and what they suspect it might be?
I totally feel the same way, it is hard to move on from this and live a normal life when your making people sick. It's horrible.

I just wish I could do every test in the book to figure this out. Watching the show Monsters Inside Me gives me some hope. I seriously think it is something living inside us...bacteria, fungi or perhaps virus.

I kept thinking that it was something to do with our metabolism like not being able to digest certain amino acids etc. however it doesn't fit because of the diversity of people reporting patm, it appears to be anyone, if in fact all the people who report patm actually have it.

I think whatever fungi or bacteria is feeding off the food we eat thus producing some weird gas. Whatever it is effects mucus membranes/upper respiratory system or is it an allergy response, I can't seem to differentiate. The coughs are so bad it's almost like they have asthma or developing it.

Like you said ray2502, people feel sleepy. I actually learned that yawning is a sign of stress so we are in fact causing stress to others. I think I posted an article on it. It's funny how I don't seem to be effected, I'm clear as day while others are tired and unable to concentrate.

I find when I take the bus the bus driver will ask everyone to open the windows because it's so stuffy. She even said once for everyone to stop breathing so hard.

We are literally the sick building syndrome on feet.
I remember some people have said (in the past) that they traveled somewhere and when they came back they started noticing patm. Perhaps there is a link. Or maybe where people currently live?
Read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tryptophol

Super interesting and supports the yeast/candida hypothesis
Jn4357,  we are still waiting on results for my son.  Hopefully today.  They are not in a hurry like I am.  The original thought by the doctor (4th one) is pandas due to the symptoms.  But the nurse on the phone said it looks like all strep tests are negative. So that would negate that.  But we’re still waiting .  I’m just praying he does not have what we have.  
Jn4357,  I am also not affected.  I’m just the carrier.  I cause all the reactions but have none myself.  I just don’t understand how this can travel how it does.  I made 1 believer last week after a 30 minute car ride in town.  It was amazing the amount of people who would scratch their neck,ears,and eyes. Or cough and sneeze.  Maybe I need to spend more time figuring out how to put this to good use.  I’m not getting far in trying to solve it.  But I am learning very much about the body (and people and the world) I think there’s more to life than they’d like us to believe.
I read up on Tryptophol.  There are so many possibilities that fit.  I am trying to contact friends of friends to hopefully get some type of lab access.  Easier said than done. But I’m pushing as hard as I can.  Also to clear up I don’t react to myself or anyone at all most of the time. But it is doing damage to my health.  Mostly my pancreas and stomach.  
Look, I had digestive problems but the latter controls them and at the same time my PATM is low, I do not say that the PATM is the product of our digestion, but that anxiety also leads to digestive problems (noise, gas, diarrhea ...) Good , I say product of anxiety because it happened to me in this way; Every time I heard coughing, sneezing, clearing my throat, I used to get bad, but very badly internally, until I felt uncomfortably anxious, then, right there when I got sick or when I started thinking about PATM my Stomach along with my intestines they started to make noises and then to create a lot of gas, sometimes diarrhea. So, I came to the conclusion that I must face the situation of being bad when people cough roughly, sneeze, etc., because that's what I did and now I control, my stomach makes less and less noise, what I focus on is in lowering anxiety, I must say that I lose 50% of my PATM even though it is difficult to calculate the percentage I reduced, but if something is clear is that people decrease the effects of PATM towards me, I only listen to 2 or 3, At the most 5, I live towards the street, I moved to that place just to know more about the PATM (if I went through the windows, confirm all that ...), before feeling every half hour or so coughing sneeze I clarified the throat I was going through my street, but as I said before, those effects were reduced for now. For me the mind helps a lot, it helps a lot in how you focus and you know how to face it, if we explain this scientifically or empirically I can not, I can not explain, for me, the PATM is unknown, and the doctors do not recognize the problem .. ....
Ocvq,  understood.  Thank you I will try.  It’s hard when the reactions are loved ones and they are with me 24/7.  But that’s just an excuse for me. I know what I need to do.  The mind is great just need to get my frequencies back down and in order.  Patm will make you crazy if you let it
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I can attest that when people are around me they start to yawn and feel very sleepy besides coughing, nose rubbing, sneezing. We are displacing oxygen with an unknown gas maybe?
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