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My story my thoughts

I have been having these issues since the beginning of 2014 it was something I noticed but I did not think it was me so i shrugged it of as a allergy. It started with just other people rubbing there noses all the time but I still paid it no mind.
I don't know if it went away for a while or I was just good at ignoring it but then again towards the end of 2015 in November or December it came back even stronger. The itchy or tickle started happening to me as well in the eyebrow, tip of the nose, ear and cheek at times. It is really starting to get annoying. Around these time I was smoking weed so I was thinking it could be that causing it or to many sex partners I dont know. hygiene was never a issue for me so I dont get that one. I dont think I stink nor do other people say I do.

Ive scene this in movies aswell which is weird I dont mean to seem crazy but now that it has progressed I seem to notice it more often. Shila la buff or whatever his name is from Disturbia and transformers does it a lot in his movies he always seems to slip it in. I'm not sure about him but definitely have seen it in The Amazing spider man 2 when peter is talking to jane I think that was her name in that movie but anyway she flicks her nose and he asked what is that and she says it is allergies I'm sure that was not in the script if it was then **** I'm crazy.

So I know it is a real problem I mean I have not scene this kind of **** before so why now allergies comr with a runny nose and itchy throat not my damn eybrow and ear. it must be something new or America is spreading more toxic **** into the air they shouldn't be.

I also saw that it is a side affect of phsycotic medicine to feel thing prick the face and itchy nose but I'm sure not everyone is taking those pills I dont. So I hope a docter steps up and looks over this **** I want it resolved. if it is allergies then I need something better then Zyrtec.

Also let me know if anyone has this and has never smoked before including cigrettes I think this could be it but if there are people out there who have it and never smoked weed or cigs then possibly it could not be it its just what I did around the time it started so yea.
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You know I had that thought. I had just started back smoking weed around that time. I believe someone else on here mentioned this as well.
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Yaaaaay !   Keep us posted of your results  - continuing to be proactive each day with our food choices, supplements and healthy practices is our cure to remaining PATM free !  

u rock ! God Bless !
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Thanks grateful, i appreciate that!!  I tried it last night lol.  I dont know if u saw my other comment to u on a diff post.  I said that u had me feeling like a butterball turkey, all greased up lol.  Maybe i used too much, i was all flexing in the mirror w my greased up self lol!  I will continue to do it every night and see if it helps, and i dont mean the flexing.  Thanks for the tip, and God bless!!!
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Your PATM story is just how I first discovered that I was causing reactions from people  back in 2011 - when I first became aware and made the connection that I was the problem

So hang in there and never give up - I am soooo proud of all of your already proactive actions you have taken to get rid of the Candida /fungus overgrowth

Continue them and I hope u try the coconut oil on your skin - as the icing on the cake - to see if it stops the reactions of people around you

God  Bless you always with continued better health !
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Vitamin C supplements, Fish oil especially, garlic pills and eating natural garlic as well as onions. My favorite, tea tree oil. Rub it in hair, use it in bath, and use it as mouthwash. I also rub it on qtips and place in ears, nose, and private area. Taking gas pills as well as acid reducing pills helps a lot!! Keep your bowels moving as much as possible to get rid of it. Perform enemas especially with tea tree oil and water. Eat lots of fiber. Apple juice or lemon water works temporarily if you need to make it through the day. Take meds at night. Morning meds makes reactions worse, almost sounds Like a liver issue. I have had PATM for three years now. I have had tonsils removal helps with the bad breath and taste. Use a hard toothbrush. I use a denture brush. PATM gets worse before it gets better unfortunately. Takes a lot of time for your body to heal from it. Symptoms changes as well. Makes it even more confusing! Would recommend suffers to research up on morgellons.  
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so how have these things helped u?  Are u better now, or are the things all pretty much temporary reliefs?  When u say make it through the day, what do those drinks do for u?
o and the tee tree oil, i have some, but what does it do 4 YOU? Cuz it says not to put in mouth or ears?
You are over exaggerating don’t believe it
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whats up man.  As of now, I say it has been about 2 good weeks that I have finally realized I was making everybody cough, sneeze, get runny/itchy noses and clearing their throats.

I am very new to this new lifestyle and my life has changed dramatically.  It all pretty much started just like you.  I thought i just had bad breath cuz everytime i got into a car w someone they would need to roll their windows down, even if it was freezing out.  I made little adjustments to my hygiene and went on about my life.

I have a really good job and many friends.  I have always been very athletic. Played basketball all my life, im 5'9 and could dunk during my freshman yr.  This gives u an idea of how dedicated i was to keeping my body in shape.  Not once did i ever go to a party or smoke until i met my 2nd gf at the age of 23.  She got me into drinking and smoking weed, but i still to this day have never smoked a cig.

So back to more recent times, i have been noticing that I must have bad breath since EVERYBODY has to roll their window down w me in the car.  Like i said, made adjustments and carried on.  I sit around a few ppl at work and i noticed the girl next to me had really bad allergies cuz she could not stop sneezing.  I jokingly said man u must b allergic to me, and she said i think i am bro.  Things like this kept happening, but i had no reason to think it was me.  I paid no attention, and work was better than it ever was.  I am very social, love to network and meet new people.  At my job i am constantly meeting new ppl everyday.

All of a sudden, I felt my breath getting stronger, i was always getting flu like symptoms, breakouts on my face, not pimples, just bumps that were the color of my skin, my face was very dry and flakey, my bottom lip was always getting really dry, muscle spasms on my arms and legs everyday, itchy ears all the time.  

After doing research, i felt like i might have a fungal problem like a candida overgrowth which cause bad odor like bad bacteria do, or some kind of parasite in me.  

My breath seemed to get worse along w all the other symptoms i listed, and then i noticed ppl were coughing, sneezing and seemed to be having other allergic reactions all the time when i was near.  As of the past couple weeks, ive been observing my surroundings more and 9 times out of 10, i am making people cough.  I thought maybe my breath, but this is causing ppl up to 20 ft away instantly react very quickly.  Breath cannot travel through a room that fast.

I started freaking out and felt along cuz i stopped talking to about 90% of my friends.  I finally looked up this forum and have found a little relief in seeing how there are many others who still believe there is a cure.

Presently, I have just finished cleansing my stomach and liver, and am on a few probiotics for getting rid of bad bacteria, a few other supplements that benefit together w the probiotics, 2 different candida cleanses and a couple of other supplements that are all targeting bad bacteria and parasites.  I lost 20 pounds in the past 3 weeks from eliminating all sugar, carbs, bread, dairy and starches, oh and i am not drinking or smoking.  

I have noticed that my skin has cleared up on my arms, i had a lot of small red bumps.  My face is no longer dry, but my lips still are but not nearly as bad.  I no longer have the muscle twitches in my arms and legs.  These are good signs, but today at work was the worst day so far.  As others have said, it seems like when u are nervous it gets worse.  I went on walks throughout the building to see how ppl would react.  I was shocked to see that EVERYBODY was coughing, even from 30-35 feet away, instantly.  I just couldnt believe it.  One of my best qualities is how i network, which has worked wonders for me at work, and not im just a mute.  My life has changed, but im not giving up yet, all i can do is take it 1 day at a time and continue to see what remedies work.  There are other things i need to try that are giving me hope.  I will list everything im doing and give the results if anybody wants.

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Can people smell you from inside your car with the windows rolled up? How about your neighbors from inside your house?

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