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My validation that PATM is real

I’ve been suffering with PATM for about 10 years and my condition is definitely getting worse. Anytime I come into close contact with someone and especially once I start talking I noticed that I can get people congested, or they’ll try and clear their throats. I definitely give off something that causes people allergies and it all varies from person to person. People can either scratch their nose or will have their nose run. It’s the craziest thing. I wish I tried fighting this as soon as I started noticing these symptoms bc I really think that you can possibly eradicate it once you notice the symptoms.  That’s just my opinion. I waited too long to do something about it. but I honestly thought I was suffering from bad breath. So I would have OCD and literally brush my teeth like 20 times a day. This was going on for quite awhile until one day I decided to tell my mom and brother because it was tearing me up inside. Well my family thought I was crazy and that I don’t have bad breath and that it was all in my head. So I started thinking that maybe it was in my head. Well over the years I noticed that the symptoms were getting worse. Some people wouldn’t just scratch their nose but they would start coughing or clearing their throats once I started talking. I ended up confronting my bf about it bc I noticed he would do the same thing but it wasn’t as bad. He would always be congested when we were together and I noticed that a lot of the times he would rub his eyes a lot especially when I would talk to him face to face. When I confronted him about it  He also thought I was crazy. He didn’t think I was the cause of any of these symptoms. He said I never even have bad breath and that it was all in my head. I decided to do a parasite cleanse last year and after 3 weeks I noticed that the symptoms were completely gone. I was so ecstatic bc I thought I cured myself well I was strong. I noticed that overtime the symptoms came back and actually got worse. I work as a nurse and I noticed that I can cause people to sneeze even if I’m 20 feet away from them. After a few hours I noticed some of my staff and patients  will continuously clear their throats, have sneezing fits and just sound super congested. I’ll even over hear a staff saying “god my nose won’t stop itching!” And I always know when the symptoms get worse, and that’s when my stomach starts growling. As soon as my stomach starts growling I will hear people’s reactions get worse and it happens instantly.  I’ll always hear someone cough, clear their throats when I’m at work. I started work at a pediatric hospital last year and working there has really given me the confirmation that I truly have PATM, and this is 100% real. The pediatric population that I care for in this hospital are extremely sick. The majority of them have trach tubes so they are all on continuous heart rate monitors and pulse ox monitors. Well I noticed that once I get close to the patient, their oxygen will start dropping and they will start getting extremely congested. It’s the craziest thing. I’m constantly having to suction  them. Some patients will even have their heart rate increase when I start talking near them. Working at this hospital has really validated it for me that what I have is real and that we’re all not going crazy. I really hope that we can find a cure. I don’t know what I have exactly but from what I can tell is it’s in my stomach and it can cause people  to have an increase in heart rate and have an increase in secretions.  Some people will even rub their  eyes. I decided to test it out and see if it was possible to give myself these reactions so I put on a shield mask that I got from work which shields the mouth and eyes and I started talking while I had it on. I noticed that my nose would itch. also started talking with my head down with the shield on and it felt like I had something in my eye. It almost felt like I had a dust particle in my eye and I couldnt seem to take it out cuz there was nothing in my eye but it just felt like that. . It’s honestly really strange and I hate that I have this. PATM has completely changed me as a person. I’m not as affectionate as I used to be. I’m not as social as I want to be. I don’t like communicating with people unless it’s on the phone or through texts. It really has made me depressed! I’ve done everything under the sun and nothing seems to really cure it. I still continue to take a parasite cleanse. I try to drink as much veggie juices a day as possible especially with lots of ginger. I noticed that if I eat things with a lot of sugar or if I drink coffee. Peoples reactions get worse. So I don’t drink coffee anymore. Drinking alcohol also makes it worse. If I go out with my friends and drink the night before. I will wake up with sneezing fits. So I only drink once in a blue. But nothing has actually eradicated it. I’ve even gone to a GI doctor and he also didn’t believe me. I went to my regular primary care doctor and told him as well but he also couldn’t fix it cuz he never heard of this. I got tested for everything and nothing came back abnormal. Both doctors prescribed me with antibiotics and nothing has helped. I think the antibiotics have actually made it worse. Whatever I have is getting stronger bc peoples reactions to me are getting worse. My mom was never allergic to me and now she is. Everytime I talk to her or I’m near her she’ll contiously clear her throat.  I know my post sounds like it’s all over the place and that’s because it is lol! But I really hope one day someone finds a cure!
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Frustrating, isn't it ? I would say 13 - 14 yrs for myself......I fully agree w/ u that if this information was found out during those times I would of attacked it head on. ACV and digestive enzyme works wonder for my stomach. Not a cure but......I just take a lot of probiotics, eat a lot of fermented food( kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir etc.) sweat a lot from workouts, BREATHE ( very vital obviously) drink tons of water and hope my prayers are answered at this point. Let go and let g*d is what they say.....try keeping your thought pure as possible, we'll see this through together eventually.  
Thanks for the advice. I’m also currently taking probiotics. I haven’t tried the digestive enzyme but it is in my amazon cart I just haven’t gotten around to getting it. Maybe I’ll try it and see if it works. Im so sick of taking supplements. I just want a magic pill or even a magic procedure that can erradicate this issue that were suffering from.
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it is fungal skin infection guys  that comes from your gut stop eating a lot   just eat what your body needs dayly  and chenge your diet to  vegetables  only small portion.
if after consumig sugar people reaction get worse  congratulation you dont have tmau  clean your colon eat small amount  dont feed the fungus widespread in your skin
But this won’t solve PATM.  And people’s reactions always get worse if I eat anything. The process of me chewing while I’m next to someone will cause them to get congested or sneeze. But I have noticed that if I  have a cheat day and have like a pop tart within an hour people’s reactions get worse and my stomach will growl more than usual. The more my stomach growls the more congested people get. I notice this at work especially. I don’t like going out to dinners anymore and I don’t like sitting next to anyone while I’m eating.
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Agree, it is a widespread skin fungus infection that originates in gut.  My stomach rumbling also causes immediate/instantaneous reactions at wide range.  In my case, I can tell you it causes changes in ambient pressure too, such that strange ambient noises result...a popping /clicking sound all the way up to weird noises in the walls/ceilings that sound like anything from scraping to dropping a heavy safe (sometimes it sounds like a rock hit your windshield in the car, but it hasn't.... ) I'm starting to think that the diplomats in Cuba and now in China have this fungal infection and are producing the "sonic" noises they're hearing from their own infection.  Clueless doctors will never consider that the Cuban/Chinese diplomats are actually producing the noises themselves from an other-worldly (or weaponized) fungal skin infection.  The only way this infection will ever be recognized is if a medical doctor gets infected and figures it out for themselves.
Wow interesting !
I heard that noise when i eat in excess  stop in about 1 hour
I heard/hear that noise when i eat in excess  stop in about 1 hour
to be clear...i'm not talking about stomach noises (although i have those too)...i'm talking about sounds in your surroundings (ambient) that sound like clicking/popping and/or weird noises in the ceiling and walls that are caused by the gut/skin fungal infection...it's almost as if there's a change in ambient pressure that causes it...i used to think it was electrical but i never saw any sparks, etc...now i think it's more mechanical (change in pressure) or something related to plasma.  "Plasma is widely considered to be the fourth state of matter due to its unique properties. Plasma is a gas in which the atoms are ionized, meaning there are free negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions."
Wow plasma haven’t thought of that thank you.   I’ve been trying to study ions,5g,radiation ect. Because of what you say here.  That’s what I have been pushing as the biggest clue all along.    The infections yeast,mold,parasites are only part of this.  

My recycling pile “pops” when I come near.    Same with my fence.   Like hot water hitting it when it’s cold is the bast way to explane it.     There is so much more but I gotta go this am.  
Soiled system I will read all your posts today.  You have what I have obviously. I have now found a few of us.   Not everyone on medhelp and other places seem to have the same things.     If you have time please message me.  I’d like to talk after I read your posts.  I’ve been here for about 9 months on medhelp.  I’ve seen your name before. But I’m now trying to organize.     Hope you have a good day.  
Holy **** this is a HUGE observation. I too have noticed popping sounds, its almost as if theres someone outside my window popping a rock on it or scrapping a branch. It freaks me the hell out but I never thought it would be related to this.

I also sleep with my door closed and vents closed, to prevent PATM from affecting others in the household. Its possible the ambient pressure is being affected as a result of this "hotbox" ive created out of my bedroom.

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I very rarely post (mostly just lurk, lol), but I felt every word you said FindaCure. I’ve had a few close loved ones who were seriously ill and hospitalized, and because of reactions from this disease, I had to stay away when it looked like I was making their condition worse. Killed me though, family is everything to me. Just one more reason to despise this enemy and everything it steals from us.

That said, I admire what you do, caring for others in spite of this evil disease. It takes strength. For all of us who are still enduring everyday, out and about living life, still breathing in and out, we are WARRIORS.

I’ve had ‘patm’ for prob 20+ years now, and still have no answers for the cure.  I won’t waste your time or mine describing supplements and diets...it’s all been temporary at best and ultimately proves to be disappointing (for me). I probably have 50 bottles of half-used supplements in my house right now! There are however a few things I keep in my arsenal that have proven to be effective (depending on my day).

I use elemis brand muscle soak to help eliminate toxins from my body. I have fibromyalgia also, so I’m sure the toxins involved are prob all connected somehow. Helps with soreness and reactions. If this is too pricey, I’m guessing Epsom salt baths might also work. Alternately, I use a tea tree oil body wash for days that I shower instead of bathe and will be around people a lot. This keeps down reactions pretty consistently for me in the short term, especially in conjunction with if I haven’t eaten much that day. After cleansing, I follow up with a mixture of pure glycerin and lavender essential oil. This helps calm down skin, soothes dryness, reduces reactions, and helps keep me calm (which could really be WHY it reduces reactions, social anxiety / stress will kick this thing up another notch, as I’m sure you are aware). I am also using a little lavender oil mixed with aloe Vera in my nostrils, as my nose seems to also be a source of other people’s reactions. Tea tree oil mouthwash was helping to keep me relatively reaction free after a meal, but I had to discontinue using it when I started getting throat inflammation. I use anti-stress antiperspirants, no colognes / perfumes. If interested, everything I’ve mentioned you can get from amazon.

I hope that you are able to find something in my ramblings that will be of help. Good luck, stay strong, keep fighting, and God bless!
Thanks for your kind words and thanks for the advice! I will definitely be using a few things you recommended that I haven’t tried yet! Good luck!
20+ years you have had patm?   Wow. I was thinking it must be “new”.  I believed I was poisoned because of the strange symptoms.     I also can not be around sick loved ones.  My 80 year old uncle almost falls out every time I stop in to see him.  He dose not believe it is me.  But my aunt knows now because it is every time.  And only me that causes it.    I salute you for surviving this long with this thing
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Thank's for sharing.  I find all the things you mentioned to be the same for me, many of us have confirmed same observations.   Interesting that you are a nurse, can you not sit a bunch of doctors together and tell them about this?  Maybe one of them would believe you or even react to you?  I've had this for about 3 years now, also have countless supplements, which seem to have reduced reactions but they still remain.  Tried an ionizer, tried the hair dye with ammonia.  The last science I came across that makes sense is a Japanese lady had PATM and her doctors/scientist tested her skin and she gave off elevated levels of petrochemicals, maybe you can get tested for this somehow as you are in the medical field?
I work in a pediatric setting with extremely sick babies so I’m kind of scared opening up to the doctors about this problem.  I don’t know if they would fire me bc of it. I have gone to a GI doctor and primary doctor about it and I was diagnosed with slight elevations of h pylori so I was given antibiotics for it but the reactions are still present. I’m planning on going to another GI Doctor bc he wasn’t too good. All he was interested in was my copayment, it was rather annoying and he was like in his 60s and he never really listened to me when I told him about the problem I have. He prolly just wanted to retire. And of course he wasn’t allergic to me at all! He wouldn’t even scratch his nose. So he prolly didn’t believe me bc it wasn’t like I was giving him those reactions. But thank you for the advice. I’m going to chose a younger GI doctor and tell them if I can get tested for petrochemicals.
All doctors are about the same now in the US.  I was told by more than one that....   They have “parameters” they have to stay in.   Good old USA. 38th in healthcare #1 in cost.  Look it up.       This will have to be solved by one of “us”. Or a Dr. willing to lose their job and check for the greater good.
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i have a digestive candidose since 1 years with symptoms but stress amd anxiety have their part in PATM its like a mix of it , with pills for anxiety there is less symptoms but still there, and i know telepathy is involve i tested it and people scratch their face nose exactly where i would do it on my skin and i even make people scratch their ears when i did once, its like an open door to people around you that can be closes with specific meditation, search for kundalini awakening it is those symptoms and by meditation you can control your stress anxiety and the impact you have on people
Has anyone tried Sao palmetto ?
There is the supplement I was taking that had that as an ingredient and I noticed that it would make me bleed excessively when I would get my period but the reactions would be less. I only took the supplement for 3 weeks bc it was causing me to break out on my face probably from the biotin. If anyone is interested in the supplement I’m talking about. Message me. It’s not letting me post the name of supplement.
It’s by a beauty guru on YouTube.
Tati Westbrook
I’m going to continue taking her supplement once wedding season is over. I don’t want to have all this acne for the few weddings I’m invited to this summer. But I really felt it was helping. Maybe with continued use it will eradicate it. That’s my hope.
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Thank you thank you thank you....... just a validation of the things I experience.  I can concur that the same is happening here.   What is this????
I don’t know what the hell it is. People are say it’s some type of fungus that’s found in our gut. But I noticed a huge difference after taking halo beauty.  It made me bleed a lot when I would get my period though but I noticed that’s when people would react less. I was probably releasing a lot of the toxins during my period. But I had to stop taking it bc it was giving me acne. I think there was too much biotin in it causing me to break out.
Hello Findacure,

Yup what you are having is real. I had PATM for about almost 4 years. Not sure if this was better than having TMAU. but still I had to quit my job due to extreme guilt. Anyway, since I tried a lot of supplements (and none worked yet), can you message me the name of the beauty supplement you mentioned just now. I am a guy, not sure how this will affect me yet..but I would like to buy this and will give you my feedback if I manage to get my hands on this ( I am living outside US).
Halo beauty is the name of it.
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Hello, I am also a PATM sufferer,  I just want to share this, maybe this could help,  I discovered also that when I took fried foods, the reaction of other people increases.. anything oily or has an oil in it.. also bread, or beer, softdrinks..
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Hello, I am also a PATM sufferer,  I just want to share this, maybe this could help,  I discovered also that when I took fried foods, the reaction of other people increases.. anything oily or has an oil in it.. also bread, or beer, softdrinks..
Similar for me. Is it just beer though or any alcoholic drinks? Which drinks do not have much symptoms....apart from water?
I’ve noticed drinking straight vodka is the best. I went to a wedding on Friday 8/31/18, and I had a total of 3 shots of vodka that night and I didn’t notice any reactions. I just have to pace myself bc those shots will creep up on me but i can’t drink anything with sugar.
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As I was from the beginning, I'm almost 3 years with this, I tried everything, the diets did not help me and I only lose weight due to the diets, from 76 kgs lower to 54 kgs, now I started eating normal, little junk food but as always, I started to recover my normal weight, what helps me lower the PATM is to stay calm and try to eliminate stress anxiety, only that helps me, PATM gets worse if it starts to creak growling stomach .
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So when i see Docters ( Now about 5 ) they will not have the reaction. Thats just uffffff. And they will just think i am crazy
Dont waste your time with modern medicine, it has a lot of catching up to do.

Your best bet is to seek natural remedies, even if they are numerous keep trying.

There's no way in hell a pill exists to make PATM go away.
Doctors tend to be very healthy people, have their immune systems built up, I think we are noticing these reactions from people that have weaker immune systems.
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Remember to breathe, not shallow breathing.

Deep breaths
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You do have bad breath and it's probably due to parasites. ive eliminated my bad breath before and now it is back due to antibiotics i had to take that ruined my gut flora... so parasites and bacteria are back. But listen!!!!
Do NOT consume dairy or gluten and eat lots of lettuce and cucumbers to deodorize the body. My family claims they don't smell it either BUT THATS BECAUSE THEYRE ALWAYS EXPOSED TO IT. Trust me on this there's nothing you're emitting to cause "allergies" it's the smell.
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Sugar, alcohol, and caffeine make gut bacteria worse just by the way so hold off on that!
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