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Now that everyone is wearing masks, are you noticing less or more reactions?

Since its socially acceptable to, ive been wearing masks any time I go out and I notice the PATM reactions are less. Maybe its just my personal cognitive bias, so I ask if anyone else has input.

The masks ive been wearing are the surgical kind. I have a more advanced one on the way in the mail.

Have the introduction of masks into society as a norm affected your PATM? Beyond the obvious benefits, masks provide anonymity and "peace-of-mind' and calms me down. Less anxiety -> less PATM reactions
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I still get reactions people will hit their nose with the mask on, but I defeintley am not as uncomfortable since people might not be able to "smell" me. What I do notice though is that when I'm with people in public I dont get as anxious about it.

I wonder if somehow our body language makes people uncomftoavke on
I feel grateful for this pandemic because otherwise I wouldnt be able to get everyone to wear masks and provide data on this. From what ive noticed is that what used to be exaggerated reactions are much more reserved. People seem to want to avoid making a big spectacle out of coughing to avoid COVID stigma. Forcing people to keep 6 ft distance and making that a norm also is a huge comfort for me personally.
It definitely is a comfort lol. Before Patm did you have a lot a friends in school/work?
Nope I keep to myself at work, but those with sensitive lungs are all masked up and it gives peace of mind to us both.
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The passive aggressive loud coughing has been drastically reduced because coughing is frowned upon in this current covid climate so I think its a win for me.
A win for me too on daily life.   On the other hand with all the forced testing and agenda21 UN crap they are pushing it won't be long till we are forcefully pushed into a hospital or camp.  We all know Patm is not good for the people around us and I have to believe they do too.
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For me the reactions are the same since the mask thing started.
My mask smells so bad after wearing for a while. I have to change it out and keep them washed. But people still stare look around trying to see where the smell is coming from. OMG! I hate this crap.
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PATM Reactions are less , which means less stress and more joy in my life - I like wearing masks to protect others and myself
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