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Hi guys,

I'm wanting to hear from the original PATM forum members: Helpless Hopeful, etc. They new about PATM years ago and I just wanted to know how they are going? Lets us know if your still around or changed your nickname!
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Still the same  :(
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Hi guys
Just wanting to spread the word as I actually completely cured my patm this week.
I have been dealing with this evil infection for 3 months.

Read the latest posts on this thread:


The ingredient that will actually kill your systemic candida which is causing an overload of toxins through your pores and cauding these bizarre allergic reactions from people is - Hydrogen peroxide. But this is not all, there are a couple of other things to do too.
Just read the posts on this thread and report back when you are cured.

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Hi everyone,

I don't come on often because it is difficult to make time and deal with patm.  I am not cured but I am better following the low carbs -low sugar--low dairy diet. I also take probiotics. I wanted to share with everyone that I have managed to somewhat control the odor coming from my body.  I am taking CINNAMON capsules -- two a day---- with meals.   Why does the cinnamon work?---don't know.  I know it is antibacterial, helps with sugar metabolism and someone told me it slows down the food processing in the stomach. But I do know  it has eliminated all the gas in my colon---which may have been the source of the odor.  However, I still have GERD and bad breath.  I take medication for GERD and I have begun to use a Biotene spray for my dry mouth.  I hope we all continue to share and I hope everyone is safe in trying all these things out.  Check for cinnamon allergies before you take it---apparently some people are allergic to it.  Best to all
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Hi I'm from a while back. Things are going okay but I still have not demanded a medical professional to look at me, I should
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the docters and goverment already know what this disease is they are gonna see how many people contact this disease were like lab rats
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I've been going through this since 2000. I thought I was losing my mind until I realized I wasn't the only one.
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Hi my name is WorsethanJob. I'm writing for the first time on this forum. You don't know how relieved I feel to discover that I'm not the only one with this evil disease. I've had PATM since 1991. Just imagine. I'll give you an account of the troubles I've gone through in the next posting.
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