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PATM: My observation until now

Hello Everyone,

I have done many experiments and observations on my PATM. I have presented it as the following bullet points.

1. It is a for sure gas being emmited from body. It is emmited mainly from mouth/ nose, flatulence, and skin.

2. It is produced in the gut because of either pathogens or body's metabolism malfunction.

3. Some of the produced gas goes out from flatulence and burp but the majority of gas gets absorbed by intestine and goes to the blood. The blood brings some of the gas to the lungs to expel and some goes to skin surface and emmited.
The gas expelled from skin gets absorbed into the clothes too. This explains why showering and changing clothes reduce reactions.
Some of the gas is expelled through mouth/lungs. This explains occasional chest pain.

4. The constant weird taste in mouth is because  you are continuously expelling the gas from mouth/nose. The white spit is because the gas mixes with saliva.

5. The watery eyes, headache, mucus in throat is all because of the gas.

There is website: patm .info
It is contains a journey of a person who is doing treatment of PATM from 2015 until now. He has documented everything regarding his doctor visits and supplements. Check that out may be you will find something important.

Ask me anything in the comments.
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Instead of calling it patm, you should call it by more well known conditions that some doctors may recognize.  Tmau, leaky gut, sibo, etc. If you take a gi test a specialist should be able to tell you exactly what you have.
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The term PATM was coined by one of the sufferer. The medical name is not established because this condition is not recognized by majority of medical professionals. Hopefully in future they think seriously about it and try to find some cure.
Unfortunately, As of now there is no exact treatment for this.
But do not lose hope. Science is progressing exponentially.
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How do I treat PATM? I wonder effective treatment
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Sorry, but there is no exact treatment. However following thing may help control the symptoms:

-Drink More water
-Avoid sugar
-Reduce Carbs
-Sleep well
-Exercise Well
-Avoid Junk

I will post here if I found anything else. Keep checking this forum.
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