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PATM and Morgellons

I became afflicted with Morgellans disease a couple months ago, and now have the exact symptoms of PATM described here. Others in the Morg forums describe having these sympotms badly at the onset of Morgellons. Any insight into this from the PATM community?
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What test did you have? How did the Morgellans come about?

Some people in the PATM Community have suspected our reactions are due to Morgellans, however I don't believe anyone has posted that they have had a positive result on the test - it's more speculation at this point.
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The test?? There is no test for Morgellons, the Mayo clinic just released a study that basically said Morgellons is Delusions of Parisitosis. I have hundreds of fibers and matter leaving my skin daily, which are easily visible to the naked eye, I make people itch, my hair stood up straight for 2 months due to the static electricity I produced when condition was worse.
The more I am "morging out", the more people around me itch. It goes from almost nonexistent to people digging at their skin, eyes watering, and sneezing, depending on how many of these fibers and matter are leaving my skin.
I would advise people in this forum to surf the web on morgellons a bit. I went about a month not knowing what the hell was wrong, then saw every symptom I was experiencing  described in lymebusters forums.
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i have the same problem,starting as bedbugs,fleas infestation...however after all spraying and moving i realized that no matter where i go i bring it with me :( is very terrible condition, i still dont know at this point if its some mites or this morgellons which apparently is just in our heads/minds whatever. The really big problem for me is specially that people around me start to itch and scratch and is always the same way like me,eyes,ears,nose and anywhere at the body...if this is in just in my head why this reaction,i slepf with a friend in the same bed some time ago,who didnt know about my condition( as it has been 2 years now i stopped to talk about it after some reactions from people around) and that person complained next day about itching and scratching,and having the same symptoms as me...iam just desperate,still dont want to belive that is morgellons...it just seems too bad
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it seems a lot of people have had bedbugs prior to suffering from this.

i also had bedbugs... over 3 years of complaining before the landlord actually did anything about it.

im thinking bugs are one of the ways to get this.

im almost certain it can also be contracted via infected clothing, public transport, doctors surgerys, infected workplaces or working in close contact with someone who has this.

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and also i might add, i once thought it may be morgellons...

saw fibers everywhere, out of my hair etc.. but its normal, dust is everywhere.

thing is, morgs sufferers all have blue, RED and black.. and some white and other colors..

i only find BLUE fibers... why is that? because i dont own any black clothing.
i dont own any red clothing. infact, all my clothing is... blue....

so that makes sense, that i only find blue fibers.

they aren't under the skin, they dont grow out of the skin.
if i had a cut or a graze, i always get fibers sticking to the sores.

i dont get leasions, i get little flea bite pimples.. if i scratch them enough i can make it look like something its not.

i would not at all be supprized if morgellons sufferers actually suffer from this mystery illness we all do, and just take things a little to far looking at the wrong things, and at the same time putting idea's into peoples heads making others think they may have it..all they are doing is making things harder for themselves and confusing others who have this problem.
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Hi people,this thing is some sort of alien bug,i've only seen it once and it was thin and long with two sharp tenticle's to help push into your pour's.i found that it doe'snt like sodium,hence why u itch more when u sweat.because all the salt come's out and then they go in.I've tried rubbing baking soda in to my skin ,and then rinsing of.i saw the pimple's on my arm's ease down,but still make people itch,i will just keep on trying.
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I really doubt you are still carrying the mites. Whether or not Morgellons is some type of internal parasite or merely a toxicity condition remains to be discovered.
Regarding colored fibers: I only had them when the M was bad, yes they usually were the same colors as clothes I wore recently. I think the M causes us to absorb all kinds of crap from the environment, including textiles.
Mostly I just get the clear/phosphorescing "lint" leaving my skin, always with an itch. Then the "lint" flies through the air, lands on someone, and they itch right where it lands. Yes I have seen this. You have to be in really bright lighting-in an elevator or under a spotlight to see this. When M was really bad for me I made everyone sneeze and their eyes water too. That passed. But on bad days I still make people itch. I have no sores, my skin seems to pass this crap pretty effectively still.
Morgellons is not the least bit delusional. We don't know if we have bugs or not. But its damn clear that the fibers, the black matter, the sticks, the crystals, all easily visible to the naked eye, leave us in hordes most days. How the **** do you people or the medical community dispute this. Tens of thousands of people with the same clearly visible symtpoms, worldwide, and the CDC is suggesting its delusional.
I digress though. Anyways, to the community here: Don't know if you suffer the same, but when you feel an itch look at the spot with bright light. If you see a piece of clear bright lint leaving your skin, that is probably what is making others itch.
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i am afraid ;really afraid because i remember i fell the same one years ago .before PATM ;I had the etrange sensation to have somethings on my body .all of my body like parasites and i cleaned everything in my house .i thougt that it was my cat ..but my cat dont go out and he is very clean .and i thougt maybe its in my head but now after to see these comments i am so afraid ....you think its a morgellans symptomes ???
try to remember if you dont felt this sensation to have somethings on your body...
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Interesting - I was on a vacation and got several certified parasites including
bedbugs.  It was not until *after* the vacation that I had what seem like M
symptoms.  I would get these largish "lint" balls.  The fiber colors lagged behind
what I wore... e.g. they'd be red a day or two after I wore red, sometimes.  
That phase is mostly past, due to mainly physically removing fibers with packing
tape, and a lot of spraying with disinfectants.  My car is badly infected, and a lot
of clothing.  I threw away some of the worst.  It seems that this stuff can
infest/infect anything.  I observed that my daughter's shoe insert was giving off
the white dust or lint.  She had used this after she broke her leg, but stopped.  
She set the plastic insert on the bathroom counter next to the black painted door.
After a couple of days, there was a white lint "halo" on the door frame centered on
the plastic insert.  I would clean the lint off, and after a day or two, it was clearly
visible again.  Note that she had cleaned the insert with antibacterial soap.
I cleaned it with Clorox bathroom spray a week ago - and so far, no more lint on
the door!  But, I hesitate to use that stuff on my skin, due to all the warning.

This is a long, rambling post, I know, but the tie-in to M sparked my interest,

Morgellon's is absolutely real although the first time I read about it I thought the
people were all crazy.  The fact that they bring in aliens and conspiracy theories
with nanobots does not at all help our case in the scientific community, but there
is definite evidence to be had, like my natural experiment with the insert.  That one
conclusively proves to me that an object can be infected, and most importantly,
it can be disinfected.

I will post here if I get any more success with using the bathroom spray.
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Update - the Clorox spray helps.  It seems to remove whatever it is from objects, completely.  But it seems to me that something is produced in my hair, my breath, or both.  People are increasingly allergic to me.  I am certain I did not have this problem until last year.  I shower daily with Hibiclens as a body wash, and a clinical strength dandruff shampoo.  At night, I wash my hair with Betadine.  All this helps, and I have had some days when people can actually stand near me without itching.  However, every 3-5 days, I have a bad day when everyone I stand near for more than a few seconds is likely to start scratching their head.  Since this includes complete strangers, I do not think it has anything to do with expectations.

I hope that someone finds a cure!
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I have beat back my Morgellons symptoms 80%, and the PATM is very mild now.
At it's worst, I saw reactions in 95% of people I was around. People are oblivious. I am really open about this and have discussed it with dozens of friends and professionals. Only 3 of them recognize that I made them itch.
For those that don't believe in Morgellons, note that borrellia spirochetes have recently been found in 100% of Morgellons sufferers.
I have less body odor than most of the population, average gas. You guys can rule these out as the problem IMO.
When the PATM was horrible, I was also shocking everything I touched and my body attracted "everything" from the environment.
How have I recovered so much? Maybe just time, but I think the epsom salt bathing and long term ivermectin have saved me.
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People Are Arthritic To Me!

That's right, its a phenomenon that I was suspicious about for a little while, and so I've recently asked two 60-year-old victims why they were massaging their hand and wrist that proximal to me. They each replied, "I don't know, I've never had arthritis issues there before but maybe I'm developing it..."

Researchers also take note:
1. the itching is stimulated by physical attraction,
2. the PATM creature is selective. It likes age, intelligence, and beauty. These I'm sure about. I suspect it may prefer the healthy to the ailing, but I'm less certain about this claim.
3. I don't just make others itch, they make me itch. Parasites communicating by quorum sensing, or just my parasites stealing away other's bacterial load??
4. Fibers that leave me make others itch (observed in the perfect lighting situation), but the fibers don't completely explain the PATM phenomena. There is often zero delay between my "ping itch" and another's reaction. I've seen it happen upwind and through glass.

Those who feel they that their issue has parasite involvement would do well to google "scabdraggr morgellons", and head to the nearest feed store. It saved me, though I admit I can't completely quit the horse meds, over a year later, or symptoms return.
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As I review my last post, I realize it comes off a bit kooky. To propose that the Morg organism is selective based on beauty and intelligence is pretty radical. A more logical explanation to my observations is: Smart and good-looking people are blessed with stronger than average immune systems. When my skin exudes fibers or other airborne pathogens, these people are the ones who itch first and most, since their itch is an immune reaction to the Morgellons beast.

Another important observation that I recently made, copied from a post I made in the morg forums:

I believe that the Morgellons organism feeds on bacteria from our environments, through our skin. I have felt this way for years now, since at least 95% of my symptoms are concentrated on the face, scalp, and butt. I've posted before about my surprise that a dirty, Morg-fiber-laden hoody feels much better on my skin than just leaving myself exposed to the environment.

Last night, my PATM (people allergic to me) symptoms enlightened me. It took a year of observing this symptom before I realized that I wasn't just making others itch; their presence was inducing itching in me that I wouldn't have if alone. Now, 3 years into this issue, I've made what I feel is a really important connection.

I went out to the bars with a couple buddies last night, and my Asian bro offered to drive since he had the flu and would be too sick to drive. Indeed, he had a dry, unproductive cough so bad that he couldn't go longer than 30 seconds without coughing. Over the loud bar music, we had to converse fairly closely. Obv I wasn't concerned about catching his cold- I have Morgs and therefore don't catch colds.

The revelation: Many, many times, as soon as he would cough, I would feel the familiar PATM ping/itch on the side of my face nearest him (no, not spittle ;). I would attend the itch, and feel a bit of matter (fiber or dried goo?) get knocked from the skin. I suspect that my Morgs were feeding on the bacteria from my friend's illness.
I agree

From Paris.

I too don’t catch cold or the flu.  My wife and I with 4 small children and not a runny nose in the house in 18 months.  Just reactions to me on a daily
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lived in a house that had toxic black mold in it for 5 years. I didnt know the mold was growing inside the wall until it came to the surface the 6th year I had been living there. I went in my back room one day and the wall was wet and black as hell. The next week so were my walls in the kitchen and bathroom. I had a company come test the mold and air in my home. They told me to leave the house immediately. This is how Morgellons/Collembola started for me. I know why I have bites and leisions and black specs coming from my skin and little white hard insect things too. The answer is they are attracted to the mold I have inhaled and ate for years!!! My hair has fallen out. I have lost teeth. I itch constantly and always feel the crawling. I use large amounts of Borax, Peroxide, apple cider vinegar, Castor oil, coconut oil, neem oil and clove oil every month. I have had this problem still for the past 8 years. I detox regularly, take vitamins, take silver for one week every month, no sugar, low carbs. Nothing has worked. I wash everyday with borax and Natural laundry liquids. Only use sea salt soap and Nothing has helped me. Please anybody contact me at ***@**** or 901 562 6686 or 901496 4432
P.S. Castor oil really helps to make these things surface to the top of your skin where u can see them. They look like black pepper. The whit things look like lice when they surface. Help please
I have a black thing in my right eye that showed up whe the patm did.  My patm seems to work better (or worse I should say) when I directly look at someone.  If this black spec in my eye is somehow related. Any ideas how to flush it out.  I used a bottle of silver over a month with no results.  
I have had this for years. I also contracted it when living in an apartment with bad mold. I’ve always wondered if there was a connection.
Remove mold from the apartment.It definitely has the connection.And don't take antibiotics anymore.
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hey guys, my friends have had very similar symptoms, id like to forfeit a home remedy that has worked very VERY well for them(consistencies may vary)

1. 1 15ml bottle of clove oil
2. 1 15ml bottle of tea tree oil
3. 1 15ml bottle of whitesage
4. 1 15ml bottle of eucylytus, or lavender oil(this relaxes the mind, from stress, panic attacks, and help you sleep)

you will want to mix these items together, in CONJUCTION with pure olive oil, or jojoba oil, please note clove oil and whitesage in contact with skin will BURN, please use one area of skin as a testing patch before using this on your entire body, this means it is killing the parasite, but you need to make sure that this "burn" is tolerable for you, if you find it burns and you can't handle it, please continue to dilute this remedy with olive oil, or jojoba oil.

use this remedy as much as possible throughout the day, especially at night time, try and stay away from Cotton sheets and pajama's.

I hope this helps you guys, i have been working closing with a few people to try and find a better solution, and most importantly a cure, the outbreaks has hit PEI, Canada, i will continue to post updates as soon as i gather more factual imformation, STAY STRONG GUYS, and continue to fight for this every single day, DO NOT GIVE up!! I believe in you.
Is it working for yoy
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Nematod/Pyemotes+Biofilm bacteria/mushroom=PATM &Morgellons?

I think this disease is related to mold; biofilm mushroom with a micro nematode of cotton or a pyemotes acarie mite; the new studies tell us that bacteria produces electricity and communicated between
We now know that bacteria can communicate electrically, and we should be concerned.

They are organized. "

David Nield 17january 2017

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Google "Hidradenitis suppurativa". I wonder if some people who think they have Morgellon's might have this instead.

I do still try to keep an open mind about Morgellon's, since some academics take it seriously, but I've never felt that any of its symptoms applied to me.

Also, google "Smell as a diagnostic marker" (1976) by K. Liddell. It nicely summarizes medical conditions that can cause certain smells. Here's an interesting example:

"It is not surprising that patients with hidradenitis suppurativa leave a lingering odour in the consulting room, as they have a chronic indolent infection of the apocrine sweat glands. In this condition anti-perspirants are absolutely contra-indicated" (p. 136).
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