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PATM and relation to the antigen HLA-B27

Hello, I have been diagnosed HLA-B27 positive when I was a kid and got PATM at around 20. I am 99.99% sure that PATM is caused by the antigen HLA-B27. It causes many different types of diseases, mostly rheumatism and inflammatory diseases. I would like to see how many people here have been diagnosed with it as well.
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I have chronic inflammation in my gut with erosion.  I figured if this is the only thing the doctor can find wrong with me, then this is the problem It is in my nose and the as well.
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I had come to a similar conclusion before because I had personally taken some supplements which were supposedly to improve my immunity but my patm instead flared up worse than ever. Alternatively, the things that seemed to lower my immunity also lowered my patm. Therefore I concluded that patm airborne compounds might just be one or more inflammatory cytokines themselves because of the way it causes extreme allergic reaction on other people from very far away. It only needs a small amount of airborne concentrated gas.

Oddly, HLA-B27 is an antigen itself and while it can trigger autoimmune response with patmers, perhaps it’s actually causing inflammatory cytokines to spike in our blood and gets airborne. The other hypothesis is that HLA-B27 is the actual mysterious PATM airborne compound we’ve been looking for.

If it’s in high concentration within our blood, it’s possible it can get airborne via bodily secretion or breath. Small broken bits of the protein can likely get airborne and cause reaction on other people.

It’s also possible that we may be producing different antigens but cause similar allergic reaction in other people.

Please everyone, lets try and get tested if we’re producing the same antigen ‘JustAnotherPatmer’ does.
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РАТМ пахнет из кишечника. Людям не нравится наш запах в радиусе 2м.патмеры не слышат свой запах многие, потому что кора головного мозга атрофирована. Это видно на энцефалограмме мозга и томограммы мозга. Мозг страдает от гипертонуса сосудов, у многих  РАТМ есть гипертония и у папы или мамы тоже. РАТМ - два-три  заболевания, полученные одно от мамы, другое от папы. Прежде, чем делать детей, сходите к генетику, тк это гематологическая заболевание, у некоторых есть родственники с удалённой селезенкой!
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Hello Just Another Patmer, it is very interesting what you mention. If you click on my previous post you can read that I have already talked about one of the most important things that is INFLAMMATION. I think we are closing the circle more and more and although this is a genetic disease, it seems to me that we can minimize the side effects. It seems to me that the key here is called "HLA-B27" and "TNF-α".
I have been doing research and there are very specialized drugs that inhibit "TNF-α" for people with serious problems with this. However I found a page that a person created, where he talks in detail about factors and things that inhibit and can increase "TNF-α". He puts the links to official publications, in everything that he is writing. He left the page for you to start reading:


I am clear that this type of inflammation is causing the intestine to fail to recover. There is something that caught my attention on this page when he talks about "TNF-α" enhancers:

------- THE LECTINES ---------

This is extremely interesting, because we were focused on sugar and candida, but Lectins can be the change to drastically reduce the symptoms of PATM.

I need to read more about lectins, but there are articles where they criticize them.

I would like us to read all about Lectins and try reducing as much as possible, the foods that contain these (which are many by the way) and follow some things that the page mentions, so that the intestine could repair itself. This may be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Finally, I would like to tell you about an anti-inflammatory that I have personally tried and that has helped me reduce the symptoms of PATM, which are evening primrose oil capsules. I have also tried borage oil capsules. The secret of these oils is the high content of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), which are also capable of reducing "TNF-α", this was what convinced me more of this than I have spoken.

The detail is that although I took the oil capsules with GLA, but on the other hand, I did not stop eating beans, and in fact it felt like when I ate beans, more mucus went down to my throat, a symptom that the inflammation was on its way. What I am going to do from now on is take the capsules that I previously had left over, but I am going to suppress the lectins as much as possible. Other things that the page talks about with its respective link to PUBMED and that convinced me is Nicotinamide and some FLAVONOIDS

Please take a look at the page and comment, regards.
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Great article. I am already trying to eat healthy and seeing some improvements now and then, but it always gets back after few days. What I also experience is increased inflammation and PATM after long periods of time in front of the computer screen. It seems like the disease is feeding from the blue light of the computer screen. I will try to limit it as much as possible and get some more sleep as well.
Мутации фолатного цикла тёр одобидьны, поэтому запах будет при долгом сидении за компьютером, возле холодильника или микроволновки. Мы не переносим электромагнитные излучения. Мне было плохо от компьютерной томограммы.
Термолабильные гены у РАТМ. Это фолатный цикл. Метионинсинтаза замедлена, поэтому мышцы плохие.
Hi @Patm_13, are you sure you’ve tried “Evening Primrose Oil” (EPO) or are you just theorizing but haven’t actually tried it? Anyway I actually tried it today and damn, my patm flared to its worst. My partner’s migraine came back and she was sick even though she’s one of the few who’s actually resistant in some way to my problem. I was at an event today, you can imagine.

I came back and searched, and it says that EPO increases our immunity. It’s the same effect that I observed when I tried a few alleged immunity booting supplements in the past. My patm went crazy.

Although what we do learn from this is that immunity is at the core of it. Immunity is very tricky. While a compound can reduce a certain immune signal or signals, it can boost another which we might not want in regard to our condition. These types of problems need a lot of precise medical research. Maybe an immune expert can diagnose our problem from just reading this information, but I doubt it because IBD/IBS is also immune related but no one understands it.

My take from all this is that the actual PATM airborne compound itself is actually one or more antigens or one or more cytokines. It can also be a combination of both.
GullibleClowns , look, I've personally tried Evening Primrose Oil, if you check my previous posts. There are many studies that talk about evening primrose and even TNF-α. I had also already mentioned cat's claw, another excellent anti-inflammatory.

Be Careful, I don't speak English very well, but what I understood is that you mentioned something about the heart, natural anti-inflammatories include among their characteristics that cause vasodilation, it is obvious they have to do this to be able to reduce inflammation of the body, it is something they do similar to synthetics like cortisone.

What I comment in this new post is that we all follow a diet as low as possible in ------ LECTINES ------, which in my opinion this is what could be causing the intestine not to be able to repair itself and this constant inflammation is being caused.

We were all talking about sugar and candida in food, but nothing more.

When the comrades posted, for example, "Reishi 415" comes to mind, that what it does is modulate the immune system, but that is not the cause of the problem, the cause is what we are all eating days.

Unfortunately there is a problem that is genetic, that we cannot change, but if we can, it seems to me, reduce to a minimum, if we are not driving the intestine and the immune system crazy, with what we eat every day.

I believe that automatically, the day chronic inflammation decreases, the symptoms of PATM will decrease to a minimum.

Hi “Patm_13”. Thank you for the reply. I just want to confirm that “Evening Primrose Oil” isn’t working for me but makes my PATM worse than ever. I actually tried it again the last few days to see if I’ve mistaken and I can confirm, my partner got very sick again and I could hear neighbors coughing like I’ve never heard before. This is my third day and I’m getting pulsating cramps on my gut.

An idea is only as good as the proof so obviously your suggestion isn’t the right answer for me. But at the same time, if it’s making my PATM so bad, it should indicate something for us to learn about. What does linoleic (70–74%) and γ-linolenic (8–10%) do to the gut? That’s a good question to ask. I’ve read some papers suggesting they do have a great impact on gut microbiota and epithelial permeability but it’s not enough to understand PATM.

My result can suggest something else. If it’s working for you but making my condition worse, then it’s possible we have different conditions but similar symptoms.

I have tried “Reishi 415”, it does work mildly but it’s no different from any other product with antibiotic effects. It will work for some time and then fade over the following weeks and finally not work at all.

We understand that bacteria metabolites is the initial ingredients in this PATM chemical process because that’s been confirmed by people restricting food intake or taking very strong antibiotics. PATM stops or become very mild when doing so. Unfortunately it’s impossible to achieve this by removing all the bacteria in the gut and they also have other health benefits.

I do agree the immune system is somehow at the core of all this but it's unfortunate that we don’t have the medical background to understand it all. In addition I do believe we have a genetic predisposition to this condition.
Has anyone of you guys tried Mastica? It seems to me it's decreasing PATM a bit, but I am still not sure.
So far, the only thing that decreases it significantly is anti-inflamatory medication or even painkillers. Usually, when I get sick and eat some kind of pills, PATM disappears.
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