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PATM cured at last!

I have had PATM for about a year now and it coused me alot of trouple. I will make this post as short as possible.

My PATM started because of unhealthy foods (junk food). The people around me could not bear to stay around me especially at school and at work. I had all the symbtoms a PATM person has. To all the doctors that says PATM is a psychological issue shame on you. The way I found the cure is, it always has been a religious believe for me that black seed is a cure to all diseases as the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said: 'Use the black seed because it has a relief of all diseases, but death.'

About a week ago I started using black seed not the oil but the raw black seed. Guys it does not taste good but it has many profits you can google it if you want. The first day I took 3 spoons of raw black seeds. You put it in your mouth, chew it, suck out the oil in it and then carefully swallow it with water. From the first day I have seen big results. People at work started to ask me about what I ate that day, it felt grate but it wasn't over. Next day I took two spoons the same way at night. I realised that my urine became yellowish and not white as when I had PATM. The third day my PATM was completely gone ALHAMDULILAH. I'm still taking 2 spoons a day and i don't eat foods in cans and i reduced my sugar intake by 60 percent but I cheat meals some times. I was enjoying ice cream 2 days ago outside in the summer weather.

Please guys I know what you going through that's why I took my time to write this so please try it and hopefully God helps you. Peace be upon you.
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Oil extracted from Nigella sativa seeds may cause kidney or liver damage when used in high doses. These severe side effects of treatment were observed in rats given 2 grams per kilogram or more of Nigella sativa oil, according to MSKCC. Additional human research studies are necessary to further evaluate the effect Nigella sativa may have on the kidneys or liver; however, if you experience symptoms of kidney or liver damage, such as back or abdominal pain, urination changes, jaundice, fatigue or itchy skin, seek prompt care from your medical provider.
It might explain the yellow colored urination. Perhaps the liver is struggling, who knows.
i'm not using the oil, it's the raw black seed as I mentioned before. I haven't seen any side effects tills now. My health is real good and I will update on the long run.
@faaris how much do you take actually? is it 2 teaspoon or table spoon?
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Hi @faaris, thanks for your input. This is good information for everyone. Just keep us posted for the next 3 months to verify.
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Here’s my experience from having this dreadful condition for almost the past 30 years. There are many products I’ve tried that cause PATM to seize existence or diminishes to almost unrecognizable. However, it always comes back within days, weeks or a month so this is why we need to see the long term effect.
I will make sure to update. it has been only a week now and I was so excited to tell you guys because I used to read your posts all the time.
Thanks faaris, though we are very happy to hear about your great findings we are worried about the possible toxicity. Just be careful. Perhaps it’s not that bad since Ray has confirmed it’s not so toxic as previously thought. Thank you and keep us updated on your progress.
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Please read the following. It looks like black seed has many beneficial properties. I think I'm going to try it.

Let me know if it helps.
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Happy Wednesday and welcome !
Thanx for the great info and work of taking Black seeds in the whole form.

I look forward to ordering some from Amazon, to add to my daily choices.
I have taken Black Seed Oil capsules in the past however I was not consistent.

Continued best health and God Bless always !
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Thanks for the information, just picked up some black seed capsules will be taking 2 twice a day to see if it helps.

specifically said to take :  Raw Black Seeds (Nigella Sativa)

Not  -  black seed oil capsules
Not sure where you see i said oil, i said black seed capsules which is Nigella Sativa just in powder form in a capsule.
I'm on my 3rd day using this black seed. Taking it just as faaris suggested. It is raw organic black seed from Egypt. I'm chewing two spoonful of this stuff twice a day. I'm having nasal discharge from my nose. (Buggers) Hardly any PATM reactions but its way to early to tell.

I would wait and see this stuff works but If you do decide to purchase some, acquire it from a reputable place because I've read that we should avoid black seed from India.

Turkey and Egypt have the best black seed in the market from I read. Just make sure its from a reputable place. (Amazon) Check place of origin.
Thanks for the good news Ray.
@patmhalp , sorry about that - I made a mistake about the "oil" comment.

Thanks @faaris, the organic raw black seeds are excellent! It appears by taking these throughout the day ,along with my plant based food choices  remaining patm free is no problem.

Excellent, life changing information you have given us, thank you forever and God Bless you always !

How did you discover that the raw black seed would work for patm ?
I drank my daily water with brown rice powder and 2 black seed capsules in the morning, nothing else to drink or eat all day long, had very little reactions only a handful of people ~10%, usually it's like 30%.
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