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PATM cured at last!

I have had PATM for about a year now and it coused me alot of trouple. I will make this post as short as possible.

My PATM started because of unhealthy foods (junk food). The people around me could not bear to stay around me especially at school and at work. I had all the symbtoms a PATM person has. To all the doctors that says PATM is a psychological issue shame on you. The way I found the cure is, it always has been a religious believe for me that black seed is a cure to all diseases as the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said: 'Use the black seed because it has a relief of all diseases, but death.'

About a week ago I started using black seed not the oil but the raw black seed. Guys it does not taste good but it has many profits you can google it if you want. The first day I took 3 spoons of raw black seeds. You put it in your mouth, chew it, suck out the oil in it and then carefully swallow it with water. From the first day I have seen big results. People at work started to ask me about what I ate that day, it felt grate but it wasn't over. Next day I took two spoons the same way at night. I realised that my urine became yellowish and not white as when I had PATM. The third day my PATM was completely gone ALHAMDULILAH. I'm still taking 2 spoons a day and i don't eat foods in cans and i reduced my sugar intake by 60 percent but I cheat meals some times. I was enjoying ice cream 2 days ago outside in the summer weather.

Please guys I know what you going through that's why I took my time to write this so please try it and hopefully God helps you. Peace be upon you.
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Oil extracted from Nigella sativa seeds may cause kidney or liver damage when used in high doses. These severe side effects of treatment were observed in rats given 2 grams per kilogram or more of Nigella sativa oil, according to MSKCC. Additional human research studies are necessary to further evaluate the effect Nigella sativa may have on the kidneys or liver; however, if you experience symptoms of kidney or liver damage, such as back or abdominal pain, urination changes, jaundice, fatigue or itchy skin, seek prompt care from your medical provider.
It might explain the yellow colored urination. Perhaps the liver is struggling, who knows.
i'm not using the oil, it's the raw black seed as I mentioned before. I haven't seen any side effects tills now. My health is real good and I will update on the long run.
@faaris how much do you take actually? is it 2 teaspoon or table spoon?
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Hi @faaris, thanks for your input. This is good information for everyone. Just keep us posted for the next 3 months to verify.
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Here’s my experience from having this dreadful condition for almost the past 30 years. There are many products I’ve tried that cause PATM to seize existence or diminishes to almost unrecognizable. However, it always comes back within days, weeks or a month so this is why we need to see the long term effect.
I will make sure to update. it has been only a week now and I was so excited to tell you guys because I used to read your posts all the time.
Thanks faaris, though we are very happy to hear about your great findings we are worried about the possible toxicity. Just be careful. Perhaps it’s not that bad since Ray has confirmed it’s not so toxic as previously thought. Thank you and keep us updated on your progress.
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Please read the following. It looks like black seed has many beneficial properties. I think I'm going to try it.

Let me know if it helps.
Не поможет ничего. РАТМ это почечна недостаточность. И она прогрессирует.
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Happy Wednesday and welcome !
Thanx for the great info and work of taking Black seeds in the whole form.

I look forward to ordering some from Amazon, to add to my daily choices.
I have taken Black Seed Oil capsules in the past however I was not consistent.

Continued best health and God Bless always !
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Thanks for the information, just picked up some black seed capsules will be taking 2 twice a day to see if it helps.

specifically said to take :  Raw Black Seeds (Nigella Sativa)

Not  -  black seed oil capsules
Not sure where you see i said oil, i said black seed capsules which is Nigella Sativa just in powder form in a capsule.
I'm on my 3rd day using this black seed. Taking it just as faaris suggested. It is raw organic black seed from Egypt. I'm chewing two spoonful of this stuff twice a day. I'm having nasal discharge from my nose. (Buggers) Hardly any PATM reactions but its way to early to tell.

I would wait and see this stuff works but If you do decide to purchase some, acquire it from a reputable place because I've read that we should avoid black seed from India.

Turkey and Egypt have the best black seed in the market from I read. Just make sure its from a reputable place. (Amazon) Check place of origin.
Thanks for the good news Ray.
@patmhalp , sorry about that - I made a mistake about the "oil" comment.

Thanks @faaris, the organic raw black seeds are excellent! It appears by taking these throughout the day ,along with my plant based food choices  remaining patm free is no problem.

Excellent, life changing information you have given us, thank you forever and God Bless you always !

How did you discover that the raw black seed would work for patm ?
I drank my daily water with brown rice powder and 2 black seed capsules in the morning, nothing else to drink or eat all day long, had very little reactions only a handful of people ~10%, usually it's like 30%.
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Hello! And how it goes so far with the "nigella sativa"? This type of Link managed to eliminate PATM but in another way, maybe it will help if it does not work; http://www.medhelp.org/posts/People-Allergic-to-Me-PATM/am579-cured-from-allergies-PATM-in-2011/show/2970192
Also those have been tried years ago but never worked. Some of the treatments were tried decades ago before the forum was created in 2007. None of them had permanent effects.
No se de que hablas.  El tipo reapareció después de 5 años y en el foro vuelve a reafirmar que se curo totalmente. Y la otra que se curo es “Cmarit PATM” que se curo mentalmente o psicologicamente hace años, existen varios que se curaron y nadie les hace caso mas que seguir pidiendo ayuda sin siquiera leer, algunos están siendo borrados por el Admin.
I do not know what are you talking about. The guy reappeared after 5 years and in the forum reaffirms that he healed completely. And the other one that healed is "Cmarit PATM" that healed mentally or psychologically years ago, there are several that healed and nobody heed them but to continue asking for help without even reading, some are being erased by the Admin.

Please point out specifically which part you are referring to and I’ll explain to you what I mean.
The psychological cure is false. It has no scientific evidence so we can put that speculation aside. Both MeBO scientists and majority of PATMer findings in this forum agree on that issue.

Btw, no posts have been deleted since 2007. It’s all there. We know because we were here when the forum started. The only posts that have been deleted are posts confronting or swearing at others.

Regarding cures. Let’s define it first. Suppose you get sick from salmonella and can’t eat and just lie in bed with nausea. You can take a specific antibiotics and you get cured. All the symptoms disappear permanently and you go back to normal activity. That antibiotics is therefore considered the cure. This has never been observed with the so-called cures of PATM.

Whatever we have found so far are temporary treatments that work partially and only if you watch your diet 24/7. The moment you eat junk, they all fail. This is not a cure by definition.
I repeat it again; Some messages were deleted, but most are and apart reposted in the forum. Obviously the psychological is inexplicable, if psychology itself does not cover all possible mental illnesses, just as medicine, medicine does not cure most diseases more than the common ones, PATM is the example, or perhaps a doctor tells you What is the cure for PATM? There are many issues in science that are just beginning to be studied, the example is the Quantum. I repeat again since there are writings in the same forum and they reemphasize the same saying that they healed, some bloggs, some bloggs are falling, not the cause, but if they are being eliminated, I some copy it. You yourself said; "Some were eliminated," how great would the written confrontation be more than yours? This is a Forum where users elaborate their experiences and I do the same and I could say that I work so far, I currently control every time the PATM, is exactly when my PATM starts to stop it. DO NOT study the subject thoroughly, I am not a doctor, but I know that; Good food, our positive ideas bring good changes. "Negativity is one of the great causes of our illnesses." Well, so far, come, have a good day.
@ocvq, I quoted your replies in apostrophizes to address them directly to avoid miscommunication.

“I repeat it again; Some messages were deleted, but most are and apart reposted in the forum.”

No Vasquez, only the ones that had swearing or bullying. We know because we were here from the early beginning of the forum.

“Obviously the psychological is inexplicable..”

Exactly, Inexplicable means not being able to explain anything. Psychology can’t explain PATM just as it can’t explain IBD, IBS or TMAU. There’s a reason why psychologists are among the lowest paid workers in the world. It’s because they explain very little and cure no one. Most of their speculations are based on hunches and behaviors which leaves room for a huge margin of errors on their overall conclusions. If you know anything about science, it relies on scientific significance levels. Psychology falls well below that which is why I dropped it on first year after attending a few lectures and took up science instead.

TMAU, among the many medical conditions, was considered by psychologists as a medical problem until it was established by real scientists to be a legitimate metabolic genetic condition. Psychologists seem to fill the gaps for any medical problem that can’t be explained, until some scientists come along and discover it. Psychology poses like a “diseases of the gaps” hypothesis. They’ll find rigorously a space to occupy until reality comes along. That’s what MeBO has done. MeBO clinical research results has blown psycho-hypothesis speculations out of the water.

“…if psychology itself does not cover all possible mental illnesses, just as medicine, medicine does not cure most diseases more than the common ones, PATM is the example, or perhaps a doctor tells you What is the cure for PATM?..”

There are many diseases in both psychology and medical world that can’t be cured or understood yet. If you have not watched the MeBO preliminary result presentation, it was meant to solve that problem and I can tell you this. Most MeBO scientists probably imagined the outcome would prove we’re mentally sick but out of the blues, it instead proved otherwise…. it’s proved PATM is a legitimate medical condition. I urge you to watch it first before engaging further so we can be on the same page.

“..medicine does not cure most diseases more than the common ones..”

No, that idea is false. Modern medicine has cured most diseases but new ones keep appearing. It’s the natural continuous process of biological evolution. Also, you can’t cure an unknown disease unless it’s studied, identified and a solution is found and provided, especial the really hard ones. That long process involves money & time therefore no researcher is willing to throw his life away on something risky and not worth financially. They have to feed their families too you know. This is precisely the reason why there hasn’t been any progress on PATM. If one of us was a billionaire, this disease would have been studied thoroughly many years ago. Perhaps someone needs to rob a bank to finance a thorough study…lol… but it’s OK, MeBO has started the progress.

“…There are many issues in science that are just beginning to be studied, the example is the Quantum.”

Quantum Mechanics (QM) is the study of subatomic particles. It’s been here since the time of Einstein. It’s not a new field. QM theories gave engineers and chemists the innovative ideas to make semiconductors decades ago. Semiconductors gave way to the computer revolution which has been here before many current forum members were born. Fortunately for us, this PATM is a medical problem so we won’t have to talk about QM, only biology and chemistry.

“I repeat again since there are writings in the same forum and they reemphasize the same saying that they healed, some bloggs, some bloggs are falling, not the cause, but if they are being eliminated, I some copy it…”

I agree. You are talking about the very forum that we created unless you weren’t here from the beginning. The only ones that were deleted are spams or posts involved in quarrels of bad language. Please read the Medhelp policy to understand this. Medhelp would be going against their own policy if they deleted posts, especially solutions, just because they feel like it. These are professionals hired to monitor the various forums. I think it will be wrong to continue accusing them of something they didn’t do.

“You yourself said; "Some were eliminated," how great would the written confrontation be more than yours?”

Sorry but you’re wrong I’ve repeated this over and over again. No one has been cured from this disease. I think you ought to read up on the differences between a treatment and cure. A treatment is a different thing. PATM hasn’t been studied by scientist or researchers before, until the recent MeBO clinical research. Let me repeat again, the first and only scientific research on PATM is the one done by MeBO, so they are the only one with scientific evidence and weights supporting their conclusions. 99.9% of what we’ve found on this forum complies with their findings and conclusions except the psychological claim.

“This is a Forum where users elaborate their experiences..”

Yes I agree, this is a forum last time I checked. You are free to express views just as I do.

“…and I do the same and I could say that I work so far, I currently control every time the PATM, is exactly when my PATM starts to stop it…”

Yes, I heard you the first time. I’ve only explained an obvious contradiction... that if your psychological method was true then 99% of us would automatically be false and MeBO scientists would be wrong too. I think you can agree they can’t be both right, because they contradict each other. That’s a fair opinion isn’t it? Or am I not free to express them?

“DO NOT study the subject thoroughly, I am not a doctor,…”

Precisely! That’s why MeBO research is important. Not only they are scientists/researchers but they are Ph.D. degree holders. You can’t get a degree higher than that. PH.D. is the highest degree in academia. Most medical doctors are just bachelor level graduates; the first degree in college.

“…but I know that; Good food, our positive ideas bring good changes..”

Yes I agree, but I think we don’t have to speculate about that anymore. It’s been proven by MeBO researchers too that there is a nutritional facet to it and our data has verified exactly what they’ve predicted. I urge you to watch the presentation.

This is another matter Otavio Vasquez. Like many sufferers in this forum, I’ve had this condition for almost 30 years now. You are young, handsome and probably have a promising future. Hopefully we can find a cure or some kind of treatment so you won’t have to waste your life away with this terrible condition as we’ve done for decades. By observing your pictures, I think I’ve had PATM for more years than your lifetime. I don’t mean it in a bad way but to reflect to you the amount of experience I’ve been through. Many of the things that some members have brought up are endless repetitions of posts we have seen back since 2007 when the forum began. It’s been tried again and again and proven not to cure PATM. Some are good treatments though, but not cures. There’s difference between the two.

Btw, I enjoyed reading your opinions and suggestions. Keep them coming. You have a good day.

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Thanks for the recommendation, faaris! I've been taking black seed oil capsules for a week, and it definitely seems to be working (reactions are much less frequent and less intense).

Do you any updates yourself?
Надо принимать семена, а не масло. Тк мутации фолатного цикла дают непереносимость масло. Семена снижают давление и обмен веществ. Похоже мы имеем мутации в гене гипертензии, а мутации фолатного цикла снижают давление. Поэтому диагностировать гипертензию врачам не удаётся.
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Personal update: I've been taking this for almost 2 weeks now, and the reactions keep becoming less frequent and severe. I'm pretty sure this does work, and there is a lot of literature in many languages praising this (natural) medicine.
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Thank you for sharing this magic tool. For me it works. Symptoms decreased noticeably.
I've also stopped taking my daily desiccated beef pills and brown rice powder and am mainly on these seeds, a mouthful of them in the morning.  They definitely seem to have reduced symptoms(~30-40%) but still unfortunately present.
Black seed is the first thing I got to deal with Patm.I buy some black seeds made in China.It is cheap and not organic. I took it for five days.If my patm is serious,black seeds can make it more mild. The reaction of ohters is not so acute,but still be there.If my patm is not serious,I don't find any change. Do you think organic and high-quality black seed can be more powerful?
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I found something about "Black Seed Oil" that explains it's properties. It’s has some very very strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The active ingredients are “Thymoquinone” and “Thymohydroquinone”.

It’s obvious that compounds causing PATM are generated by gut microbes and anything that lowers their numbers, will eventually lower PATM symptoms.

So whoever is using this product, their gut microbes will eventually develop resistance to this product, so don’t be upset if it starts to recede effectiveness over the weeks or months. Just make you understand why it happens.

However, like all other antimicrobials, I think it has some probability of wiping out the pathogenic strains responsible for PATM. How much I don’t know but it may have a better chance on new PATMers. Let’s say sufferers with just weeks or months of PATM. People like me or Ray that have had it for decades, chances are bacterial strains in our gut are highly resistant to almost anything.

We haven’t found an antimicrobial product/drug that last forever. It may mean, the microbial strain is just hard to kill, let’s keep on hoping this is the case.

Or Ray2502 was right, that it could be a faulty liver enzyme. Like TMAU for example, sufferers can take antibiotics to kill the TMA producing bacteria but as long as the FMO3 enzyme is faulty, it’s just a matter of time before the TMA gut strains are able to resist the drug and grow back in numbers again, then produce loads of TMA again. I’m hoping this is not the case because if it is, we are doomed.

But if this is the case then lowering the bacteria strains and keeping a diet that contains less precursor compounds (comparable to choline for TMAU), i.e. vege diet, is the best PATMers can do.

Currently, I can’t help but wonder, since I’ve watched over the years interviews of Ellie James, who is a TMAU2 patient, meaning she produced TMA, but also explained symptoms that exactly matched our problem, PATM. This would imply she had both TMAU and PATM.

Her doctors, had her on massive antibiotics cycles of the most potent antibiotics on the market. This was to remove any possibility that it was caused by a gut strain but she didn’t get cured. The doctors concluded that somehow earlier antibiotics cycles had screwed her liver enzyme. I really hope this is not the case.
I also have this hypothesis, whatever compound, which I believe is a microbial toxin, responsible for causing PATM symptoms on people, is produced by 60-90% of gut bacteria strains. This is why when we introduce very different probiotic strains such as yeast, it slightly lowers their numbers, therefore, lowering PATM a little. So if you’re already on a vege diet, which had lowered these bad bacteria strains, it can have a substantial effect.

Gut microbiota is really dynamic and not static, the strains ratio to one another inside our gut changes over time, depending on the food we eat. It seems that strains that produce less PATM compounds are the ones that like vegetables. Strains that like meat, dairy and sweets are the ones producing too much PATM compounds. As we eat just vegetables, good strains increase while dairy, sweet, meat loving strains decrease in numbers. It takes weeks to alter this balance.

By taking a lot of amino-acids, we are simply increasing the repair function on our leakygut, minimizing the rate at which this PATM compounds are being absorbed through the gut lining into the blood.

Any compound that improves our leaky gut would have the same effect as the amino-acids.
Hı. Patm and tmau is one and the same?

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Bump, the truth is being drowned out by nonsense! This stuff works.
Take it easy, I don't think anybody said it doesn't work. We only dug a little bit deeper to understand how it works and whats the likelihood in the long run.
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No one denies it working - this thread had been pushed back to page 2 was my point. If we have a working cure, I'd rather spread word of the cure versus researching what is causing the condurion
Ok, I hear you. But people aren’t doing it on purpose, they just comment on what they like and that updated thread ends up on top. I doubt anyone has malicious thoughts because after all, they are all there, none is deleted.

I think you meant treatment, rather than cure. Treatment is anything to suppresses or alleviates the condition partially or completely but as long as you take it. A cure is something that removes the condition permanently.

We have found so many treatments but none to make the majority of sufferers comfortable enough. Regardless, we have not found a single cure. Hopefully we’ll find one in the future. My gut tells me we won’t, but my brain tells me there’s always a possibility.
Get a fecal transplant from someone with a healthy digestive system . Ask your GE about this. Also make sure your stomach is producing the correct amount of acid to digest your food.
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The one I ordered is the ground black seed. Is that the right one?
I think if black seed works, it's not going to make any difference.
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could i know the symptoms that black seed cured ?
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I just want to share with everyone who is currently smell like **** or known as PATM (People Allergy To Me)  I know some have suffered almost entire of their life.

It make people stress since no treatment can cure.. those PATMers spent thousands of money to buy suppliment or probiotic on the belief that it can cure. yes it do but they did not treat the root of the problem. thats why it works for some people and not to the other.

If you suffer fecal body odor or people cough at you, rub their nose or sneeze .. rest assured that it is not you mind or some electromagnetic thing.

Now read.carefully what i'm going to tell you.

PATM is reality. It is caused by AMMNONIA usually through your sweat or from your skin.

AMMONIA can irritate nose, throat amd make people cough. That's why people make that kind of reaction immidiately at your presence.

So you may ask me how hell they can smell me at say 4-5 meter away?

Of course they can. Have you ever smell someone who wears strong perfume? sometimes you can smell his/her perfumes meters away. That's the same thing happen your body odor. The smell of ammonia on you skin can be detected a few meter away.

How to treat?

I read that the reason your sweat/skim emit AMMONIA is due to your diet.

Just google how to eat and what to eat correctly to eliminate the production of AMMONIA by your body.
Suppose it is ammonia, but then how is the effect explained by phone or media or have the ability to transfer crystals and the ability to travel instantaneously in milliseconds at a distance of 50 meters or more? It is illogical, I would like it to be a problem of excess ammonia in our body but it does not seem to be, people not only cough and clear their throat, they have the same allergy symptoms, they just sneeze, scratch their noses, itches nose, runny nose, spit, get mucus out of his nose, scratch his head, etc. Only until now do not notice that exaggerate too much with pimples and rash ........ On the other hand the PATM apparently does not discriminate the climate because the effect is constant, I am ensuring that test and every time it rains or is windy or lower the temperature level etcs the PATM effect remains the same, until it travels against the wind current. Also, if it were ammonia would be very noticeable to the friend and coworkers with the smell, they would not bother to say that I smell ammonia, believe me, I was asking like crazy hundreds of people in the street and the answer is always the same ; "There is no smell". I'm also testing if what they say about the dust suspended in the air because of our PATM and until now I could not confirm that hypothesis, someone said out there in the forum that he had things like cobwebs and sticky skin and before that he would say that Mine has nothing to do since my skin is more than good.
The excess of ammonia would destroy our kidneys in so much time, our heart would gradually diminish the heartbeat and we would slowly die, but nothing. I do not know what PTM will really be, at least I can partially control it. I would like to be wrong and that our PATM has to do with ammonia, among other things.
Дружище, с возрастом сердце будет работать все хуже. Патм это Ожирение клеток сердца" почек, печени поджелудочной железы. Органы атрофируются и мы не доживём до53_-60лет. Плохо работают липазы, поэтому идёт Ожирение. Кто то писал, что приём Т3и Т4 щитовидной железы снижает запах. Но я не пробовал.
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Cause of Ammonia

1. Dehydration. due to not taking much plaiiiater.

2. Problem with bowel movement. too much or to longer your feces in your stomach will force ammonia released through your skin or sweat

3. You consume too much protein or acid amino. If your body process protein as energy it will release ammonia.

What I did to treat my PATM were

1. I took more plain water to keep hydrated

2. I decrease protein intake but increase carbo

amazingly in two days, no more reaction from people

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*plain water
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..and dont forget your underarms.. sometimes they are the main culprit. believe me. Your nose wont detect the smell.. so wont your family because all of you are familiar with the odor for a lomg time. However, you underarm would smell sour to other peoples nose
May I know the the current update from anyone using using Black Seed? Is it truly working?

I have had PATM (odorless) for almost four years. Now trying activated charcoal for detoxing.

Maybe I will try chewing up black seed after this...
How did the charcoal work?
I’ve tried charcoal but in pill work and it didn’t cure me but it did help. I honestly think diametecous food earth grade worked better but it really made my stomach bloated and caused constipation which I didn’t like. But I heard that taking charcoal in powder form is better. I still have yet to try it in powder form.
I tried charcoal powder for two weeks, doesn't work either curing or reducing , only darkening your stool...
Уголь делает хуже, глину долго пить тоже не советую снижает реакции питание малыми дозами. белок, аминокислоты усиливаютРАТМ
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you detox from heavy metals etc that cause this electrosensibility problem
Я не советую хелатироваться. Будет туман в мозгу. От телефона, микроволновки, холодильника-туман в мозгу. Боритесь с 5G, не включайте много электропртборов. Плохо может быть от рентген, томографии, wai-fai, компьютера,телефона.
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