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PATM cured

Hey guys I've been suffering from patm for about 2 months. luckily I was able to find am instant cure. I believe most people with patm are generally the type of people who would never want to hurt other people and damage others, which is why we care about other people coughing. I was quite generous and nice to others, but never nice to myself. Once you start having negative thoughts about others and yourself, you'll realize how quickly patm comes back. The trick is to remind yourself that you are someone who deserves to live, and that you shouldn't be afraid of anything. I mean you aren't afraid of thoughts of killing your ownself than why would you be afraid to go not give a dam about other people coughing and start enjoying your life and yourself.
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I am quite generous too, but how could this lead to make people cough around me? I don't want to say it's completely impossible that this is the only reason for PATM, because I have tried many things the last months and nothing changed, I just don't understand how this Process could irritate other people's throat like this.
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I think we were too negative about ourselves. If you could realize that when you are confident withour fear of being judged, the patm stops or fades for a period of time. Another theory is that we have different spirituality than others. People with patm just have to know that they aren't hurting other people and others aren't being hurt. Try asking some of the people who cough it could be close friends or a relative. They will tell you nothings wrong, so what we can do is just move on. Let other people deal with their issue and we should deal our own.
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When it started I've asked many of my friends and family members, everyone sad nothing is wrong with my smell/look the problem is, my friends stop beeing allergic to me after a while when we meet often in return some of them start coughing again if we haven't met (physically) for a long time, this is why I'm guessing it could be a kind of barely smellable or
perhaps a subconscious thing like a special gas/~spores or maybe even some kind of vibrations/radiation
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Maybe we are just self healing right now. Waht I do know for sure is that I am more awake and aren't tired as much as I used to be without patm. Maybe your friends realize something different within you, and they want to bring back the old you that they used to have fun with. The thing is, we have to move on. We have to stop playing the victim, aggressor, jealousy, and reliant on other people. After all nobody can understand, love ourself than ourselves
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Heres the simple fact. The old self probably relyed on other people too much and had emotional suffering because nobody can relate to you. It is exactly why we have to be self reliant, because nobody will understand the way you are but yourself. Now if you start harnessing your own energy, you do change. You will no longer rely on other people, but ofc other people are important as well. It all comes down to whether we accept the change or not.
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This is not really a cure.  It does help to have positive attitude and does seem worse when anxious about it but not a cure.  
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It definetly is a cure. Have you tried not giving attention to other people? You guys are probably really attractive, intelligent beings who are not accepting yourself due to some trauma or unreliable people giving you false identity trying to keep you ****** as how they feel about themselves. I had that patm thing, its unexplainable, but I don't have it anymore. The best advice I can give you is that don't be looking for ourside sources for any kind of info. Look at what the hell you are doing to yourself. Ask yourself, am I fully awake and focused on the present moment on whatever I am doing right now or am I in this fog of unproductive negative thoughts. You have to do ot on your own.
Hi Nsoz, lucky you to awake in that short period.

I took more than 10 years to realize I'm the one who's the  cruelest to myself. Because I tend to lower down myself thought it's humble behaviour?! I always feel inferior about my imperfections due to rely on others people thinking, or if speak nicely, being considerate.

Only us can heal ourselves now.
hi nsoz you are 100% right I am old member of this forum now days I am doing same like you live in present moment and same like you asking my self what's wrong with me same ..
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my thoughts is that the only way to get cured is to heal the intesine, what if the cauging is a defence, like we send "dont come near" me signals unconsciousess, because we feel what other feels to much because of leaky intestines and it depress u, without a proper "defense" or shield or whatever you can call it its hard to feel calm and safe, just some thoughts
Not you intestines,  your body is realeasing ions, which your brains Nero transmitters  can not process  some chemical or drug you have taken or have took. Other people can't feel a bug, virus. But they can feel charged ions that your brain and nervous system release.
Electricity can travel faster than you know threw windows and like.
Pro biotic do not work.
It's not in your blood or skin.
Our brains are sending electrical impulses even when your asleep.
I have this problem also.
No help, but I know it's something to do with our brains and nervous system.
It's physical not mental, a Nerologist or biochemist is the first and only step we should persue. Think about it, do you have a constant electro static like itch?
I do, and that itch is from these ions with an electrical charge being released thru our skin.
Other people can feel these because these ions have an electrical charge, we have billions of these ions, but ours are being released  from our brains and nervous system with a charge attached to them.
Other people itch or cough when they come in contact with this. Like on the other side of window, or across the stree.
Please share. I have this and no help. Ions can travel fast and don't rely on wind.
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Hi Observer_patm, It's true, ignoring others' attention may be not the exact cure, & to me, quite a challenge not to care about others reactions especially when the reactions are obvious.

Some people they try to being nice, tend to get closer to you when want to discuss something with you, but right after they turn their back, they cough or sniff , or quickly drink water after they went back to their seats.

Think that way could make me feel better?In fact, I feel like crying......
As I sense their fear, just as myself too.

But now I learn to choose whether to let those reactions hurt me or not. Though it's not easy.
I truly understand your anger, as I've been going through that feeling too.

This 'PATM' nightmare had made me become bit cynical and hatred even though I don't wish to. & those who I had tried to seek for the truth, will deny my statement, maybe they feel embarrass to tell the truth or don't want me to think too much, or they really don't think that's the fact.

But to us, the feeling of the denial is suck.  I think only us can understand the bitterness inside our heart.

May I know if you all having allergic too?
I have allergic myself & now whenever I feel itch on my nasal or face, I will feel worry that someone else may sneeze or itch soon. Or when someone sneezes or rub their nose or cough (more on purpose), I might feel itch right after that.

Recently, I also will cough a few times too because I feel hard to breathe sometimes.

In the past I used to feel guilty.  I realized that my PATM may somehow related to my negative thinking, don't have too much confidence on myself & tend to repress myself in the past, besides my allergy problem.

Now, I am trying to accept myself more & yell inside my heart :
"Ya. That's who I am. I've got no mean to harm people too. But I accept my imperfection, even though others don't "

Of course, may still feel unhappy & helpless sometimes. But at least happier than keep on blaming myself like the past. Now, I feel the symptoms getting relieved day by day.

Do you always have negative thinking on yourself always like me ?
Try to accept ourselves more, change some of the beliefs.  

Hope we can get heal soon! Pray to God & believe God is actually protecting us.

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No no, it is not some kind of disease thing.
Look, all living things have different frequencies.
As for patmers, I suppose, most tries to please others and give their personal power to other people. Like I said before, it may be due to some trauma or being judged by other people.
However now things have changed. We are gaining our personal powers back, my guess is our inner self probably were like "shi.t I had enough".
Just move from state of trying to fit in and please other people into state of just existing and enjoying the moment. Let life take care and balance your energy.
My other theory is that all the negativity in our self is just being carried over to others who prob need that energy to balance ourselves.
It's not a disease,  it's real and it's from our Nero transmitters not being able to process a chemical or drug we are taking or have taken. Our brains and nervous system are realeasing charged ions thru the skin. A bug, or virus can't travel thru wall or glass to make people itch, they rely on wind or touch to move. But charged ions that our brains and nervous system produces from God knows what are being released and can travel fast as lighting thru pretty much anything. We have billions of these ions and our brain are constantly producing electrical impulses in our body.
Somewhere somehow our Nero transmitters got messed up and stuck in this state.
A Nerologist or biochemist is or only hope. Go anywhere else is just a waste of money.
Please share. I have had this for 5 months, ***** and there is no cure and it's physical not mental and church and god is not the answer
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Everything is inside you anyway. Just accept what you should be accepting and keep calm. Remember DON'T TRY TO FORCE ANYTHING, let all things just flow and balance things out. If you go back to being a victim or a self-hating character, you'll just make things worse.


This song prob tells us something about the patm symptoms. Everything changes. Your relationships, work, people around you, how you are being treated. If you keep repeating your old patterns and behavior, nothings gonna change and you'll stay the same self-hating. Just accept everything and move on. Life is strange anyway.
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Actually this version of the song is better.


And another thing to keep in mind. There isn't such laws as how people should be. You are perfect in every way if you just accept that. What matters isn't what is happening outside the world, it is what is going on with yourself in the inside.
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Hi Nsoz,

Really agree with what you said, as that's exactly what I have realized since one year ago. We are the one who have the power to heal ourselves.

My case I'm having allergic myself since childhood. My personality abit social phobia, negative thinking on myself & things, tend to being considerate type or like you said, tend to please others more in the past. And since the day I realised I made others feel uncomfortable, I feel guilty that I could make others suffer, angry myself then to others.... tend to isolate myself when necessary. And visiting doctors or try some ways to solve the problem but the problems not being solved.

Years after years then one day, I think God lead me to discover the Chinese youtube videos about 'Seth' concepts (I'm Chinese). And I started to look more into my inner part.

So now I am also accepting my imperfections even though it's true. And try to forgive myself for created such reality for years.

By changing beliefs, and with God's love , parents & siblings around (though they don't mention it or deny the fact).
I feel better & better, even though my itching still exists & others may still sneeze & cough, but the frequencies has become lesser.

And although others may still have such impressions or fears deep inside their mind when get along with me, which could remind me of this sorrow, but I try to let go the sadness, sooner than before.

Thank you for sharing. =)
I believe one day I'll be healed. =)

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Good to hear that you are getting better. Always keep in mind, all things happening to us we can accept and learn from it, or can regret and dwell on it. Just gotta love and accept everything, including ourselves and others.
My flaw was that I always tend to make things all in my point of view, and missed my past. It resulted in depression because I could never have what I wanted. But guess what? Once I changed, everything around me changed. So yea, we can all do this.
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So envious of you, about mentioned the changes you make on yourself had made everything around you change.  

I've tried before, but things may not as per what I expected.
Maybe I not yet get the exact way or what.

The changes I observed from people around me, is they realised that I was unhappy, & they just try to avoid minimize showing some of their usual avoiding reactions on purpose. Still, it's another reminder.

But what can I do? I can only change my beliefs. Will keep going. =)
The best advice I can give is try to figure out why you are unhappy. I know it is hard, but sometimes gotta let go of whatever is causing us to suffer inside. I'm still working on things too. Always believe that when there are bad times in life, there will also be good ones. However, don't force yourself to do  or be in anything you don't want. You can do it man, believe in yourself.
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have any of you guys tried argan oil soap both for your body and hair? This might be working. Please try it and share your experience with us here. It is not an expensive soap, worth a try.
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Whats up yall, I just came to realization that I have PATM as of 2 weeks ago.  As of 2 days ago I didnt even know there was a name for it.  I know it was made up by people like us and not by professionals, but still it has a name.  I am finding more and more relief w this forum.  Seems like the more tenured ppl with PATM are depending now on more spiritual type remedies and inner peace and all that, and the other folks are busting their butts trying to find scientific explanations and cures.

I couldn't have asked for a better life. I have a great paying job, tons of friends, and i get to practice my greatest quality everyday at work, my ability to socialize w dozens of new ppl everyday and network.

I am truly devastated now.  I talk to nobody but family, and a handful of friends.  I'm walking on eggshells at work cuz my adherence has declined dramatically.  People everyday come to me w smiles, notice i am not really in the mood to talk, and just end up walking back to where they came from

Today was the worse day at work for me ever.  I walked many long halls where hundreds of ppl are, and put this PATM to the test.  I couldn't believe that this ridiculous PATM is real.  I was shocked to see that numerous ppl, all at once, started coughing.  This was happening even up to 30-35 ft away instantly.  Bad breath doesn't travel that fast.  So i figure it has to be something else.  Like others claim in this community, It seems to be worse when you are nervous.  

Im not ready to run w this spiritual thing quite yet.  I feel like I owe it to myself to try as hard as i can to get my life back to normal.  I have put in hrs of research, and have packages of probiotics, supplements, i have already cleansed my intestines and liver and am currently doing 2 candida cleanses, cut out all sugars, grains, dairy, alcohol, carbs and processed foods.  I have lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks.  I will be trying a dewormer that was suggested soon.  I have noticed that my skin has cleared up, no more muscle spasms, no more flakey dry skin on my face, and other things that are showing good signs.  Today though, it was terrible.  

Its weird though how this problem seems to thrive off of certain emotions, especially nervousness.  Today when i would walk in a room, i could feel my energy sweep through the whole frickin room, and bam, there came the coughs.  I walked by this sexy lady comin down the escalator, i knew she would feel my funk, as i could feel this energy or vibe just fly through her.  Yep, she started coughing instantly.  

Man has my life changed, im just not sure how this is going to pan out.
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I'm hoping to make a few friends on here that I can have for support cuz this is so unreal to me right now and im in a state of shock.  Everyday at work now is rough, especially when i have to go to my meetings blahhhhh.  I am going to be working from home soon, so that will help while im trying all these remedies. I just need to make it long enough w/out getting fired lol.

So please, reach out to me if ya can, i just want ppl who understand me cuz my family thinks im crazy now.  My sis told me to prove it to her, so tomorrow we are goin out n about, and I hope for some dumb reason the PATM switch doesnt get turned off.  Maybe cuz she will be next to me i might feel more comfortable and therefore not have the reactions i want her to see?  Idk, but if it goes like today, she will definitely be a believer.
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Yall are talking about energy and chakras and stuff.  If I meditate and focus on my inner energy, am i going to be able to shoot lightning from my hands soon, or am i on the path to having telekinetic powers?? Like, wth is goin on here!!??  

I just have a lot goin through my mind, sorry for all the long comments, hope yall understand.  

Is this a candida thing maybe?? Im tired of vegetables and really wanna order a pizza tomorrow w my sis.  

I have never needed to consult w others when i felt down. I have always been self reliant and good at cheering myself up, thats what music is for, but this is something i was not prepared for.  I feel like i would be better off w cancer cuz at least it is known, and u have a shot of beating it.  PATM is just one big mystery that will probably never be solved...at least not in my lifetime.  If it is, it wont be by doctors, itll be by people like us.
Yess...i agree with i would rather want a high fever than this patm..we all just guessing here....if i go try diet cleansing and detox... the patm become worst..my god help us.
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By what i have witnessed so far, I agree w you Keltic.  I am 2 weeks new to this world, and im observing EVERYTHING.  My family is always saying u never make us cough!?  I didnt bother saying, but my immediate educated guess was that its probably cuz they were always around me.  On the other hand, i am making ppl at work cough life crazy, being that i work with new ppl everyday.  Also, im not nervous when im at my house.  On my way to work i get more nervous the closer i get.
Chupapa were closely the same..... why we get nervous when we deal with our friends??
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Yessss, an imbalance in your glands in the endocrine system, like a hormonal imbalance, or the waste that is caused by different parasites and bacteria. I noticed that my tongue has a thicker white coating than it ever has before, and it got this way soon as my PATM got worse.  White coating is caused by bacteria and also by candida overgrowth.  These are all things that i am working on and marking off the list.  There are just many things that could be causing this, but as long as there are options and possibilities, i will try them all.
Do you experince that your tonsil always produce phlegm??
I also have white coat  on  my  tongue and most likely hormone inbalance and also have feeling that something  is stuck  in my throat. I am seeing ENT in August for my throat.
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In all fairness though, i cannot ignore the fact that being happy and truly feeling at peace could very well be part of the solution, as i notice my PATM seems worse when im nervous. BUT, there is also the scientific side to this i believe.  Incorporating the best practices of both these worlds im sure is are best bet for now.

I am my own ginny pig and will continue to be for the next yr probably as i continue researching and trying different solutions.
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As ı have not received any reply, I would like to ask have you ever tried argan oil soap both for your hair and your body. I am repeating this question, because after trying many things without success, argan oil soap might have cured my PATM. But, I am not %100 sure.
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i have not tried that Sakir.  I felt like this was some underlying problem that was gonna take something serious to get rid of it, but then again it could b a simple remedy that we have not tried. How are you doing now?? Any PATM symptoms since you have tried that soap?
Hi Dj_Choppa. I believe my symptomps are dramatically reduced after using argan oil soap as this soap has antioxidant and antibacterial impact. But as I said maybe I am mistaken as I do not have the possibility to smell my own self like a third person does. This soap is not too expensive. You could try for both your body and your hair and see if it is working.
You're just trying to sell a product. This is "issue" no Power , is from the soul.A simple soap wont fix the problem. Fix the way you think
You're just trying to sell a product. This is "issue" no Power , is from the soul.A simple soap wont fix the problem. Fix the way you think
how is he selling a product when he didn't even mention any specific brand lol
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